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Yetunde is a new student who just joined the SS1 class at Lilian and Tonia's school. On arrival as a new student, it was expected of her to stay calm to study her environment and study her classmates to know to whom she was going to relate with or not. But that was not the case, she started talking with almost everyone, asking them personal questions which some of them were uncomfortable with. This made some of her classmates tag her as a forward person, she didn't seem to care about what people said about her. Many understood that that's her nature, she is simply showcasing who she is unknown to all her classmates that the worst is yet to come.

Yetunde continued her lifestyle, and this made her decide to join the friendship circle of Lilian and Tonia, the big girls of the class. Lilian and Tonia don't relate with Yetunde because they don't like her behavior but because they act big and spend big in class, Yetunde wishes to be their friend.

On Monday morning, Yetunde walked up to Tonia and Lilian and said, "Hey girls, good morning, how was your weekend?, I would love to be your friend. The circle will be complete if we are three just like a triangle". Tonia who had been trying to conceal her laughter since Yetunde started her talking couldn't hold it any longer. She busted out in laughter while Lilian was looking at Yetunde with contempt.

Tonia finally had enough of her laughter and she replied to Yetunde who had been standing like a statue looking at Tonia and Lilian making jest of her. "Madam, do we look like dirty girls to you? Can't you tell the difference between us and other girls in the school?" Tonia asked Yetunde. Yetunde who now had reason to talk sighed heavily and said "I can see you girls are the big girls in class and I've taken my time to see how you carry yourself, and the respect you command, this is why I wished to be your friend".

Lilian who had been quiet since the conversation began cleared her throat and said, "No problem girl if you want to roll with the big girls, you will be put under some tests and if you pass, you are welcome. I'm glad you said you have been watching us closely then you should know what we do and our eating pattern". After hearing this, Yetunde became a bit uncomfortable because she didn't know what to expect.

"Oh yes! Tonia said out loud, our breakfast is on you girl, when it's break time, we will all go to the canteen and you will be the one to pay for whatever we buy", Tonia continued. Yetunde who was shocked at what the girls just said didn't know how to explain herself that she didn't have much money on her. "I won't be able to do that today, I'm just hearing this so I'm not prepared for it, can it be tomorrow", Yetunde quickly said before Tonia and Lilian rounded up the conversation.

Lilian and Tonia laughed hysterically, and Tonia said," You failed the first test baby girl, to be a big girl you must be ready for anything at any time". Lilian who just stopped laughing looked at Yetunde and said to her, "You are forgiven just this one time, prepare yourself, you have a lot of work to do to convince us". Leaving Yetunde dumbfounded, Lilian and Tonia left her standing and walked away.

Yetunde knew the kind of family she was coming from, her parents were not that financially buoyant, they worked day and night to fend for the family, and Yetunde who happened to be the first daughter of the family wanted to live big in school.

To please Tonia and Lilian, Yetunde lied to her parents that she needed to get some books that cost #3,000. "Dad, my class teacher asked us to get some books, and they cost #3,000 and I will be needing them tomorrow", she said to her father after getting back from school that Monday when she discussed with Tonia and Lilian. Yetunde's father prioritizes education and loves to attend to his children when it comes to their education puts his hands into his pocket and counts the sum of #3,000 to Yetunde who sits beside him looking disturbed.

"This is part of my earnings today, use it to sort your books", Yetunde's father said to her with a smile and handed the money over to her. On getting the money, Yetunde was so happy because her plans worked out well.

On getting to school the next morning, Yetunde went to Lilian and Tonia and said to them with a smile "I will be handling your bills for breakfast today. Tonia and Lilian looked surprised by the confidence with which Yetunde spoke with them. "No problem baby girl", Tonia replied Yetunde with a smile.

During breakfast break, the three girls headed to the canteen, and Tonia and Lilian ordered food worth #2000. Yetunde gladly paid because she thought she still had #1000 extra to spare. After getting the food they would eat, Lilian and Tonia branched out at the snacks shop to get snacks for a short break, and they told Yetunde to pay. She paid the sum of #1000 for all the snacks Tonia and Lilian bought. She became sad but she had no choice but to pay.

She was sitting with Tonia and Lilian all through the class that day, just to impress the girls, Yetunde began to tell Lilian and Tonia false stories about herself and her family. "My father works with the governor of this state, he is so close to the governor and for this reason, we do enjoy royalty treatment from the governor", she began. Lilian who has a skeptical feeling about Yetunde didn't believe all the was saying.

"You must be very rich", Tonia asked Yetunde. With a smile, Yetunde replied, "Of course, we are. "My mom is a well-known businesswoman, she has a gigantic shop where she sells kitchen utensils and fabrics", Yetunde concluded. Lilian who had been silent since Yetunde started her story got tired of listening to her and said "We've had enough of your story today, let's have it silent, please". Yetunde felt offended but she couldn't protest because she was only trying to impress her new friends.

