There Will Always Be A Day Like This.

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If you ask me how my day went, I’d tell you I had an amazing day. Well, that’s not because my day went well but I don’t like to say negative things. I’ve always been guilty of saying negative things but I want to make a change. My day wasn’t really good but in all situations, we gotta thank God.

My mum has been in the hospital for four days and I’ve been the one managing her shop. I left my business to manage hers since my sister can always manage our business. Today, I went to the market to buy the things we needed for the shop.

When the driver came, we packed the goods inside the bus and the rain started immediately. The rain was really heavy but we chose to pass the fastest route even though the road wasn’t really good. We never knew it was going to be flooded since it has been falling in my area since but we never knew. When we got to a particular place which was just ten minutes from home, our bus got hooked in the water and couldn’t move. The driver tried his best but our efforts were futile.
At first, I was scared of getting down from the bus but I had no choice since people wanted to help us push the car. Let’s take a look at the picture I took first for you to know the level of the water.




Then we tried pushing the car but it couldn’t move because of the sand on that floor. We had over six people who pushed with us and it didn’t move too so we were advised to wait till the water reduces. That’s what we did and we were able to push it after sitting for over three hours. Unfortunately, the car didn’t start on time. We spent an extra hour with the car before it could start. Then I got home six hours after leaving the house which wasn’t supposed to be more than one hour.


I wanted to start complaining but I began to think about the days I didn’t have issues. I think this is the only bad day I’ve had this year and I’m grateful for that. Everyday can’t be a good day. There are days like this and I’m grateful I got home safe.



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I'm sorry to hear about your mother. I wish here a quick recovery. What a day.. you have a great attitude! Much respect 🙏

Thanks so much
I’m glad!


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Oh my dear friend, you did indeed have a day! And I have to say that your attitude made my day, I am so grateful you got home safe too, and your positivity about the adventure is awesome! I'm trying to do better at viewing setbacks as training and an adventure, but sometimes that is hard when you are an adult.

Hope today is a little less exciting in the rain department, and I hope your mom is doing well!


She got discharged already
She’s getting better
Thank you

The flood was much, luckily you got home safe, that's what matters.
Hope your mum is better now.

Rain should respect himself sometimes, imagine a fine girl like you walking inside that water is it fair? Please it's not fair, I don't like that, but that road seems very bad though. Sorry about the rain that made your day bad, like you just said some days are like that, not all day brings us all these rosy things.