To rent or not to rent?

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         If you recall, I likened Cryptobrewmaster to a small business simulator. You, as the player, decide your role in the game. So, let's talk about rent. For the most part, you would only rent a building if you wish to gather ingredients.

         As you can see, rent depends on how long you want to use the building. The daily rate of the 28-day lease is better than the single-day. The question is, should you rent for a day? Three days? A week?

         Many players might opt for the 28-day option because they think they would save CBM in the long run. That may be true if you are at your computer 24/7 and never opt for the Finish Now option. You can further augment the number of times you can gather resources by installing upgrades that reduce crafting time.

         On the other hand, renting for a day and using the Finish Now option can boost your production. That strategy will work as long as you are in profit.

         When it comes to upgrades, there exist items that reduce rent. The Beer Hat can help you stretch that CBM. I have never used it to any efficacy because that's not my play style.

         A secret many of you may not know is that you could own the buildings and never have to pay rent again. It requires you to unlock all of the upgrade slots in a building. This costs over 30K CBM to accomplish. For a new player, that seems like an astronomical sum. It's over ten years' worth of rent! However, the bear market does come with perks.

         On Cryptex24, you could grab 30K CBM for around $30. There's enough depth on the order books to sustain $20K worth of CBM. You don't have to buy a ton of CBM. But, getting cheap coins may help you get your small business started. Like in real life, you need capital and loans to create a business. Check out @cryptex24 for more.

         If you are a casual player, then it doesn't matter anyways.

         What do I do? I started out renting like everyone else. Now, I don't.


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Thanks, ver informative


I did not know unlocking all the slots did that!! Thank you for the tip 😄

Yeah lol

It's not the most cost-effective sink, but I prefer to not pay rent.