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So the long awaited splinterlands lands is coming at the end of this month. The 28th December to be exact and we'll be able to stake our lands and earn some juicy juicy SPS.

We have an entire tract in our hands and I expect that will be worth its weight in gold in the bull market.

Right now we seem to be at a sort of cross roads. Do we hold our cards and soldier on with very little income, or do we see what happens on the 28th and maybe sell a little bit from our splinterlands treasure trove too?

I'm guessing that because of lands coming out I doubt most of you are aware at how much of a shock this will be to dec inflation. Like for me to have a good amount of cards on 1 Legendary plot of land is going to cost me a good 100k dec. For one. I have 100 plots of land, and I'm but a mere 1 person.

I am hoping this will have the desired effect on the ecosystem and we will have a nice upwards momentum on all prices.

So I'm dangling with the prospect of selling some splinterlands goodies.

The idea behind selling some is that we will end up with a positive momentum in both our markets. We will have a nice balance float to start buying back BRO and LGN at a higher rate. And, keep our voters nicely stocked.

Now this isn't the only plans we have with LGN of course. I got a nice little message from @powerpaul today to tell me that he had just finished "Brobang" in our cave - a little side game you can play when you are relaxing in our "place" which I will get to play and test this week. I'll also do a testing video on threespeak for you all to see.


When the game is fully functional guess what? Yup, you'll need our tokens to play. There's a lot of stuff you wont be able to do in that game without or tokens. So I'm really excited about that.

We're also toying with the prospect of allowing Serfdom & Sorcery to use our token (LGN) in their game providing there isn't any more drama. This will be extremely healthy for our ecosystem and it's been a deal we made with them a couple of months back. Any LGN they get, they will burn.

But time will tell. I'd rather not make any final decisions yet, because after all this effects us as a community too, and not just me, but my holders too (which I am extremely protective over).

That being said December is likely to be a good month for us. There's 10,000 LGN up there for grabs and I'll put more up there if there's a real demand for it (Like to play cceo and such). If you guys don't buy the last LGN up there for sure, I will be.

I'm also toying with the idea of making Legion limited as well. Maybe cap it off at x2 the size of BRO, noting that the direction we are headed with this token I would not like to see everything get diluted to peanuts as we have seen with other tokens. I absolutely doubt we will see anywhere near the 600k I have minted and sitting in my wallet.

That wont be until next year though. I would still like to buy into my share and I haven't properly bought in yet. It will come, though, and when I've made my decision I will chop the supply off and take it from there.

I think if splinterlands starts climbing then this will really be good for us all.


it’s going to be interesting how these changes affect the ecosystem! I don’t love the idea of added spells and shit affecting a battle instead of just the cards but I guess that also changes how bots are in the game.

Certainly a difficult question and time - sell assets or hold onto them to do something with land?

I don't like that either, but we'll see. Going to be interesting for sure :)

@tipu curate

Thank you :)

Keep on Doin What Yer Doin Ray :)

Thank you :)

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 183 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!


So excited to put my 3 measly lands to work, I'm not completely sure yet, but I think I will go 1 SPS, 1 Grain and 1 Research points.

That sounds like it would be a great use case for LGN. I hope it does some good things with the price. Not that I am looking to sell any of mine!

Yeah, I'm getting tired of surviving on pennies. Time to release that capital soon!


Glad you liked it sir!



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Striking a balance between holding and selling to shape the market is a commendable strategy. Best of luck with your plans, and may December bring you success and positive outcomes.

Thanks :)

You are welcome

That's some good stuff on the way. Looking forward to it. Will be buying LGN at the start of the next month.

Nice! Thank you sir :)