More pints of Guinness for Beer Saturday

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Creamy pints of Guinness


We had a nice weekend away last week, where we spent a night in a nice hotel in Athlone. We went there to attend a good friend's birthday party in a nearby rugby club bar. A few other friends were staying at the hotel too.

We dropped our children to my sister's house in Galway at 3pm and got down to Athlone for 4pm. We checked in quickly and went to the swimming pool and leisure centre, a rare treat without the kids and relaxed for around an hour, before showering and getting ourselves down to the hotel bar for some food, some pints and the second half of the Arsenal vs Liverpool match.


The pints were most certainly lovely, but not as lovely as the result with my beloved Arsenal triumphant over Liverpool in a top of the table clash. They won it 3-1 and were well worthy of their win and it puts them bang back in the title.

After the match we got a Joe Maxi over to the birthday party, which was really good fun. It's always great catching up with old friends. The first half of the night was about flowing Guinness and chat and the second half was about dancing and laughing.



There was a band who were pretty good, but the highlight for me was when they finished and gave me the nod to be DJ syncing my Spotify to the big speakers via Bluetooth. I got the Dance floor hopping with tunes.


Before we knew it, we were told that the music had to go off by the bar staff at Rugby club so it's time for order taxi and get back to the hotel. The wiser among us would have gone straight to bed like my wife but myself in a couple of the lads decided to stay up for one last point to Guinness and an old-fashioned which I must say was delicious.


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The party was good, hahaha, I would love to be there to see you as a DJ. Cheers dear @ablaze!

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That beer sure looks tasty right about now!