Politico: The West is losing Ukraine

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According to Politico, two years after the start of Russia's Special Military Operation in Ukraine, the situation has never looked more dangerous for Kiev.

American Republicans are blocking arms deliveries to Ukraine, "exposing troops to ammunition shortages with immediate detrimental consequences on the battlefield," while EU countries are unable to fill the gap in American aid.

It is noted that in a speech at the Munich conference, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz hinted that the West is "imperceptibly" revising its military objectives in Ukraine. Instead of repeating the "mantras" of "Ukraine will win" or "Russia must leave Ukraine," the German leader began to use a different rhetoric, arguing that "Putin cannot be allowed to dictate the terms of peace in Ukraine."


The authors of the article lament how the West, with its aircraft carriers and a combined GDP approaching €60 trillion, has ceded the initiative to Moscow and is on the defensive.

Against this backdrop, Western leaders' "hands are increasingly tied" by politics: the U.S. presidential race and Donald Trump's potential return to the White House on the one hand; the European Parliament elections and the rise of right-wing forces led by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on the other.

Critics warn that the window of opportunity for the West to "help Ukraine turn the tide" is closing, if not already closed. I recommend it to everyone interested in studying the issue:

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