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"Who's up to leafing through old photo albums?", is the question asked by our Q Inspired-by-Music admin. My initial thought: "No Way Hozay" (Hozay is my attempt to translate a Dutch word into English; Honestly, can't even give you an exact definition of this word, perhaps I invented it when I was a bit younger).

and then my thoughts changed...

I couldn't let this challenge unanswered since it's such a nice one. A memory, a photo and the music associated with it. To play, I just had to up my game in being creative. Find a photograph that doesn't doxx me too much. Sure, those knowing me here at HIVE for more than a few years, perhaps remember I doxxed myself from day one through my profile pic. A few years ago, don't remember when exactly anymore, I took myself down and replaces myself with my alter ego aka my roommate (well, more like my flatmate).

The search was on...

...until I remembered a few still images my mother send me when we entered covid and I jumped on some memory lane initiative over at our (somewhat) hated social network, the one that leads the world of social media, the one with big plans in the virtual world, the one with the big, but small letter 'f'.

Perfect ... Or? You tell me 😉

my friends an I

My friends and I were in my little bed in a somewhat unusual place. More about the latter in a second. My mother told me I was a bit ill. Perhaps that is the excuse for my silliness to wear this somewhat peculiar hat. Fortunately, my parents didn't feel I was crazy enough for the nuthouse. I still thank them for that 🙇 "Pa, Ma: You are reading this?" {probably not since edje, you know best you never told your parents about this blog you have; maybe time to do so?}

Music (prelude)

As far as I recollect. no radio around, or vinyl player, or one of those old tape decks. But I need some music to go along with this! Otherwise, it can't be anything else than a big disqualification from the challenge not challenge. Sorry, had to add the 'not challenge'. I simply like challenges that are not entirely challenges as we usually see them around our beloved HIVE chain. No direct rewards like HIVE or HBD, other than the hopefully massive amount of engagement happening down below this post plus some extra votes 😎


Two of my favourite friends are close by to support me in my ordeal: The one I used as a pillow, and the grey one to the right. Bear and Rabbit. Honestly, I think they had names, but can't remember them anymore. And can't ask my mom, since she will ask me all sorts of questions and either I have to invent all sorts of excuses, or I have to tell the truth. Not sure if the latter is wise for me to do. I need to review all that I've written to the HIVE chain to see if it's all ok for my mom to read. I think so, but you never know 😉

Those two friends lead me to the music that came to mind when I thought of entering this challenge with this still image.

The first one is a kid's song. A Dutch one. "Berend botje ging uit varen, met zijn bootje naar Zuidlaren", is the opening line. About a bear named 'Berend' going on a boat trip. The obvious connection is the bear. But what you shall know as well, this little kids' song was a very popular one in my time back in the 70s. And perhaps the boat has an angle into my story as well.

Mister Bear, Berend Botje - source youtube

The rabbit. Well. There is just one super sad song you may know very well. Though written and created later to the still image being shot, 1978 to be exact, this was one of the songs that crossed my mind immediately, probably because it was one of my favourites at the time when released. Perhaps because of the cartoon video clip. Back then when not too many artists released their music with video clips. Kate Bush was an early bird with her 'Wuthering Heights'. As well as Queen with 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. But that's beside the point of this blog post. I just remember I happily watched the one and only music program running on Dutch television, every single week. Without a doubt that program named 'Top Pop', was by far my most favourite TV program at the time.

Art Garfunkel's Bright Eyes: Original video clip - source youtube

Art Garfunkel's Bright Eyes: Adapted video version - source youtube

Delayed but not Forgotten

Did you remember I told you before that my little bed was situated at some unusual place? Noooo, not in the bathroom or something. It was in a bedroom. Though that bedroom was part of a somewhat unusual house. A house on a boat. Well, more like a ship. A ship that sailed the rivers and canals in a few European countries. Netherlands, Germany and even Switzerland. When my parents had to decide what to do for a living, they decided to make sailing one of the key tasks of their profession. Sometimes I wonder why they didn't buy a sailing boat or something with some none moving home so I would've enjoyed a normal childhood with friends in the street, a school around the corner, and playgrounds everywhere.

But noooo.

Though I still sometimes wonder what would've been my childhood and teenage years like when growing up in a normal house, in a normal village or city, I always conclude by no means I didn't want to have missed out on the different but super nice way of living on the water. Think of it. At all times I had a big swimming pool around me. Whenever the ship was moving, the world was playing like a movie, with changing scenery every single minute. The way I learned about cities was through their harbours. And I passed by the beautiful 'schöne Lorelei' many times, way before I read about her in a poem by Heinrich Heine years later when in secondary school. I knew the story in the poem already when I was little. The Lorelei is perhaps the most beautiful and most dangerous corner of the river Rhein. In the past, when ships weren't too powerful and automated, many accidents happened. If the water would've been ocean deep, this could've been easily a second Bermuda Triangle. These days with all the modern gear on ships, this corner isn't that dangerous anymore. But, honestly, one needs to know to sail a ship, still today, otherwise an accident is easily made.

a photo from the big digital ocean called 'The Internet' (source)

Somewhere my parents have quite dramatic photographs taken from the ship, with rough water streaming around the Lorelei. But unfortunately, I wasn't able to find them. Most photos on the internet aren't showing the Lorelei (which is the steep mountain to the mid-left of the still image above), but shots from the top of the mountain, rendering the Lorelei invisible. I must admit, when writing these lines, this feeling slowly emerged of missing the days I was living on my parent's ship, sailing the Rhein. I miss seeing these views from the water. Perhaps time to jump on board the ship of an old friend. I used to sail with him and his family a long time ago every other year or so, but somehow I stopped doing this. Time for a change! Not only I'll have the chance to catch up and spend quality time with them, but it's also a super nice way of spending a vacation. Pleasure feelings already 🙃

Click or not too Click

Had to practise what I learned yesterday from the challenge initiator: 'How to hide a still image'. Another bear. Another edje. Mini bear. Mini edje. I can ask you what year this was, but I'm afraid I don't know myself.

