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From our pre-announcement post, it has taken slightly longer than I anticipated to get this post out, but here it is - a HIVE-wide contest about 'projects'. You can (and should) read that introductory preamble if you want to get some more idea about what sorts of things I am thinking about on the topic.

Sponsored by dCity, HiQ and PIMP communities!


Without drawing it out too much, let me list the requirements for participating:

CONTEST! (rules)

  1. Deadline: July 9th, 2024

  2. Required Tag for entry posts: #lifecycle

  3. Choose one of the theme guidelines listed below

That's it! Write a post before July 9th, use the tag and check the next section for the theme guidelines. I hope to see a lot of entries, let's talk about the theme.

Theme guidelines:

Valuing Projects over their Lifecycles, Owner/Founder responsibility to 'community', new vs old ideas.

We have a main theme, as outlined in the pre-announcement post, but it is quite broad and depending on where you are coming from, possibly vague. So I took some time to divide this contest into three types of entries:

1. Value Analysis on your own project

As we are coming out of the most recent winter season, it can seem that almost everyone left around here has their own project. Its not quite so extreme in reality, but it can feel this way. For this section, I hope that different project managers can feel open to honestly analyze their own projects and efforts within a 'lifecycle' framework.

I will be taking the opportunity to evaluate several of my own projects in this category, so at least participants will have someone to compete with.

2. Comparative Analysis on two or more different projects

Another type of user may have experienced different projects over time going through different phases of the lifecycle, also sometimes referred to as 'hype cycle'. Using the concepts outlined in the pre-announcement post, participants should evaluate different projects critically (and constructively), based on their own experience. Bonus points for lessons learned from experience shared with us all.

3. Meta analysis of themes with various project examples

The big themes of new versus old projects, founder or developer responsibilities (and rewards?) and the general lifecycle that projects move through reveal very interesting possibilities for discussion. Participants should use more than one project to dig into these discussion points, with favor given to those entries which find something interesting or edifying to say about these topics.

Rewards and Prize Pool:

25k Staked PIMP, 1 million SIM tokens, 100 HIVE, 500 HIQs tokens, grand prize dCity collection and several smaller dCity viable cities have been donated to the prize pool; we are still willing to add some prizes to the pool, but there are other ways to help.

Obviously, making a post opens up the opportunity to apply more rewards through voting and curation, some of which shall surely be granted by the voters across the platform on the original post. But we will also have multiple opportunities to "submit" your post link in a comment, which will also be voteable and a valid way to distribute additional rewards for participants.

We do allow multiple entries to be submitted per user, make sure to use the tag and write as many articles as you want.

Deadline July 9th

After the deadline, no new submissions will be allowed, but we will take some days to organize the approved submissions and then enter a judging period, where we will determine winners for each theme category and distribute the prizes, including the ones announced in this post from our sponsors: dCity, HiQs and PIMP.

Questions, comments or concerns? Let me know in the comments below! I look forward to reviewing all entries, and even participating myself.

Freedom and Friendship


This could get really interesting and I'll likely jump in myself with some opinions on things.


You must be killin' it out here!
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Looking at this perspective, this is really getting interesting and will be involved

Wow dearest friend, this contest looks like a great opportunity to reflect on our projects' journeys and learn from each other's experiences as well. Excited to see the insightful discussions that will come out of it and happy to partake, hope I can 😍😍😍

Encouraging people through leaving engaging comments on their posts is a good way to participate!

Wow good friend.... Thanks so much for this compliment... I really miss you.. it's been like 15 days 😁😁🥰🥰🥰 can't wait to see more from you and mama Eco too💯❤️

Indeed it has been too long, but I have some posts in the pipeline I am working on, hopefully will get out a few more this month 😅

Yaaaay can't wait for them 💯💯❤️❤️.. you're on my favorite list so I'm definitely not going to miss any of them😂😂😂💯💯

No entendi el concurso amigo. Es para las personas que tienen un proyecto en hive de comunidad o juego o los que tienen un proyecto en el mundo real?

Su propio proyecto o un proyecto en la cual participa. No habia pensado en 'el mundo real' pero tambien cabe.

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Just commenting here to take a closer look later.
If I understand correctly, we're supposed to talk about the projects and reviews on Hive? Like HIQ, Liotes, PeakD and others? @ecoinstant

These are great candidates, yes. It could be another blockchain or something else, but obviously the HIVE ones are very close at hand. If you can use a non-HIVE one and compare it to a HIVE one, perhaps it could be interesting.

Hmm, I can compare several projects.

Card games: Splinterlands, Gods Unchained, Skyweaver

Econ games: Dcity, Cryptomines (dead)

Axie, and a clone: Karastar (dead), Axie Infinity.

Maybe a meta analysis of failure with Chainmonsters, Cryptomines and Karastar. (But that feels overlapping if I do a comparative analysis as well.)

Some only failed because developers pulled the plug.

Chainmonsters even had a MVP (minimum viable product) but it failed due to server costs.

Not one of the options allows someone to examine a single project in depth. (Unless they're the project owner.) Would be great if one of the options was to examine a single project.

And Chainmonsters could've been the best crypto game if only, they had more money or better management. They had the right idea in mind (compared to everything else that I know.)

I still view crypto as something unnecessary. It allows easy conversion of things with monetary value but that's about it. So like, any MMO that legalizes RMT would be the "best" crypto game even if they don't actually use crypto, because it would be play to earn. But due to regulations, I imagine, it's a lot easier to trade in game currency for a crypto token compared to fiat.

Are there any crypto games with zero earning potential? (And, I mean zero. But then, how is it crypto?) The token or the assets themselves would fluctuate in value, so it's probably a non-starter.

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