Super Bowl Sunday Pints for Beer Saturday

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Superbowl Guinness

So some of my old college friends have gotten big into American Football in recent years and each year they rent an apartment in Galway and come here for a few nights on the sauce culminating in the Super Bowl on the Sunday night.

I wasn't able to get into see them on the Saturday night, so I went in on the Sunday night instead. It was my kind of night. In early, home early. A nice few pints, but not enough to give you a hangover. I went in for 6pm and home for 10pm with a tasty spice bag.

Look at this for a pint. Creamy perfection from Tig Chóilí. We had a few in the Dew Drop Inn first which were nice, but the best pints were in Tig Chóilí and they had some great read music on too which was great.


I work with one of the lads, so I see him every day at work on Teams meetings and when I go to Dublin for work, but the others I hadn't seen in years, so it was great to catch up with them and have a bit of craic. The pints flowed and the craic flowed too.


I'm not much of an American Football fan to be honest, but I watched a few bits of games this year to try to get a handle on the rules and decided to try to stay up for the Super Bowl. Now truth be told I was tired and was falling asleep a bit while watching it in the second half and didn't see any of the overtime.

It was a really enjoyable evening though and the early in, early home worked a treat.


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*The photos used throughout this post are all my own taken on my Samsung smart phone*

Sláinte and Peace out.

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American football seems like a lovely sport.
Only one rule...
Don't die 😂😂

Ha ha 🤣

looks like yall had fun :P

Ya it was a great evening!!

meeting friends over for beer and watching foodball creates some great relaxing time