New Biro drawing: TUNDE EDNUT

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Good morning my fellow Hiveans,

Few days ago, a popular Nigerian celebrity celebrated his birthday and it was all over the internet. He is a popular blogger whom I’ve been following his page for a while now. His name is Tunde Ednut and he goes by the name Mazitundednut on instagram. On that day, I decided to make a biro drawing of his picture and post it on my page in a bid to wish him a Happy birthday. Mind you, I haven’t made any new biro drawings in like a year so I wasn’t sure how the drawing is going to turn out.

You know, if you leave a skill unattended for a long period of time, it might become rusty. Anyways, I did make the drawing and it turned out well which makes me happy. It’s not like I’ve abandon drawing in general, just that the medium I now use if different and that’s painting. Seeing this drawing turn out well encourages me to do more of biro drawings and I sure will. I’d just go back to my daily drawings of it cus I remember how happy it makes me when I create them.

The drawing was made with a blue biro on pelican paper and the style used is scribbling.







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This looks good

Nice drawing you have there. It was obvious that was TUNDE EDNUT

I !LUV it.
Well done.

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It looks great