Get My Lubricant Oil Replaced

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I have a motorcycle. The condition is not good anymore. The engine has been noise too. I decided to replace the lubricant oil.

I went to a small workshop. It was not far from my house. I asked for the price. It was around $2.5. Then I sat down and wait. After a few minutes, the mechanic did the work after he had finished his client.

In Indonesia there is no regulator who control workshops or garages. Everyone who has skill in motorcycle engineering can open workshops. There are also many official workshops from branded motorcycles like Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki. However, more people prefer to go to small workshops because the charge fee of the services is usually cheaper.

A workshop will have full booked clients if the mechanic is skilled and trusted. The mechanic will discuss with the clients to replace spare parts. The clients will be given options of the price. It is a kind of fair service that more people like to go to small workshops. There are also a few workshops and mechanics that cheat their clients with higher price but the kind of workshops will be left by their clients.

After I had finished getting my motorcycle serviced, I got home. I had a simple lunch. My lunch was only rice, fried tempe, chilli sauce and raw long beans.

I ate hungrily.It was very delicious lunch. My hunger made my lunch special. Though it was just a simple lunch, I think it had enough nutrition. Tempe was source of protein and minerals. I also ate vegetables and chili sauce. I think it was vegetarian menu.

Those are my random activities today. Thanks for visiting !