After closing that day when Yetunde had left, Lilian told Tonia that she wasn't comfortable with Yetunde around. "Did you believe everything Yetunde was saying earlier?", Lilian asked Tonia. "A part of me believed her while a part didn't, could all she say the truth about her?" Tonia asked in response to what Lilian asked her. "Anyways, I will try to find out who she is", Lilian said affirmatively as she parted ways with Tonia.

Days turned into weeks and weeks into months, Yetunde now walks with Tonia and Lilian. Every one of their classmates now calls them "the big trio". Yetunde continued spreading her false stories to her friends and her other classmates. Some believed her while some didn't, after several months of being friends with Yetunde, Lilian decided to investigate her which was unknown to Yetunde. One faithful Friday after school hours, Lilian followed Yetunde home in another car to find her house which she did successfully.

Lilian decided to ask around people she saw Yetunde greet after returning from school and she was surprised at the secrets that were revealed to her by these people. "Her parents are very nice, her father is a cab driver, a very hard-working man", one woman told Lilian. Lilian's suspicion about Yetunde was becoming real, so she asked another lady she saw Yetunde greet about who Yetunde was, a lady who happened to be a fashion designer said, "Yetunde is a very respectful girl likewise her mother, her mother owns the pepper stand across the street, pointing to Yetunde's mother stall", the lady replied.

Lilian thanked her informants and headed back home. She called Tonia on the phone and narrated all she was told about Yetunde. The next morning in school, as usual, Yetunde sat with Lilian and Tonia, and as expected, she wanted to start narrating one of her false stories when Tonia laughed out loud. Yetunde wondered why Tonia was laughing in that manner. "What's funny now Tonia?", Yetunde asked in surprise.

"Should I allow her to say whatever she wants to say?", Tonia asked Lilian who seemed to be angry. "You want to sell to us another dog just as you always do?", Lilian asked Yetunde who looked shocked and trying to understand what Lilian was talking about. "I'm not selling any dog ooo", Yetunde answered. "Listen, girl, she isn't talking about dog, what she meant was do you want to lie to us again?".

Yetunde was relieved because she didn't know her secrets had been known by her friends. She laughed and said, "What lie? I'm not lying now". "I remembered you said your father is close to the governor right?", Lilian asked. "Yes, he is very close to the governor", Yetunde replied. This got Lilian annoyed and she snapped at Yetunde, "Can you just stop already, don't sell me a dog, I already know who you are".

Yetunde who was shocked by Lilian's reaction wondered what was happening. "Your father is a cab driver, while your mother sells pepper, she has a stall opposite your street, am I correct?" Tonia asked Yetunde who was looking dumbfounded. "Are you surprised?", Lilian asked Yetunde who couldn't provide answers to their questions. "You kept on lying over and over again and you think we won't know", Tonia asked her. Yetunde finally gathered her words, "I'm sorry, I just want to feel among", Yetunde replied. "It was easy to tell that you were lying, "Tonia said to her, and from that day onward she stopped the habit of telling lies.

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Yetunde bit more than she could chew by trying to get accepted in a circle she was not fit. Yetunde soon began to make demands at the expense of her parents convenience and unfortunately, she didn't act considerably. Well, the demands never end and this was worsened by the lies she told. The name she made faded as quickly as it was earned in falsehood. Thankfully, she repented herself.

Good script here.

A great lesson of cutting one's coat according to one's size.

Thanks for reading boss, following your footsteps 💯

What a great lesson to this story, we shouldn't always try to fit in where we do not belong.

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I am in good spirit, thanks for taking the time to check through.


You did a nice job with the story prompt, @rare-gem! Yetunde is a rather heartbreaking character, in her desire to be popular so much that she is willing to lie to try to fit in.

We have a tip for you. In the following sentence, "faithful" should be "fateful":

One faithful Friday after school hours, Lilian followed Yetunde home in another car to find her house which she did successfully.

The expression is about fate and destiny, not about faith.

Thank you for sharing your story in The Ink Well and for reading and commenting on the work of other community members.

Oops thank you so much, my editor skipped that, I will be more careful next time. Thanks for your kind words.

My question? Did they continue being friends? From what I have read, they aren’t friends to begin with and Yetunde has a lot of growing up to do


Not as close as Yetunde wanted. They couldn't keep being close friends with her.

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Why trying to fit in where you don't belong? This is what a lot of people in our society do today, but does it always end well? It's a simple life lesson here
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Thanks for reading boss

Cutting ones coat according to one's size is always the best way to live. What a lesson to all of us.

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Just to feel among, she kept lying and faking her lifestyle. Yetunde was just an ingrate for wanting to mingle with friends beyond her calibre. How could she lie to her father knowing the kind of work he does just to make sure she was given a good education. At least she was exposed. If she had come clean to the girls, perhaps they would have accepted her into their circle of friendship. This is just what is happening among young girls and boys today, wanting to feel belong and among, end up embarrassing themselves.

Exactly, vanity upon vanity