Love or money

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I have been thinking for a while about which one is more important love or money. This Week's prompts got me thinking, I find it a bit challenging to choose one before I later settle for this. Some people might not agree with my choice but after lots of thinking and the experiences that I've had, I will choose money over love. Someone is ready to counter me over this, but before concluding on my choice I viewed the two from different points of view and I had to conclude with money.

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Love is a strong affection for something or someone, it is a feeling that shouldn't come with conditions. But unfortunately in our society today, the definition has changed, love now comes with conditions. Money is now the major determinant of love, to profess love to anyone irrespective of gender, it has to come based on what you have as an individual. If a man should think of professing his love to a lady, the first question that will be asked is what is your source of income, that is indirectly asking the man "Can you take care of my responsibilities?".

Gone are the days when people didn't agree with the saying"Money answers all things", in this present generation 90% of the population is now in agreement that truly money answers to all things. In our world today, we now see married couples getting separated because of money-related issues. Wives divorce their husbands because they are not financially capable to cater for their needs. Husbands divorce their wives because they are not supporting them financially. Lots of families are ruined due to lack of money.

Someone might say it is wrong for money to determine love, yes it is but what can be done when we are in a society where the poverty rate is rising every day? A society where the people working tirelessly are earning little which is not enough to take care of themselves not to talk of their families. Having enough money to cater for myself and my family is all I ever desired. If this is accomplished, I won't have to force love, no man wants a liability. A man desires a woman who can be of help to him financially and fill in the gap in areas where he is financially handicapped.

Both gender wants to marry a financially stable partner, is that not money determining love? If there is money it will be so easy to confess love because your sweet affection will be backed up with things that make love beautiful such as surprise gifts, surprise dates, and so on. I will choose money over love for now because due to all the happenings around that I have witnessed, money comes before love.

Money can buy love, you might not agree with this but I have witnessed a situation where a lady vowed heaven and earth not to date this guy I knew but unfortunately, the story changed and this same guy became financially comfortable. This girl who had vowed not to date him ended up being his wife, she didn't marry him for love, she married him for money which the love later grew afterward. This last shared her story with me herself, and then I knew money sure answers some things in life.

Thanks for your time and your comments will be appreciated.


Indeed, in the society today, love comes with long terms and conditions. This is why many people resort to looking for money first before chasing love. However, I believe that genuine love shouldn't come with conditions, but nonetheless, money makes loving sweeter.😌


Exactly ooomoney makes love sweeter

Well, that's your perspective anyways, it's cool though. The society made it that way 🤦

Yeah, the society made it that way. I anything these days , money comes first

I’m sorry but money can’t buy genuine love.
It can buy a person though,in the example you gave the guy bought the lady not her love
If he’s to go broke tomorrow she’s definitely going to leave.

But I totally understand why you’d choose money over love.
It is important

Well I'm glad you see my reasons though