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The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. - STEVE JOBS

Of course I couldn't let this week pass me by without joining in the fun.

I'm not sure if a lot of people realize where the drEEm in @dreemsteem comes from, but, it's from my YA fantasy trilogy. In the saga, the reader is introduced to a girl who can manipulate energy into any form she likes, and can even "dreem" herself into an alternate universe. The main character is based on me, and if anyone read my CNF from last week, maybe you can see why it was necessary for me to create different worlds inside my head and turn them into reality.

There were chapters of my life that were difficult, but there were entire sagas that were beautiful and magical and dreem-come-trues! I learned how important it is to be a victor instead of a victim, and decided to choose that narrative for my feature-length film, starring me!

One of the recurring daydrEEms in my life is one where I own a massive plot of land that is divided into smaller plots for cabins with little trails that lead to friends' homes, and community gardens and gazebos and pools. I'm sure that this concept has been heavily influenced by a huge portion of my life dedicated to working and living at rural camps. Being able to wake up and walk to a friend's cabin, or head together to the lake, or skip arm-in-arm to breakfast gave me a genuine appreciation for living in close proximity to people I love. Close community is so important to me.

Over the years, I've probably allowed some drEEms become too fantastical - at least for professing publicly. I've learned that it's ok to drEEm as wild as you want, but only share the more tangible, realistic drEEms to the public. Most people are willing to suspend reality for a little while, but many prefer to have both feet planted firmly on the ground. I really can't blame them, because drEEm-building is very exhausting work. It takes a lot of stamina, ingenuity, creativity, and conviction to continue to strive for things that seem impossible to achieve.

One of the critical keys that I've discovered through my lifetime is to surround yourself with a good balance of dreemers and realists. Too many on one side or the other will cause an extreme tilt: either you start to doubt the validity of every and any idea, or you believe that anything is possible and potentially make reckless decisions that lead to hazardous results.

While I continue to construct my secret, long-term dreems, I've found that I also need short-term bursts of mini-dreems realized! Every year since 2017, I've met up with online friends - from San Diego, to Colorado, to upstate NY, to almost NZ (darn you Covid!), to central California, to UK - and next, to a Pacific Coastal tour!

It always starts out with just a wish - a mere hope.

Then, casting the dreem out on the water and seeing if there are any nibbles.

And then, I lure them in and we start to build!

This next trip has just begun the planning stage, and it's already filled with excitement and joy and anticipation and the thing that gets me most excited - the countdown!

No matter how much we plan for it - there are always points where we have to just take a leap of faith and hope that we can work out the details on the fly! One of the most powerful tools that I think every dreemer needs to have is the faith that if we just keep taking steps forward, it will all work out exactly how it was supposed to - and more often than not, it's a lot better than we ever expected!

I so hope that in the next few years, my bigger, more outrageous dreems will be realized! But until then, I'm happy to keep enjoying the mini dreems, strung together like cotton candy pillows on a marshmallow string - sweet, decadent, wispy and fun!

Image is mine, created with my lovely Midjourney subscription! hehe


YOU can and will always reach your dreams.

Love YOU!

hehehe hi lovely!!! even when I try to stop dreeming... they come back with a fierceness that won't be denied!!! hehehehe

i love you lady!!!


One of the most powerful tools that I think every dreemer needs to have is the faith that if we just keep taking steps forward, it will all work out exactly how it was supposed to - and more often than not, it's a lot better than we ever expected!

Sounds like excellent advice, to me. Happy accidents, as Bob Ross would say. Keep on planning... keep on dreeming.



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hehehe that's right - Bob Ross changed my life!!! i love his happy little accidents!!! hehehe

and thanks for the reminder - taking those 5 breaths right now!! :)



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hehehehe love!!!!

i love that you gave birth to a second community! hehehehe i dont' know if you knew you did!!!

but ours was speekpeece - and you started off seekpeece too

and BOTH are needed! hahahahahaha love them both

and love #onedreemoneteem.

you are a master of these things hehehehehe i love you Wes!!!!


Well... that could be caused by many things lol. MS brain... Freudian slip. Doing too many things at once lol. Either way... all out of love! Love you, too, dear soul...


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don't you ever change it!!!

its meant to be and its beautiful and i love it!!!!!!!

