Creativenonfiction #86 ~` Dreaming And Believing.

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My parents had taught me from a young age that "hard work breeds success" and that successful people got their wealth through working round the clock to make a name for themselves.

While I strive to work hard to attain financial stability, sometimes I think that my best is not enough. This is one of the reasons why I daydream. Other times when I watch a movie with a happy ending, I imagine myself as the actress who went through some difficulties but came out successfully.

Sometimes I wonder if I would have loved to be an actress, Hahaha they mostly make acting look easy but whenever I watch the behind-the-scene moments, I immediately change my mind. Imagine doing something over and over again before getting it "almost perfectly" and even though the drama is said to be the "imitation of real happenings in life", real life is way different from the movies.

Whenever I am in my day-dream zone like lying down on the bed with my headphones on, playing songs from my playlist, I kind of have moments where I just zone off and start thinking or daydreaming about life. One thing I have ever wanted the most is a good job where the pay is enough to cater to my basic needs.

I have always dreamed of financial stability for myself. A good job will help me save more and I will have something I rely on in case of emergencies even though nobody prays for bad things to happen.

My friend, Tosin came visiting one day and of course, once we had the opportunity to have a sit-down, all we do is to gist and keep each other updated about not only our lives but also things around us.


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"Do you know Adeola have traveled abroad?" Tosin asked me during one of her visits.

"Adeola? Which Adeola?" I inquired trying to figure out if I know another Adeola aside from the one I think she is about to talk about.

"Adeola that used to stay in our street na, Mrs and Mrs Ademola's daughter"

"Oh Adeola, Wow! That's very good, I am very happy for her" I said beaming with happiness.

The Ademolas used to stay close to us some years back. They were very easygoing and all their children were mannered. Adeola, their second daughter can be awarded the best "greeter" as she can greet you 100 times if she sees you for that 100 times. That's one of the traits our Yoruba parents instilled in us to always greet our elders.

"But they left last year, how did you find out?" I asked Tosin, curious to know more.

"I saw her it on her Facebook page where she posted pictures she took with her parents at the airport", Tosin explained while sipping the glass of juice in front of her.

"Eh! God when?", Tosin and I said in unison while we both laughed seeing as we were thinking of the same thing. We gradually diverted our discussion to other things before she finally left.

Later that day, I was watching a movie on my phone and a scene where one of the female actresses was leaving the country and her parents were all teary especially the dad who was acting all tough as he fought back the tears. There was no doubt he was going to miss his daughter dearly.


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That scene got me into my daydreaming mode again as I thought about the news my friend shared with me about our neighbor sending their daughter abroad.

"But Really, God when?" When will I also get to experience going to the airport, boarding a plane, and traveling to another country? I wondered. "Even if it's just for a vacation or tourism, let me also get that experience", I said aloud to no one in particular.

I believe traveling abroad doesn't exactly equate to becoming successful. There are lots of successful people without even leaving their country and those who even left the country and came back.

I believe in the saying that "Everybody has their path and everybody peaks at different times". I also want to feel the thrill and excitement that comes with going on an adventure, having fun and making meeting with new people. But then daydreaming without working towards it won't yield any result now would it?

I believe that my dreams will one day be realized so I will continue to do my best in my field and also work towards achieving my set goals but for now, one can only dream.

Thank you all for reading.



Thank you so much for all your support.

We all dream of better life and those dreams always come true when we set goals and work to achieve them then our dream will become a reality.
Weldone dear

Thank you so much for coming around.

Your most welcome

Just keep pushing and matching efforts with dream… Certainly it will pay off.

All the best dear 😘

Thank you so much sis.

You are welcome love 🌹😘

I do hope you get to achieve your dream.

Going on an adventure and meeting new people sounds really great. I know you will get really satisfied when you get to do it.

I would surely be satisfied. Thank you for coming around.

Your time will come dreemer, all your efforts and time will soon pay off

Amen. Thank you for stopping by.

You're welcome 🤗

This story touched me, @rukkie. It was nicely balanced and I loved your expression of joy for others even when your own dreems are not yet being realised. There is so much disparity in the world. More people need to understand the wide chasm between those who have and those who do not, through no fault of their own, but primarily based on where they live, so that something meaningful can be done to close the gap. There are more than enough resources in the world so that nobody needs to be without food in their stomach and a roof over their head... and the ability to convert dreams (and dreems) into reality EVERY DAY... without fail. The fact that you daydream about having a job that brings financial stability so you can cover your basic needs, should be a reality check for most people. I pray that your dreems are realised one day, sweetie 💗 !LUV !LADY

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Oh My! This got got me teary.

Your kind words are very encouraging and I am grateful to hear them from you @samsmith1971.

Thank you so much for your gift and all your support.


I hope that your dream becomes a reality someday, just keep on doing your best dear, and believing.

I love how you are happy about the good news of others and do not feel bitter about it and that it is a sign your time will arrive as well at the appropriate time.


Thank you so much for coming around.

My pleasure 😊🥰

Dreams do come through, so don't give up on them yet. God has a way of working things out for each and every one of us. Keep dreeming my friend, things will fall in place soon.

Amen. Thank you for stopping by.