One Man Can Change The World

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One Man Can Change The World

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"Can one man really change the world?" Sammy wondered on his way back home from the church after listening to a very powerful sermon on stealing.

"Sam, what ails you? I see you've been so worried ever since you returned from church," Annie, his sister inquired. "It's nothing Annie, just pondering on what the pastor said, do you think one man can make a difference in the world?" He asked.

"Come on Sammy, the world is already corrupt, even if a man wants to do something different that would benefit everyone, the world would still fight him. Have you not heard that good people don't last?" Annie responded.

"You might be right, but I have this feeling that what the pastor said can be achieved and I am going to give it a try", Sammy replied.

"Hmmm, This one that you are serious about the sermon, don't tell me that the Lord is already calling you into service," Annie made a joke about Sammy.

"Come on, sis, you know I don't have the qualities, besides, I don't want to be a pastor, I just want to be a good person," Sammy replied.

"Anyways, food is ready, when you are done repenting, you can get yours. Meanwhile, inform Mom that I have gone to make my hair, in case she asks after me," Annie responded as she picked her bag from the glass table positioned in the center of the sitting room and left.

That sermon affected Sammy in an unusual way. His mindset suddenly changed. He wanted to be that one man in a million who would do what was right even if it would cost me so much.

One fateful afternoon, Sammy returned from school and saw his mother and a stranger discussing in the sitting room, "Good afternoon Mommy, Good afternoon sir," Sammy Greeted.

"Oh! Afternoon Sammy, welcome back" his Mother replied, after ignoring him for some seconds.

Obviously they were discussing something very crucial, so he quietly excused them and went inside his room. But curiosity wouldn't let him be as he kept hearing his mom say, "So, he can resume on Monday right?"

He quickly undressed and was just trying to go outside with a plan to hide at the entrance door to hear their conversation, unfortunately, it was that time the stranger stood up and said, "Okay, Mama Sammy, I'll be on my way now."

Gosh, plans ruined. "Hey baby, sorry, I was in a very crucial conversation while you came in, where are you heading to?" His mother inquired.

"Nowhere Mom, I just wanted to check if Annie is done cooking, am famished." He replied. "you and food," his mom teased him.

"I took after you mom, it's not my fault," Sammy responded. The statement cracked them both up, so they laughed loudly.

"Notify me when you are done eating, we have something to talk about," the mother told him as picked the remote from the table and changed the program on the television to her favorite.

After his meal, he quickly returned, "Mommy, I am done," he replied, being overwhelmed by curiosity.

"So fast? It's obvious, you didn't eat but swallowed those rice. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I am transferring you to another school. Since your dad passed on, things have been difficult for the family. So, you would be writing your West African Examination Council (WAEC) there. The man you saw in the house this after is the principal and he promised to make a discount for us," the mother replied.

"Well, Mom, I believe you know what's good for me, so whatever decision you make is okay. By the way, which school is that?" He inquired.

"Government secondary school Mawi," the Mother replied. "What? Mom isn't that the school whose students are known for stealing answers during examinations?" Sammy responded, showing a pure sign of disapproval.

"Come on son, the school might be known for an evil report, I am not sending you there to cheat during the examination. I want you to go out there and make a difference just like you always say, one man can change the world." The Mother replied.

After hearing those words, Sammy's spirit was lightened, he looked upon his mother and smiled, then said, "Fine, I heard you, I'll go to the school."

In no time, the day of the examination reached, Sammy knowing fully that he was not going to partake in any form of examination malpractice, prepared himself very well for the examination.

The hall didn't beat his expectations, the roof was bad, the floor was not properly made, some of the chairs were not good and the old long blackboard was there caved on the wall, facing them. Another thing that really caught his attention was the great number of students writing the examination.

"Sit down everyone, bring out your writing materials, and your examination Cards, and take away anything that can implicate you," a chubby black man with an angry face instructed, interrupting Sammy's observation.

"Good, this is going the way I wanted it," Sammy said to himself. But a few minutes into the examination. One of the teachers, Mr. Kunle entered the hall with some papers and started sharing with the students. "What is this?" Sammy thought quietly inside.

When the man reached Sammy's desk and dropped the paper, Sammy saw that it was the answer to the questions, he wanted to give it back to Mr. Kunle when his seatmate said "Give it to me."

And he gladly did, when Mr. Kunle noticed that Sammy wasn't copying from anywhere yet he was writing, it piqued his interest. So he came quietly from behind.

"And what do you think you are doing?" he asked, "Gosh! You startled me, sir, I am writing my examination," He replied.