This is amazing, Wes !LUV

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Well... I am usually late... behind, and forever trying to catch up. But I do what I can, to keep spreading that love and positive energy ✨.


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Never be scared to dream, dear Dreemie. I have learnt from you on other people on Hive that it's okay to dream. No matter how 'unrealistic' or outrageous it might sound to others, it's your dream and like it or not, you subconsciously work towards it. We'll have all our dreams met dear. Let's never stop.✨🥰

Agree!!! life is more fun when we dreem! hehehehe

and you're so right - no matter how impossible it seems - our minds keep finding ways to draw us closer and closer!!! :)

Hi @dreemsteem! Please provide your image source, and then we will curate. 😀

oh my goodness - i just saw that I didn't add it! LOL thank you!! its mine, created through Midjourney! hahaha will add right now :)

This is really nice, just what i needed to read this morning🙂

I'm so glad you started your morning off with me! hehehe This makes a writer feel cherished!! :) I hope you are thinking of ways to fuel those dreems! hehehe

Dreams come true. And yeah Leah and her Dreems too. It’s been a journey so far, and we await more prosperous years of growth and progress.

Aye Captain 👩‍✈️

hehehehe that's right... little by little, step by step. We just keep making progress Pirate Q! hehehe

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gooooooooood morning buzzy bee!!!

hope all is well with thee!

I'm the happiest in the sea

thanks for bringing joy to me!!


Well hello there, my buzzy friend!
glad to see your joy won't end.
Your happiness is contagious, you see,
And it's spreading cheerfully to me!

I hope your day is as sweet as honey,
And your journey is sunny and funny.
Keep buzzing along with your glee,
And continue to brighten up the sea!




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I'm happy to keep enjoying the mini dreems, strung together like cotton candy pillows on a marshmallow string - sweet, decadent, wispy and fun!

I love your hopeful, positive, cheerful and playful spirit. You make me want to DREEM more, and more playfully. Love the thought of your commune-ity space! Sounds like an ideal way to live.

hehehe if I make you want that....then my job here is finished.


tomorrow i'll be back with more hahahahahaha

and yes - really, truly, ever since I was a little girl (some of my earliest memories were at that camp!!) it has made such an indelible impression on my spirit.

There is something so intricately impressed on my spirit from these days (and from the years that follow!!) that make me just KNOW with every fiber of my being that we work best when we work together.

It can be hard at times! living that close hahaha cuz i do like my space! And as a matter of fact, I usually don't live in the HEART of the community - but on the farthest outskirts hehehe

but my door was always open. the keys were usually left in my car. LOL we all have the same general heart. We protect the spirit of the neighborhood family without getting TOO much in each other's business. We help each other out, look after each other's best interests... (because they are our own!)

fight for one another, love one another, feed one another...

it really feels like a slice of heaven. Don't get me wrong, living in a fishbowl does come with its discomfort at times too hehehehe

but overall, its just so right.

I used to think that I wanted to create my own camp some day... because I just loved that feeling SO much. But then I realized - there are a LOT of things that come into running a camp that actually take you AWAY from what you love.

I just want the closeness. the nearness. the "come over - dinner is at 6" ness. the "hey - i'm going to grab the mail - wan me to get yours" ness. hehehehe

I don't know... someday. hehehe someday :)

💗 !LUV

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It kept me hooked till the very last. You do have the art of writing

thank you :)

you are new here to hive? welcome!! :)

One of the most important keys I have discovered in the course of my life is to surround yourself with a good mix of dreamers and realists.

While I agree with you, I would also add that a person is not one or the other per se. It depends on the present relationship between two people. They balance each other out. The annoying habit of some good friends, for example, of always saying exactly the opposite of what you yourself consider important at the moment. For example, when you are enthusiastically dreaming about something, a good friend comes and says "Get your head back on straight." But if it is she who is dreaming, you take that role, don't you?

It's not ill will, but rather a kind of unconscious test that friends put on each other to see how far their enthusiasm for a dream actually extends and whether the full-bodied project is not just a pipe dream but will come true. The role of the sceptic is potentially inherent in everyone and we always take it on when we notice that in a relationship the other person is building castles in the air but seems far from building them on solid ground.
Where we are proven wrong (because you never know), it may have been scepticism or realistically posed questions that provoked the other person or pushed them forward. But where we actually just listened to the other person dreaming and the first objections already threw the other person off the track, we know that his ideas would not survive the thought stage.

