Lessons to Learn about Crypto, Money, and Life

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I have seen a lot of posts on the chain asking for donations for various reasons, such as medical or emergency situations. For someone like me who has a chronic medical condition, I understand how it feels to constantly need money for medical care, as well as the pain and exploitation that comes with it.

It is difficult enough that life presents numerous financial challenges and burdens, and even the most financially capable people are sometimes forced to seek financial assistance in order to survive. I have been there and still am, and I am grateful to God that I am thriving despite it all.

The shame and pain of losing family, being unemployed at so many stages of my life due to illnesses, the uncertainty of where the biscuit will crumble or whether or not it will hold, and standing at a crossroads in life and trying to find a purpose to my existence amidst all the pain and poverty.
There is a constant reminder in the back of my mind that uncertainty is the only certainty in life. Now, read it again and let it sink in. Uncertainty exists, regardless of how certain your finances or health are.

This world is built upon two pillars: finance and health.

Having an abundance of them, however, does not guarantee anything. I made a post one time about what we own not truly being ours, and this is because is mostly related to how we can lose the very thing we feel is our strongest quality; beauty, intelligence, smartness, IQ and all that.

Does this imply that we should not seek?

By all means, no.

We cannot achieve sustainability unless we seek it. Life is about sustenance. One of the things we do to avoid losing things is evaluate, replenish, and maintain them. So, rather than doing damage control, we mostly take active and preventive measures to ensure that life continues as we want.

Crypto, for example, frequently mirrors reality.

The projects you are heavily invested in and hoping will make you wealthy may fail, while those you sold off or ignored when they were cheap to accumulate become the reason you will need another four years to correct your mistakes. It is the reason why many people may never achieve anything with cryptocurrency; I did not say they would not become wealthy; they may become wealthy, but they will fail to be financially stable as a result of underestimating the uncertainties that come with each market cycle.

I will say it again: money makes people feel invincible; when they have it, it seems like it will never end. They feel like Zeus, the god of thunder; they are walking on water and curing cancer. So they continue to make terrible mistakes, and even more mistakes, while attempting to correct their previous mistakes. Even at the height of a bull market, when profits are guaranteed, people become volatile.

Volatility is a bidirectional phenomenon.

While coins are volatile in bear markets, people become volatile during bull markets. Making mistakes, failing to save for rainy days, living extravagant lives, and seeking more money by allowing greed to rule them. It is not just about money; when people are stable in life, they feel like the best thing since sliced bread. This is why people develop diabetes as a result of their crazy eating habits and metabolic dysfunctions as a result of drinking too much alcohol, simply because they believe they are too healthy to be fallible.

I know some people who believe that because they are healthy, junk food will only affect them when they get older. It is the same as saying, "No matter how much I waste my resources in the bull market, I will always have enough money," says someone who owns no bitcoin.

Risk Factors Are Just Safety Illusions

We frequently overestimate our abilities because we believe that uncertainty only affects those with risk factors. During my initial days on Steemit. SBD was trading for around $8, which was insane because the coin was supposed to be stable, and I knew these people had the wildest of dreams that it would even reach $20. With all of the money they made from the whales' pockets, as well as the funding for the chain's local outreach, these people never took advantage of the opportunity to build a formidable crypto stash that could have compounded until today.

They were drunk on money, bought expensive cars, and lived like gods, and we no longer see them around here. They could have been big whales or huge Orcas on the chain, carrying on the legacy, but no.

Opportunities will present themselves and then vanish just as quickly.

It will be replaced by anger, poverty, illness, debt, disappointment, and misfortune. It is the only thing that is certain in life. We will all face both positive and negative consequences; this is not the fault of God or anyone else; it is simply life. It is critical to control what you can and take advantage of your blessings in order to reduce the likelihood of future misfortune. Inasmuch as you believe you are currently invincible, remember that you are not immune to uncertainty, and change your lifestyle in all aspects.

Understand the different seasons and prepare accordingly, then leave the rest to things you cannot control or handle. Prepare for when you will have and when you won't, and this extends beyond finances. You will be happy you listened.

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Funny how invincibility can vanish isn't it? Professional athletes often make the huge mistake of spending through their millions and have nothing left to show at the end of their careers. Mike Tyson was a perfect example of that...

I agree you need to take care of yourself not only physically but financially, because the day will come when the gravy train may end!

For many, they don't think it can vanish. I mean, being at that apex of life where one seems infallible. Many people are there, never even thinking of their life and how they need to change their life to prepare for when they'll not have the things they currently hive, including their lives.

Funny how facing your own mortality changes your views on life isn't it?

@tipu curate

Thanks I appreciate

It's definitely a good lesson to think about. Take profits when you can because the markets are very volatile. You have to be careful about what you end up doing and a lot of different tokens act differently. Personally, I think avoiding meme coins and focusing on core cryptos with solid value is better than gambling.

Unless you have some money to gamble with, avoiding meme coin is a premium thing to do, even if it can potentially make millions for you, that is if you actually choose the right meme coin which is almost like a really difficult thing to do.

So many nuggets packed into a single post. Uncertainty is definitely the only certainty in life. Nothing should really be taken for granted because it will sooner or later become unavailable to us, regardless of whether it's our own doing or not. Sometimes, I do tell myself that becoming wealth with crypto is way harder than most people imagine. When the bull market comes, many of us get rich. But most of it is lost during the bears and we more or less start again from the bottom.

Thanks for the comment. It's true, while the statement might seem antithetical, I just feel that uncertainty is one one of those things that are certain in life, sometimes the illusion of the position we are presently in cannot change it. It's harsh but when you look at how some people who did everything right but were still unfortunate, this proves that life is uncertain and can be favorable and cruel to just anyone.

Right. In a way, one has to be prepared for both circumstances, especially the unfortunate ones. I think life is inherently insensible, perhaps insensitive too. And this is a good way to navigate through life, both the good and bad, knowing nothing is certain or permanent.

You're most welcome!

You're right, it's a good time to be smart with money and be prepared for anything that comes our way. It's also important to stay focused on what really matters and to save for the future to come instead of just spending on things that won't last. Thanks for reminding us to plan for the future and be flexible! It was a great one and a nice read.

It's mostly quite broader than saving in monetary terms, but rather preparing for uncertainty in every aspect of life, both physically and even spiritually.

Yeah, that's the goal. So one will be prepared anytime.

I think one thing people feel is that the situation will never end. That’s why they keep spending lavishly buying cars and all instead of investing in other things…
Well, we’re different people and they may see those things they are buying as a form of investment

Reinvesting on the chain with all that money would have still put them in a very comfortable financial position, but they chose to do it the other way round. Taking without putting back is just unwise.