The #BeerSaturday Challenge - Week 364

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(C) by pixabay and modified by @detlev for #beersaturday

We are week 364 of the BEER and fun challenge and it is time for you to join the beery fun.

Each week we call everyone worldwide to show us some of their favourite beer and their stories about that beer.

The Weekly BeerSaturday Challenge

The Challenge

It's very simple: share YOUR STORY about one of your favourite beer.

This is your chance to blog about beer, earn tokens, and why not use them to buy another beer for the next challenge.

The Prizes

This week, we will give away 14 HIVE - 16 BEER - 2 LEO - 500 Ecency POINTS
You may also get some upvotes from us and our sponsors on your posts and comments as a bonus!

Here is how our tokens will be distributed:

Prize 33 HIVE3 BEER15 LEO
Prize 41 BEER5 LEO

Prizes are drawn at random and each participant can only win one prize per week.

The Rules

1. Create a post about on the beer topic

Your post must :

  • contain at least 3 pictures related to beer (feel free to add more)
  • contain a story about beer with 200+ words
  • use the Hashtag #BeerSaturday

2. Add a comment onto this post with the link of your new post.


  • You may post on any day of the week
  • You can publish more than one post
  • The challenge ends on Thursday midnight UTC
  • Winnter will be announced on Friday.

It's all about quality content and boosting this #BeerSaturday Challenge.

Mention and invite a friend

Add the following line to your message, but replace @username with the name of one of your friends.

This is #BeerSaturday week and I would like to invite @username to write a post in any language about beer with at least 3 pictures.

We know you can handle this job as well as reblog this weekly post ;-)

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The Honourable Community Members

since so many week we run this challenge and therefore we have to say a big BIG THANK YOU

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for your support for such a long time and all the beer you have to drink for us....


Many thanks to @arcange, @pfunk, @balte, @alexvan, @cryptobrewmaster, @louis88, @anomadsoul, @khaleelkazi and @melinda010100 for their POWERFUL support.

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Looking forward to seeing your Beer posts this week

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Goodluck everyone. 👍😊

A bottle of Heineken to fulfill the weekend Game

I see the beers and it has really made me drink at least two. Greetings from Venezuela.

Good morning my friend, here is my participation post:

Culinary - classical, beer - tongue-in-cheek

Thank you for hosting the fun weekly challenge so long, @detlev! Here is my post about beer in Poland 🇵🇱 🍺

Beer Saturday - Holidays with Polish Beer / ポーランドビール三昧

Have a nice Beer Saturday!

I DO like that one.

I wasn't jazzed by the design and an not too big on Light Lagers but that was a tasty beer!

Yeah it was pretty decent overall. The can sort of grew on me after while. Mainly just bc of its silliness lol

A big beer (okay not that big) with some real attitude, a solid IPA from Cederberg Brewery.

Aquí va mi cerveza de esta semana con un poco de retraso.

On this fateful night for the Danish national team, we go with a beer for the fans:

A couple days late because of a camping trip but I am IN!


Camping pints and a sweet IPA haul from my favourite brewery.



I caught two mammoths for this week's challenge 😃


@duskobgd the great hunter. 😍

For today's post i caught three bad dogs 😂