The very fact that everyone can be both, dreamer and realist, is such a good thing about humans.

Though I would now come back and say that there are tendencies within characters and theses tendencies are likely to be built up depending on how the environment reacts to them. We can also manipulate it to push ourselves in certain directions.

Greetings from far :)

hi there from afar!!!

you're not too far. we are closer than we realize hehehe I just met up with Sam Smith and Penderis on a trip to the UK - and also hung out with Olawalium and Tengolotodo. hehehe and you know what we all kinda realized??? the world is much smaller that we are told. hehehe

I think we shoudl think of ourselves as much closer and much more able to connect - and then maybe we will make it happen more often!! hehehe

and you are SO right.
I have found myself changing based on who Im' with too. I seem very silly and giddy often - because the world around me NEEDS more silliness.

But when I'm with a bunch of silly people - I can easily become a much more down-to-earth Dreemgirl. LOL Different people can see many different facets of me - and I embrace all of them!!

but i do think we have a tendency to lean towards one side and then when we find our group, we also tend to become more fixed in those positions as others do as well. not always! but often hehehe

and I also agree that it's not a bad thing to have the dreemer and the realist (or the realist and the dreemer! hehe) close at hand and telling you what they see. We need other perspectives! or else we just become trapped in our own minds too quickly! hehehe

thank you for bringing YOUR insight to this post!!! i love it!!!

Greetings back you from NEARER than you can imagine! hehehe

Oh, I told Sam to come to visit me when she is here. She said there are no near plans to visit Europe, if I remember correctly. But maybe plans changed. So, my invitation is there and also counts for you: If you come to Germany one day, give me notice :)
I hope, you are having a good time. When will you be back?

I have found myself changing based on who Im' with too.

Me, too. It's both fascinating and confusing sometimes that this happens.

Yes, remaining open to other perspectives cannot hurt :)

I saw it this in a café the other day, so very true

hehehehe that's so true!

I was actually going to include something similar in my post!!! but you beat me to it hahahaha

I'm SUCH a firm believer in STEPPING OUT OF THE BOAT.

You have NO idea what is waiting out there for you!! unless you just take the risk and try!

sure there can be sharks - but hey, maybe you're a shark fighter and you never had the chance to test out your strength!

maybe there is a whirlpool - but just think - when you get out - how much more able you'll be to spot one in the future!

and maybe - just maybe - there is a secret island beyond the mist that was just waiting there, hidden in plain sight, awaiting your arrival!!

I remember reading that people can get so fixated on Plan A - and how to achieve it perfectly on the first attempt - that they had no idea that Plan A was just the climb up the mountain where they could see the valley and other mountains in the distance that were REALLY where they were supposed to be heading.

too many people waste YEARS on plan A when they should just see it as a quick little stop on their journey to plan Q! heheh (and beyond) but they'll NEVER see it from where they're stuck. they need alot more elevation!

so many dreems yet to achieve.

I can't wait to see what today brings! hehehe

which reminds me - I need to come find you later this week! hehehe I wanted to talk to you about something! :)

will do! will do soon!

This article was what I needed today and it felt like a completeness to a journey that was only just ignited yesterday night from my friend's post @tykee the unknown. I have you to thank for that. THANK YOU FOR SHARING🙏.
Your deep thoughts and logic just compounded to the knowledge that one gets from bestsellers. (Yes, I'm directly saying that this should be constituted in a book you write) What you wrote, has brought me to scribble down contents of things I want to hold onto forever on a journey of being better every day.

Please can I tag you and quote a few contents of this lovely piece in an article I will write that explains all I've been raving about, above? Thanks in anticipation of a positive response🤞🫂

good morning @whitneyalexx ! sorry when you were writing I was sleeping hehehe

I live in California hahaha so its morning here now :)

I would absolutely be honored if something that I wrote here inspired you to write more for yourself! and even more happy to know that you'd use something I said in your writing!

