Important advices for healthy living

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Life is a teacher, and it teaches us through different phases. As we unveil different chapters of our lives, we tend to learn new things, and these things form part of our lives. I have come to understand that no matter how old a person can be, you will still need some level of guidance because nobody knows it all. People do give different advice from their point of view, being that we all have different backgrounds and upbringings. People would give advice based on the level of their knowledge about whatever the situation may be.

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As an adult, I came to understand that it's not possible to be in everyone's good book. You can't please everybody, some people would love you for who you are while some would say you are not good enough. Gone are the days when you want to impress people so that they can like and accept you and at the end of the day, the people you are doing so much for will end up backstabbing you. One important piece of advice I would love to give everyone out there is to make yourself the priority. Never try to be in everyone's good book because that is not possible.

Another piece of advice I would love to give anyone out there is never to look down on yourself. My grandma always says "What you call yourself is very important because the world will address you the way you address yourself". If you call yourself a loser, the world will also call you a loser. Therefore give the world the definition you want them to define you with and that is what they will embrace. If you look down on yourself, definitely others will look down on you, and when they start calling you what you are not, it will take a lot of time to correct it.

And lastly, I would love to give anyone out there this last and most important advice which is never to rely on another person. Trust yourself alone because the person you gave your hundred percent trust today might be your worst nightmare tomorrow. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's bad to trust but don't be so sure about such an individual you are giving your all because human change and this is what every one of us should keep at the back of our minds. A wise man once told me, "Always leave room for disappointment, and don't say I trust him or her, he or she can't betray me, that would be one of the biggest mistakes in one's life".

All this advice may seem kind of weird but to live a peaceful life, one must put these three pieces of advice to use. Only then you won't be disappointed in anyone because you didn't expect much from them before. Love yourself for who you are and be at your best at all time.

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The last advice is it for me, never put your hope in any one. It doesn't worth it


Classic advise ever!
Never trust anyone
There’s a thin line between love and hatred
If someone told me that my ex best friend and I would be strangers this year
I would have believed!

Wow, that's just how it is


These are indeed great advices you can actually give to anyone. Most importantly that of looking down on one's self should not be overlooked. We must never look down on ourselves since it might lead us to have low self esteem which will definitely do more harm than good to us.

You are right, thanks for reading.