Killing my anger with Honourable!

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I had a rough day at work on Friday an issue came up and I left with anger. The issue continued during a Zoom meeting on Saturday and still left the meeting angrily. Looking for a way to calm the nerves, I had to look for a nearby spot to chill.

I felt going to my usual spot would take a while, because I'll need to freshen up, and still have to drive a few distance before I get there. I needed a beer urgently so I wouldn't have to transfer the aggression on anyone.

Luckily for me, I saw a small bar, very close to my crib, I asked if they sold beer, and the waiter replied 'Yes', I entered, sat down, and asked for my brand, to my amusement, it was as if the waiter knew exactly what my situation was and what I needed, she served me the chilliest, white as a snow Trophy Lager I can ever get... I looked at it and smiled, kept smiling for 30 seconds till she noticed I was smiling. She asked if there was a problem and I told her not at all, that she just solved my problem. This is the picture of the Trophy Premium Lager that she served me.

The Image is an image uploaded from my phone's gallery.

As I was taking the cold Trophy Lager, my anger started coming down, and then called a couple of friends for a proper Saturday hangout.
We decided to meet at Mercy Side, where I spent most of my day, and still stayed on the same Trophy Premium Lager all through.

The Image is an image uploaded from my phone's gallery.

I don't mix different brands of beer, because I try to drink responsibly and avoid drinking in a stupor. I stay on only the brand I start with and almost all the time, I take Trophy, it's a blended beer that gives a crisp and refreshing experience with a 5% vol. of alcohol.


The Image is an image uploaded from my phone's gallery.

My Saturday ended pretty well and all my worries and anger faded away.

This is #BeerSaturday week 345 and as usual, I would like to invite @flourishandflora who is my friend's brother to write a post in any language of his choice about beer with at least 3 pictures to qualify him for the contest as
stated according to the rules of the contest


Drinking to calm down is the worse thing you can do. It can lead to addiction. Just saying.

I'm used to it, I know my limits, and it works for me a lot. A bottle or two is ok. Thanks.

That does look like one frosty beer! Perfection 👌

Yea, a very chilly one. Thanks for reading.

Making an order is one thing, being served exactly what U want>>>
I know the feeling, it's golden.

Yea, so golden. Thanks

When I see a green beer, all I remember is Heineken. I looked here and couldn't find your beer for sale in Brazil, I would like to be able to try it.

We have lots of green bottles here in Nigeria, I would like to travel to Brazil someday and have a taste of their beers.