I'd love to read it - please do tag me??? :)

Oh! Suspected as much. Good morning…Thank you very much🙏🏽 Will do and it will be my pleasure😁

Momma, you joined in the fun and that's pretty awesome 💕💕💕 I love your big Dreems and just as you said, few of our Dreems if not all can come to pass when we have FAITH. Yes, this virtue has great abilities to bring to fruition whatever we desired and dreemed of.

hehehe with a prompt like dreaming drEEming - how could I resist? It was like it beckoned me to write! hahahahahaha

you know when I'll finally be able to rest (for just a bit) when I am sitting at a great big table... a nice big wooden one with lots of chairs... and I look around and I see all the faces of my loves. and think... finally! finally we did it!!! hehehe

and then - we will build for the next dreem. hehehehe

Hehe. This is reall eye opening. And we see so many strings that make you you. You are the original dreemer after all. ❤️

morning sweet @deraaa hehehee

the one and only Dreemer Eternal. hahahaha

This puzzle has so many pieces. and I do get frustrated that I can't get more accomplished faster, sometimes.. lol

but, piece by piece :)

i love you!

Hehe. I missed that... I love you too Dreemie and I'll always be rooting for you❤️😊

I think dreams are the digital forms of manifestation.

interesting... what do you mean? I'd love to hear more of your explanation of this!! hehhe

I'd love to live in this dreem and stop having this daydreem. Reality is so hard for me, thanks for showing me this dreem world that i don't know was reality for me😺

i'm sorry to hear that reality is hard for you :(

You take us through shades of difficult and awe-inspiring desires to daydream, encapsulating the essence of this beautiful pastime. We can feel the glory and passion that resides in this gorgeous mind frame that you carry with you. It was delightful to learn more of the dimensions behind the first half of your name here. Thank you for sharing your story with us, and for your engagement with other members of the community!

hehehe thanks! this was such a great write for me!!! this past week has been some ups and downs and setbacks and breakthroughs - but this came at the PERFECT time for me to do a little celebrating of what makes me - me!

so whoever came up with the prompt for this week- THANK YOU! hehehe

I also wanted to try for that fiction prompt this week too - but we'll see what gets cooking in this mind of mine hahahaha

Thanks for always pushing us a little further as writers! :)

You are magical and brilliant, and I admire your strength. A lot of people don't realize that some of the friendliest people have gone through the ugliest things... and risen up to fight against the spirit of that GARBAGE with everything they've got! You are proof that being kind and continuing to dream are two of the most badass incredible things someone can do in the face of barriers of any sort. You rock. 🤗


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you are so special @grindan

i hope you know that. like - really know that!

what you say I do? YOU do. and i love that we are in each other's life to continue to mirror and lift up and support and encourage and spread the contagion of joy hehehehe

i love you!


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thanks @grindan and @innerblocks!!! hehehehe

and if anyone read my CNF from last week, maybe you can see why it was necessary for me to create different worlds inside my head and turn them into reality.

I want to talk to you about this today, sister!


let's see where it takes us hehehe see you in just 15 minutes!

Dreemie, I'm running late. Give me a few minutes, yes!

no worries- come find me in discord :)

It was a great talk, Dreemie! I believe many people will be bless with these Podcasts! Thanks!

let's hope hehe

We all have our dreams and how we intend on achieving them. I pray that we all achieve our dreams.
I wish you well, my friend.

thank you - and yourself as well :)

We all have our dreams and how we intend on achieving them. I pray that we all achieve our dreams.
I wish you well, my friend.

hehe I kinda see myself as a mix of dreemer and realist... (but you probably know that by now!) when I dreem... I dreem BIG... and I LOVE to dreem and work at achieving those dreems... and when I dreem, I truly believe EVERYTHING is possible... but I also like to think that I can see the obvious pitfalls in the big picture and don't brush over them lightly, simply because I'm too caught up in dreeming. I do check myself, and others when I feel it necessary... but only to regroup and consider ways to address them and move past them... I try to be gentle about it... (and I'm not necessarily always right either !LOLZ).

But we all need to believe ... because...

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.” (from Peter Pan)

Don't stop believing... hold on to that feeling (Journey)

And keep dreeming, my Leah... I am right beside you, for the long haul ❣️

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A dated a ghoul once but I had to break up with her.
She had a mean spirit

Credit: reddit
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you are both - but more dreemie in you than most hehehehe

but you also pull me to reality too
but not too much to quench my fire! hehehe

i love exactly what you are!

How funny is that? Cos I love exactly what you are too💗


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