Soon you can purchase the Muterra's Tamer "Echo" using neoxag

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Hello all, happy to announce our partnership with the Muterra game.
Their post has much detail about it:

But I'll go over some basics here.


MuTerra is an NFT card game plus RPG that runs on our lovely Hive blockchain.

It's got a bit of an old school top down interface view, a bit like Ultima 7 or Stardew Valley. And you can battle opponents with mutee (mutant) cards.

The Tamer "Echo"

A Tamer represents your Avatar in the MuTerra world, a user could use a number of Tamer's and Echo could be one of them.

  • When: March 31st
  • 75 Echos will be available to purchase with Neoxag
  • Price: 20000 neoxag (roughly 10$)
  • Total supply of Echo is only 1200
  • Neoxag spent on this will be burned

So if you find yourself with some extra neoxag burning a hole in your pocket, this could be an interesting way to spend it. I plan on getting an Echo or two, I mean, why not?

I'll also add that this Tamer will be purchasable via a multitude of Hive tokens, not just Neoxag. (Too many to list here, see the post I linked to above.) It's pretty cool to see so many communities coming together for this.

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Wow, I was wondering about the price
But I don't even think to have it so quick

I will surely buy one for myself, need to gather 20K Neoxag

Thanks Mr. Dragon

Yep, save up those neoxags.

Muterra game sounds interesting and the graphic image of it looks good. You made a great deal by doing this partnership. Thanks for the announcement. I'm excited to play!

It's great to see NEOXAG having more use cases, Will check this one out for sure.

Time to get some neoxag's for this!

Awesome to see partnerships formed. I will have to check out the game!

I really like this ad since Muterra's association with all these projects will make it much bigger, plus I love that it is a small amount of Tamer Echo

This will be interesting, I'll get myself some. Would have been great to see an ever more powerful tamer for a cross-promotion.

Nice to know about your partnership with the Muterra game. It's a really interesting thing.

Awesome collaboration Mr. Neoxian! Now all I need to do is gather 20k neoxag and wait for the sale 🤩

Now that's epic! I'd LOVE to see more use cases like this moving forward. Great way to support hive and the applications on top of it including community.

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Using Neoxag is a great idea. I hope more projects such as these tie up with Neoxag.

Sounds good, at the end of march when it will launch, I think it will rock, best wishes.


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Wow another cool one from Neoxian city
Buying with the token is awesome!
That's a lot of neoxang lol

I'm glad to see that many other communities are joining in for this too.

great news and would be good to buy with NEOXAG but looking at my wallet, I am just disappointed, out of Neoxags at the moment. would be happy to see others buying it with Neoxag. Hoping to get 20k before 31st March hehehehe

First of all, congratulations on this big partnership. It's really a plus to the neoxian community.
I will be checking out the Muterra game.

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Brilliant partnership... Time to neoxag my way in... 🙈

You are simply the best dragon lord, and I am sure that many of us will be playing because it looks magnificent

Great seeing the #neoxiancity partner with the Muterra game. A lot of goodies and benefits will spring from it.
Let me check out the link above and see the details there.

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