Feeling the Mood to Join?


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Hahaha, I just told @mipiano how exciting and cool this challenge is. Now, I read and see your post and I love it even more! Nice post, @edje

Nice! and Thanks so much for your words 🙇 Will you enter?

Of course! Let me just take a few nice pictures and write a story to share with you all! Thank you for the invitation and kind words!!

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people ( edje ) sharing the post on LeoThreads,LikeTu,dBuzz.






I must admit, when writing these lines, this feeling slowly emerged of missing the days I was living on my parent's ship, sailing the Rhein

This is called nostalgia maybe? ;)

Yay, so quick response to this new challenge (not challenge ;)) ) and what a nice entry. Absolutely loved the rabbit music, and your photos as mini Edje ;) So interesting, we think we change through the years but no, we stay the same. Hahah, click or not to click. 😄

Having a ship and sailing as your home in early days! Must be a completely different childhood, but on the other hand, why stick to the normal lol

Pa, Ma: You are reading this?" {probably not since edje, you know best you never told your parents about this blog you have; maybe time to do so?}

Maybe 🙃

Bedankt for your contribution 😊

Nostalgia. Kinda but not 100% like that. I mean, I don't have to jump back in time. Even with today's age, I would love when being on such a ship again, spending at least part of my life. Though don't like to do this as a profession 😉 Or at least, not full-time.

The rabbit music. New for you? Simon & Garfunkel was one of my mom's favourite bands. Remember her very much liking the live recording of a concert they've held in Central Park in New York. Vinyl, double disks.

I believe 'normal' doesn't exist, says a crazy person 😂😂😂

Gracias por esta gran iniciativa 🙇

De nada ;)

Of course, Garfunkel is not new to me, but this song Bright Eyes was new sounds to me today. Don't know why I have never heard this song (and didn't watch the animated movie). I guess as I was smaller than mini edje 😂

Forgot in my previous comment:

I can ask you what year this was, but I'm afraid I don't know myself.

So, no guessing game lol?

His hat is a bucket, did he have to be prepared to draw water for the boat? ;) He's the one who answered first and how well he did. I loved his post.

hahaha the bucket and water from the boat... maybe... Nope, some different story was connected with it. Not sure which though. Seem to not remember anymore. I shall ask my mom 😉

Yea, those bright eyes were before you could sing your first song and hit a piano keyboard for the first time, I suppose 😉 I suspect it was the video clip that made me wonder why rabbits act how they act when cars approach with lights, in the dim/dark time of day. Perhaps I've seen their behaviour before this video clip, in the wild, but can't tell anymore which came first. I just remember various locations darn full of rabbits. Like the other side of the river from a big BASF chemical plant in Lüdwigshaven in Germany.

So, no guessing game lol?

I shall guess myself. Likely I'll be correct, maximum a year off. Maybe not even a year, but a calendar year I mean. Just 3,5 months between my birthday and end of year 😉 But but but, if you wish, you can throw in a guess?

Yeah, I know, that's the tricky thing, I can miss the year, depending on if you turned more than those months hahaha. But yeah, as you are 35, until showing the ID, let's say it was late 1988 ;)

Did I guess well? Did I? 🤓

Boom! Spot on! 😂

Though I was told the other weekend when with a bunch of peeps in Belgium celebrating the birthday of a friend, I looked at least a decade younger than Mister Birthday. While he in fact is about a decade younger than me. Uhm 😂😂😂

Well, it was before those bright eyes, so before 1978. The tiny edje must have been 1970 or 1971 😉 The bucket edje a little later, I suspect 1972 or 1973.

but I'm afraid I don't know myself.

Nope, you don't know it well, so let's stick to my answer! 1988 hahaha

Just asked my mom, 1972 with the bucket and my friends, and 1971 in the other photo 😉
Had to update the music as well, the bright eyes one, now with the original video clip and added an adapted version. Plus it was just Art Garfunkel. When writing and listening missed the voice of Simon already pfff 😂

Ah I get it why your writing is like that. It's just that since you was a child on a boat, imagine, those neurons were constantly subjected to the Dutch plane. There were after-effects. But I think they are good, because your writing is funny and the connections of your thinking are also interesting. I would tell you what affected me, but I think it's obvious, living where I live and born in '80.


Well thank you for your kind words 🙇 Deformed and all by an almost gipsy-like, perhaps pirate-like upbringing 😂 Just imagine this: primary and secondary school time, living with 20-odd children in the same living room, with several of these rooms in the same building. 80's is a good time to be seeing the earthly and universal lights for the first time 🙃 I guess we will be reading a bit more about that soon? 😉

I have always seen that what is out of the mold is what is really good. Stories will arrive here, yes, but my mother has the albums and she's a little lazy to send them to me. Ah, if you guys see my 15's pictures you will die laughing.

Please take your time. We have patience here at Q. No worries 😉
A laugh we (well, I for sure) like as well.

Uhm, perhaps a tiny music-related writing corner with a humourous edge for the next rebrand of this corner @mipiano ?


It would be the fourth or fifth rebranding

I am lost in counting already 😂


If your mom is lazy (but I don't really believe in that hahah) then you have a reason to go on a trip to their house and pick those photo albums ;)

oh, btw, I owe you guys the correct answer in my post, the year of the excursion 🤓


what i can say is i am really jealous of your childhood. oh my i love water so much and have not really had the time to explore like i used to read in books.
i love your sense of humor as well and the kind of relationship you have with your mom. i hope you will tell her about hive soon.