A Journey in the Twilight (headphones recommended)

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I wrote a short story in the Ink Well writing community entitled The Shadows in the Light, and the video accompanying this post contains media artifacts and text generated from that story using AI and non-AI tools (like my noggin).

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I usually include at least one image that contains elements of the story when I post. In some cases, the text is influenced by the AI-generated images in a continuous cycle of writing (100% organic) and generating AI artifacts including the audio. After having reviewed the images, I chose one for the story and kept the rest to myself. So, I thought it would be a great idea to share them with you in the context in which they were created.

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I used Udio to generate three songs. I prompted the software for an ambient style song with some animal sounds thrown in. I created a total of six songs but only kept one. Then I used a feature called 'remix' in order to take that original song and make two other versions with varied parameters. I used the original song and the two remixes in the final video.

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For the text, I took snippets from the story and added them to the video via MS Clipchamp's text-to-speech narration feature. At first, I was going to use a male voice, but then I decided to experiment with a female narrator. She has a British accent, and I altered the vocal pitch and pace so she sounded more relaxed, which is how I hear it in my mind. I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for coming along in the journey.

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Images and audio generated by @litguru using Generative Art software

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What a great job you have done with the video, editing, story, music and above all the images. Spectacular!😍

I'm so glad you liked it. I need more practice with the software, but it's a lot of fun. The text-to-speech function has gotten much better so the voices sound more natural than before. Thank you for checking it out.

I really liked the voice, you did a great job with that detail!

A lot of work went into making this story and post! I applaud you

Thank you so much, @calendulacraft. It was a lot of work and I learned a lot, so it gets easier with practice.

That sounds really soothing!

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Thank you so much!

The output is amazing from the effort that you put in the video. 😊

Thank you, @fixyetbroken! It was great putting the video together. :)

You're welcome. Thank you for sharing too.😊

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