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Fairness does not mean everyone gets the same. Fairness means everyone gets what they need.- Harold Kushner

I can remember vividly the first time I put on make up because God knows I regret it.😂 It was during my matriculation at the university. I just wanted give it a try and see if it would look nice. Let me allow you to guess the end result.

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If you assumed it looked good on me then I’m sorry to burst your bubble. It looked really terrible and I got a lot of compliments like ‘you look great without make up’ and to make things worse, my friends never let any opportunity to make fun of my makeup on that particular day pass during my whole university life.

Aside all the drama and bad reviews I got on that day, I didn’t really like the effects of the makeup on my skin. I actually don’t know the type of product my make up artists used for me but it had negative effects on my skin as I started to experience some acne and it took a while before I could get rid of them. That was the first and last time I used make up in my life.

On the issue of fairness, life itself isn’t fair and we ought to understand that everything comes with consequences. A footballer knows that he is bound to experience injuries in his career and so does any other person doing whatever out there. When it comes to athletics, I believe it’s a game of competence. Let’s take wrestling for instance, it’s a game of strength and I’m sure there’s a specific weight limit for anyone who wishes to take part in the game.


As we all know, anabolic steroids helps to build muscle tissues and also increases our body mass. The main reason why steroids are banned in the sports industry is because most of these athletes are prone to misusing these drugs which can in the long run have long lasting effects on them. Also, it’s not deemed fair to the other party if one person is on steroids to enhance his activity while the other is not. At that point, it’s no more considered a fair game.

Looking at the beauty and fashion industry, I understand that most of these brands have a reputation to uphold and in most cases especially with the fashion industry, majority of their models have to make use of makeup to enhance their beauty so as to reach their target market. There’s a Ghanaian proverb that says ‘adepa na 3ton ne ho’ which means good things need no advertisement to sell. Personally, I believe that most of these clothing brands don’t need to have their models use make up because if their clothing is worth being bought, it will be bought. But when it comes to the beauty industry which has to do with cosmetics, thats what they deal with so it’s okay that their models are made to wear make up.


Where my problem comes in is the excess use of these products. Most of these products contain chemicals which can have negative effects on our skin. Why do you think some ladies develop wrinkles at an early age? It’s because they won’t let make up rest, always polishing their faces day and night.

Too much of everything is bad. But using a product or a drug in its right proportion is okay to me. At the end of the day, the goal is to live a healthy life.


Well, I won't lie, I love seeing ladies on moderate make ups, movies has spoiled my eyes and brain😂😂 but in the case where it becomes excess, it irritates me. I wish I saw you on that make up, though am still finding it hard to believe that a very nice make up won't be good on you.

You didn't lie when you say life is unfair in itself. Why should we even fake what is supposed to be real? If those models don't lie about their looks, adding artificial stuffs to boost it, wont what they are advertising be patronized, if it's good? We are just too fake in the world😂😂

For the usage of anabolic steroids in sport I don't think its a nice idea. It will make sport an unfair game and trust me, a lot of us won't have passion for it anymore,it would be better for me to watch marvel and know that what I am watching is fake than watch a physical one.

Both the use of drugs sports and cosmetics in fashion doesn't appeal to me, in fact I would say it's unfair to allow any party to use them to boost their profession, it's cheating 🤣🤣 be natural, let's see what you've got

Trust me, the makeup wasn’t that good on me.

I guess these models are giving us what we want ,that’s life. 😂

Most people can’t be natural because they’re so used to fake stuff.😂 we have to just be managing each other in this world

LoL, don't worry, I'll get you on make up someday 🙃 and I'll show you how nice it is on you.

Omo, that managing seems to be the only remedy now, it is well sha

Then I’m not sure it will be anytime soon.😂

It’s shall be well with us.

😂😂 Aw your matriculation make up is a gift that keeps n giving. I can’t forget 😂.

😂 let me come and post the picture here

If you don’t leave here you’ll see.😂😂 incase you forgot, i still have your matriculation picture.

Feel free. I was looking very hot 😂

Haha, you wish.

You couldn’t just end without throwing three shots into the air🤣🤣🤣
Honestly I’m very surprised that people don’t know that make up is a very big factor in making one age faster.
I don’t want to even remember the first time I tried make up myself….
Disaster os definitely not the word for it because underrated …it was catastrophic 🤣🤣
But for the effects of make up on the skin, there are really great and original products that would even protect your skin and there are just people who don’t know to use skincare protective water before they apply the make up
But imagine Aunty Maggi who does make up for 30cedis should go and buy dior make up products or Fenty beauty from Rihanna?🤣🤣🤣
Apuu she would rather use “mapuka” from Dungu market and give eczema to her clients 🤣🤣🤣🤣
I still like eyeliners though…

You’re one funny person.😂😂😂 looks like you’re aunty Maggie’s regular customer.

In Africa most people don’t have access to quality make up products and they don’t really pay attention to the brands. They just go for the cheap ones.

🤣🤣🤣justice for aunty maggie’s customers 🤣

Of course cheap is always the way because have we even eaten to buy foundation 1 million 🤣

😂😂😂y3 be wu nti y3n da

Y3 b3 da🤣

You are not alone o
My matriculation makeup is still the worse I've ever had on my face, it was so bad that I dare not talk about my matric day again 😂

😂😂😂 oh so I’m not alone in this. It shall be well with us.

Amen o 😂

Excess is always a bad thing, that' is undebatable and with regards to fairness i think a better term is equity yes? Ntoma na ton ne ho indeed, great products would sell even without great models branding it however you would also agree with me that some individuals are drawn to the products because of this marketing strategy, it works that why it is still employed

As humans, we are attracted to what we see so most of these brands give us what we want.😅

Yay! 🤗
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Why was I hoping to see the picture of you in the makeup 😂😂😂

You think I’d make that mistake. Never!😂

I have to do some detective work😂


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