Home pour Guinness and the Gunners for Beer Saturday

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Champions League Football

I enjoyed a couple of cans of Guinness while watching the Last 16 tie between Arsenal and Porto on Wednesday evening.


The Guinness was great. The match was not. Arsenal lost it in the last minute 1-0, but at least there is a second leg to come at the Emirates, so still all to play for.

I'm watching them right now too and they are giving Newcastle a torrid time and are two goals to the good. It could easily be three or four.


The Pour

Ye have seen how I pour my home Guinness before to get a pub quality head. See photos below in case you want to try the method.







The Pint

Here's how the pint turned out. Not too shabby at all. I had one can for each half, so no nasty hangover or the like.





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Sláinte wherever you find yourself, take it handy, and if ya get it, take it twice!


*The photos used throughout this post are all my own taken on my Samsung smart phone*

Sláinte and Peace out.

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Thanks 🍻

Dammit man that is a nice pour. I HATE dipping the can/bottle/tap into the beer from a lesson learned in foodservice decades ago but that turned out awesome. Perfect beverage for the viewing of sports too.


While brewing our own IPA a couple days ago, enjoyed a little nitro pour homebrew stout too. Balancing out the hoppy brew with a smooth malty treat.

Oohhhhh that looks nice man!!

On the pour I've worked in bars from age 16 to 21 during late school and college years, so well acquainted with pulling pints, but with Guinness the normal technique doesn't work well and you often get the infamous "Bishops collar" where the head is too big. This method seems to prevent that from happening and you can get a solid pint at home 👌🏻

Watched both matches and has a hard laugh at em😂😂😂.

The first one was laughing at Arsenal Fans after the disgraceful loss.
Then the second was the laughter at Man United fans after Arsenal won splendidly and dey lost 1-2 to Fulham.

Football is a blast, more so if you're a Liverpool lad

It's going to be a great run in if Arsenal, City and Pool keep the form going..

Always fun to watch a match with your favourite drink, even if the match doesn't go well, something else would pacify you.

Ya I agree, a brew and a game of ball is hard to beat for sure.