The Burden of Excess

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The most challenging thing for me about travelling that contributes to why I don't exactly like it is the idea of packing and then moving what I have packed. It is usually an arduous task for me, so I take a deep breath whenever I have to. But I think I have now learned a valuable lesson to make things less complicated for me.

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You know how you pack for a journey, and then, at the end of the journey, you think to yourself, "I didn't even use most of these things." Yes, that happened yet again to me, and it cost me a lot of money. The stress and money that I could have avoided spending made me realise how peaceful it can be to just stick with what's truly necessary and meaningful.

I had to be in an orientation camp for three weeks last July for my national service year. It was so far away, and there was a dress code. One box was enough for all that I needed, and so one box it was. I had to get a few extra things, like a bucket, along the way, and that was just it. Afterwards, I was deployed to somewhere else in the state to serve.

I didn't have all that I needed, so I had to travel back home, which is a 12-hour journey. Now, here was where I made my first mistake. I should have travelled with that box and taken the things I didn't need any more along with me, but I didn't.


I went back home with nothing and returned with yet more luggage. In my mind, they were essentially the things that I needed. A toaster and an electric cooker. I mean, I enjoy my coffee with toast bread the most - the kind you have egg in between the slices of bread. But then, I had to go with a gas cylinder as well, because electricity isn't regular here and I wouldn't get to use the electric cooker sometimes.

You see how it's all adding up? And there were more things, like clothes, that I really never wore. What's worse was that I even had to purchase more things that I needed, like a small plastic table and chair; that was important, though, because there was no way I was going to work for several hours at night on my PC or study while sitting on my bed that had no frame and was just on the floor.


As husband material for one million yards, I also had a few pots and cooking utensils. Sadly, this version of husband material doesn't even cook that much because he's often too busy and would rather eat fast food. That, too, was yet another hole in my pocket that I needed to fix. Tsk tsk, Jay.

The day of reckoning came, when I finally had to move back home after the completion of my national year of service. Packing everything together became such a difficulty. Eventually, I did. And what I had packed was more than I got there with.

There and then, when I was thinking of how I would move everything, I said to myself, "This must not happen again." I could have lived without many of the things that I initially thought necessary.

When I had to contact the travel service that was recommended to me, they charged me double my fare, because all my luggage would need an extra seat. Damn. The fare for one person was already a lot to me, but I had to pay it anyway - with pain in my heart.


I had to let go of some of the things I had by giving them to friends that were staying back, and then I travelled back home with the rest.

At home, I realised how many things I had kept in my room and didn't need, sorted them out, and let go of them, too.

I have always preferred things to be as simple as they can be, but there were some areas where I hadn't applied that yet, and this part of travelling has now been adjusted.

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Husband material huh?

This just reminded me of how I tried sending my stuff home before going home so that my luggage wouldn’t be a lot but hah, it didn’t work… I’m just glad I already sent my fridge first or else my luggage would have weighed
more than more than

Husband material huh?

Our breed is scarce...

But wait. Weighted? Were you going by air?

Your story is lovely 😆😅 @olujay , although I'm sorry it cost you sweat and money to learn that less is more.

In that I am a minimalist, when I travel I carry strictly what is necessary and what I use, I don't know where in my life I learned it, but I apply it quite well, I always have a light backpack.


That is the pain... I check the luggage weight hundreds of times while packing it

Real! 😁

Moving my luggage for trips is just as difficult for me. But packing? I enjoy it. Maybe because I always run by a list and rarely ever emark on journals with more than one luggage. I enjoy the ease that comes with traveling light, and I try not to deceive myself that I would make use of a certain item by packing some more.
I can totally relate to how it was for you, though. There's been a few of such times for me as well. And for each, I ended up thinking about my life😂

Packing o, moving o...I don't enjoy anyone of them. But I should take the list thing more seriously. I usually just pack spontaneously.

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Oh, yes. Thank you!

It sounds like you made several schoolboy errors, but it's great that you're wiser now. Packing takes practice, and no matter how often you've done it, it is always a daunting task.
small KISS Gif.gif
Thanks for your #KISS
I enjoyed it 😉

lips sealed

speaking lips

A lot of things in this life surprisingly takes practice. Packing too?? You're right. Might come with a manual next time. Lol.

Thank you for enjoying my kiss??? Muah? 😂

I have felt that feeling and thought that you say. Before, I always carried a thousand things to travel. And some of them were, "Just in case...". A just in case that I never carried. My mom would say to me, "You brought that for a walk." Since a few years ago I have understood and felt why I needed to make an adjustment. I did too 💫

And "just in case" for women is on another level. I can imagine bags upon bags just for a walk... I guess we all learn at some point..

Thank you for your glitters, purple...

I was smiling reading because I know this happens to a lot of people including yours faithfully, after all the hassles of going with extra load and returning with same without even using most of the items in the first place.
When I ask myself why? I get the answer that "I wanted to be adequately prepared". But more doesn't often mean adequate.. 😁

Very true. More doesn't mean adequate, but we often don't think so at first 😂