"Why are you not copying from the paper, I distributed? Let me see what you are writing," Mr. Kunle demanded as he took Sammy's answer booklet

"Have your booklet back, which school did you say you were transferred from again?" He inquired. "The Best Brains International," Sammy replied.

"Beautiful, I see you've got the brains, meet me after the examination," Mr Kunle replied as he walked to the front of the class.

Immediately after the examination, Sammy went and met Mr Kunle, under one of the mango trees where he was sitting with a few teachers "Good day sir," Sammy Greeted.

"Afternoon, how may I help you," Mr Kunle replied. "You asked me to see you after the examination,' Sammy responded.

"Oh! Forgive me, brain box, now I remember. How was the examination," he asked. "It was fine", Sammy replied.

"I know right? But you see, I have supervised several examinations, and truth be told, it's not always easy. This one might be cheap but I bet you the rest might not. If you want to pass, better copy like the rest, it is not a new thing, everyone is doing it." Mr Kunal advised Sammy.

"Thank you so much sir, I really appreciate your concern for me but examination malpractice is stealing and I would never be part of it. I rather fail and rewrite than do what everyone else is doing. We complain that our world is bad and we need change, we insult our political leaders and call them thieves but we are here also stealing. If we all partake in the act, who would make the change then?" Sammy replied

Mr. Kunle couldn't believe his ears, "which school did you say you came from again?" He inquired from Sammy the second time. But Sammy only smiled and said nothing.

"Have a good day pastor, I love your spirit and I wish you well." Mr Kunle added while he bade Sammy goodbye.

It suddenly became known in the school that Sammy didn't cheat during the examination. It challenged so many teachers in the school, that some had to give up on encouraging malpractice. Till the examination ended, Sammy earned respect from the teachers, though some mocked him and fondly called him "Pastor".

After it took like forever, Sammy heard that the results were out. "Mom I heard that our result is out," Sammy notified his mother early the next morning.

"That's nice, when are you going to check yours?" She asked. "Mom I am so scared," Sammy confessed. "Come on my dear, don't be, go for it. I am sure you did well. So, take your time, relax, and give me the good news later," she encouraged him.

Those words sparked courage in him, he took his button phone, typed the website on the browser, entered his examination number, and boom, distinction, and excellence were everywhere in the result.

Sammy couldn't hold the joy, he screamed. When his mother came in thinking it was something bad, he showed her the result. "You really made a difference my son," she told him as she hugged him, saying "Congratulations."

The Mother called the principal who happened to be her friend and thanked him. The man was so proud of Sammy, there was no day he didn't make an example with Sammy when encouraging students to work hard.

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This is an interesting read. Indeed, he proved that one man can change the world. I believe that with that action of his, the school may continue to kill the idea of examination malpractice.

The best way to make a change is not to preach it but to live it. Sammy lived by what he preach during the examination.

Examination malpractice is one menace that is very injurious to society. The world has lost many people to the mistake of quacks in many professions. Most of these quacks cheated to pass their examination in college.

Stealing in that manner is in the worst category of stealing.

Thank you for the master piece.

Wow!! I didn't want to come to the end of this comment, it speaks even louder than the post itself.

Indeed the best way to kick against a thing is not by preaching against it alone but by living it as well. This will give those who wanted to live that same kind of life but are scared, courage to take a step.

Examination malpractice has been doing more harm than good to the society, it's so pathetic how it is on the increase daily and the government are not even seeing it as a threat. Well, the change can begin with us, if we take a step, hopefully the work would come to the light eventually

Thanks so much for reading sir

Quite an interesting piece of writing based on that eternal dilemma between "whether one man can change the world, or not."

Good thing that upon transferring to another school, Sammy understood that this was an opportunity to corroborate what he had determined in his mind and heart.

Greetings @emreal 👋

That's true, his transfer into another school gave him the opportunity to become what he always wanted and he didn't take it for granted. Thank you so much for reading 🥰

This is a good passion. Becoming that one man who can change things.

We all can, all we need to so is start with one step hehehe

Thanks for reading 🥰

This is an inspiring story, @emreal. In the hands of another writer, it might have seemed unrealistic, but you do a good job of convincing us. Sammy is moved to be a better person by a sermon he hears. This can happen in life. One moment, one speech, can alter the course of a life.

You have a strong arc and great character development. Great job, @emreal

Thank you so much ❣️❣️

A very good reflection on the value of honesty in any scenario. Certainly this boy would make a big difference in a world that he does not believe in the highest values. Excellent.

Exactly, how I wish we would all discipline out hearts and become like him.

Thanks for reading 🥰

I believe the principal will be proud to tell his story daily in the assembly. We see the example of Sammy daily, and I hope people will actually learn from them

That is right. His kind are everywhere but the world always fights them.

That's true