Love bought a dog a home

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It was a beautiful Saturday morning in Nile, present in the home of the Adeleke's. This is a typical Nigerian family from the Yoruba tribe. Mr. Tayo Adeleke got married to his beautiful wife, Antonia Adeleke, fifteen years ago, and they were blessed with two beautiful children. The male is named Sean Adeleke, and the female is named Tiara Adeleke. They are financially stable to some extent because they can cater to all their needs and afford all they want.

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Mr. Tayo Adeleke is an engineer with a company well known in the state, while Mrs. Antonia is a medical doctor in the state's hospital. Sean was the first child, and he is 19 years old, while Tiara is 15 years old. The family lives a decent lifestyle full of love, and many of their neighbors always wish their families were like Adeleke's. There is a cordial relationship between the parents and their children, and this makes the family so close to one another.

As comfortable as they were, Tayo and Anthonia didn't overpamper their children; they made sure to train them on the basic things of life, like house chores. One thing is also very significant in Adeleke's family, and that is teamwork. They always helped one another with whatever work they had to do.

On this fateful Saturday morning, it was time for the family's sanitation, which they always engage in every Saturday to take care of their rooms and compound. It was an off day for Antonia; therefore, she joined her family for sanitation. Sometimes it was always Tayo and the children who performed the sanitation because Antonia would be on duty at the hospital.

Antonia instructed the children after morning devotion to go and clean their rooms before coming outside to take care of the compound as she headed to their room (a room for her and her husband) to clean up. "Saturday for sanitation, yea! We know," Tiara said as she tapped her brother Sean to get up from the couch. "I can stand myself, miss; you don't have to tap me; I got the message," Sean replied to her sister, who was on her way to her room. Their father, Tayo, sighed as he stood up and went outside to uproot the weeds around their compound.

After a few minutes, Tiara came out of her room with heaps of biscuits, chocolate, and sweet nylons. Her brother, who happened to come out at the same time, screamed in surprise. "You are all of these?" he asked, shockingly gazing at her sister, who was smiling. Tiara couldn't reply to him as she walked past him and headed outside to dispose of it in the bin. "Mom, you need to see what your daughter has been eating," Sean screamed, trying to call his mother's attention to what Tiara brought out of her room as he moved out with some dirt on a packer that he wanted to dispose of.

Their father Tayo, who saw Tiara disposing of the nylons, laughed and asked, "Madam, you ate all that junk?". Tiara smiled and replied, "Dad, it's not a big deal; don't mind, Sean; it's just some biscuits and chocolates." I wasn't listening to Sean; I was talking about what I saw," Tayo said as he stood up to stretch his back as he had been bending for a while, uprooting the weeds.

Sean came out with the packer and said, "Well done, Dad; you saw what your daughter disposed of?". Tiara became angry at his brother for repeating it. "He saw it, so what happened? Stop it. You aren't a lady for God's sake, bro," Tiara snapped at his brother Sean. "It's okay now; let's change the topic, but Tiara, reduce your junk intake for your health," Tayo replied to the two children.

"Sean, get the wheelbarrow in the backyard; let's pack all these refuse nylons to the incinerator down the street," Tayo said to his son. "Okay, Dad, right away," Sean replied as he headed to the backyard to get the wheelbarrow. "Tiara, check on your mom and bring every other refuse in the house, and check the kitchen also for refuse nylons," Tayo said to Tiara, who rushed in to do as her father commanded.

Sean returned with the wheelbarrow as he tied a knot on all the refused black nylons packed at a corner. These are the refuses they disposed of all through the week. After some minutes, Tiara returned with a piece of refuse nylon and dumped it on the wheelbarrow while their father packed all the weeds he had uprooted earlier and dropped it on the wheelbarrow. "I guess this is all," Tayo said. "Yes, Dad, Sean replied to his father". "Alright, Tiara, follow your brother to the incinerator and drop all these refuses there," Tayo said.

Tiara frowned as she followed Sean, who was pushing the wheelbarrow and pressing her phone. "Wow! You have to see this, Sean," Tiara said, running after her brother, who had given her some pace. "What is it?" Sean asked. Tiara was now breathing heavily over the few jogs she did to meet up with Sean. "Convince Dad to get this puppy, please. I saw it on our vet doctor's Whatsapp status; you know we haven't gotten another since we lost the first one," Tiara said, looking innocent.

"It's lovely; I guess that's a Rottweiler; they are a wonderful breed; let's get home," Sean replied. After dumping all the refuse at the incinerator, they hurried back home, and on getting home, their father was already in the living room. Sean dropped the wheelbarrow in the backyard as Tiara ran inside. "We are back, Dad," Tiara said, smiling.

"Why are you so happy?" Antonia, who had been busy in the kitchen after cleaning the room, asked Tiara as she came out of the kitchen and saw Tiara smiling. Tiara didn't reply before Sean entered and said, "Dad, have you seen Doctor Frank's status? He posted a beautiful Rottweiler puppy; you should check it out." Their mother, who had been listening, walked to the living room and, out of excitement, said, "Check it out, honey, if it is still available, so we can pick it up tomorrow." "Yes!" Tiara shouted and jumped on the couch.

"Your love for dogs has rekindled in this family, right? I will ask him about it. Tiara, get me my phone in the room," Tayo said as Tiara dashed to her parent's room to get her father's phone. After some minutes, Tiara returned with the phone and handed it over to his father. After some minutes, Tayo put a call through to Doctor Frank, who happened to be their veterinary doctor for the first dog they got but died of pavo (a disease that affects dogs).

Every one of them sits attentively as Tayo puts the phone on the loudspeaker. "Hello, doctor, how have you been, sir?" Tayo asked the doctor over the phone. "Very well, sir," Frank replied. I saw a puppy on your status; is it still available?" Tayo asked. "Very well, sir; it's a female Rottweiler puppy; the price is a bit different now," Frank replied. "No problem, doctor; keep it for me; I will come pick it up on my way from church tomorrow," Tayo said, ending the conversation.

"We got a dog," Tiara shouted as everyone gave Tayo a round of applause. "Thank you, honey," Anthonia said as she stood up and headed to the kitchen to complete what she was doing. "Thank you, Dad, Sean, and Tiara chorused as they both headed to their rooms, leaving their father in the living room. "Thank God for the grace," Tayo said as he headed to his room with a bright smile on his face.

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Hello @rare-gem,
You introduce us to a pleasant family. They spend a rather pleasant day together as they clean house. Although there is a little bit of tension between brother and sister, it is not significant. What is lacking in your pleasant story is an arc. An arc usually originates at the beginning of the story. There is conflict introduced. In this case, the conflict could have been over getting a puppy. Maybe the sister wanted one, and the brother did not. Maybe the parents can't decide what to do. Everybody starts having trouble over the dog. That's when the conflict becomes a crisis. In the end, there is resolution. Do they get the dog? Is everyone happy? Does the sister decide to get a part time job to pay for the dog?

Think of an arc as a triangle. It has a starting point. It builds to a crisis, and then comes down. We offer a helpful post about story arcs here.

You do an excellent job of providing details in the story. That helps to bring the people alive for us.

Thank you for sharing this with us, @rare-gem .

Oh, I will read the post and improve on my next writeup, thanks for your comment.

Loving dog is just too much nowadays. Dogs are the best pets to keep. It's beautiful that their father made them happy.

I love dogs too, have four different breeds in my house

I can only imagine Tiara's excitement on getting that dog.

Hopefully, it would be a source of happiness for the family.

Sure, it will