The Ovation Is Still Loud

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“What's the meaning of all this racket?”

The question was loud and came out of nowhere because I was totally lost in one of Celine Dion's tracks, singing at the top of my voice and oblivious to my surroundings. I quickly turned down the volume of the music player, my eyes wide as saucers, gazing at my mom's shocked appearance. I think we both shocked each other.

I was quite young, loving music and enjoyed belting out high notes that would echo through the house. I often did this if the parents were not home. That morning, I forgot Mom was home and got lost in this music star's song. This memory came to me yesterday as I watched her recent documentary, I Am: Celine Dion (2024).

She's one of my favourite music artists and when the announcement was made in 2022 cancelling her tour due to her battle with a rare ailment, I was shocked because it was unlike her. I later discovered she's suffering from a rare neurological disorder called stiff person syndrome (SPS) which affects her ability to walk and sing! I was heartbroken.

In this inspiring and touching documentary, Celine states, “My voice is the conductor of my life…”, reflecting the one thing for which she is renowned and unfortunately, this illness drove right for it, ready to snatch this beauty gift away. I see her voice as a gift to the world and sadly, she's losing it. I grew up listening to most of her songs and sharpening my singing skills through them.

Music is powerful; a positive and vibrant force with profound impact on every sphere of our world. It can connect souls and is unhindered by boundaries or whatever prejudices we humans may come up with. To lose it is to lose something precious and invaluable.

I was unhappy as I watched Celine's struggle with this neurological disorder. She didn't sugarcoat her illness in this one hour and forty-two minutes video. There were scenes revealing how her muscles freezes up and how her medical team work tirelessly to give her the best care and bring her out of the excruciating episodes. It was heartbreaking to watch. This video is available to stream on Prime Video and there's a disclaimer at the beginning advising view's discretion due to scenes of medical trauma.



The documentary compiles this music star's joys, times on stage, pains, and struggles in a thought-provoking manner. One scene that touched me the most was when she watched a rockstar perform on her laptop and expressed her desire to be like him, drawn to their lifestyle of partying, drinking, some indulging in drugs and yet they get up on stage the following day and perform. In contrast, she lives a healthy life, eats well and sleeps twelve hours every night, yet a terrifying disorder attacks her health. I guess that's the irony of life!

Celine admits that it's the price she has to pay for doing what she loves the most—bringing happiness to every heart with her voice and music.

At first, I was a little worried because I had not heard news of her recovery status and the documentary made it appear at the beginning like the syndrome was the end of her life and career. But then towards the end, my face is lighting up with a smile as I see this woman own her strength and fight to get her voice back. She's not giving up!

I don't want to lose Celine Dion and I believe many people feel the same. When another of my favourite artists, Whitney Houston, passed away some years ago, I was heartbroken. It's like cruelly plucking a blooming rose off the stem and leaving it to wither and die without care.

I admire Celine Dion. Her vocal range is impressive and melodious. Her ability to belt and sustain high notes always leaves me awed and her performances on stage are fascinating to watch. I enjoy listening to all her songs but the one that stands out as my favourite is The Colour Of My Love from her 1993 album of the same name.

The lyrics are meaningful and special, like describing love from an artist's perspective. I find that unique and the melody adds to the song's appeal. I remember listening to this song on repeat and writing a fiction when I newly joined Hive and the comments of readers were encouraging. You'll need to listen to this song to understand what I mean.

I'm glad Celine Dion is recovering. It's a journey no doubt and she talks about it in this documentary. I can't wait to have her back on stage and hear her new songs. Some gifts, like her voice, should never be lost.

Do you enjoy her songs? What's your favourite?

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