Body or Brain

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The body

What birthday gift would you choose for your 100th birthday?

I never expected to get into the triple digits, but now that I'm here I have been given the choice of getting my thirty year old body back or getting my thirty year old brain back.

That thirty year old body of mine had not bounced off high walls or even fallen out of a tree. It was the body I had before the three car accidents. It was in pretty good shape.


It seems like an easy pick to choose the body, but for some odd reason I kept my thirty year old brain.

The Brain

It's the brain fresh out of college. It's the brain that not only remembers what I read ten years ago, but also remembers where I put my eye glasses. It's the brain I had before the stupid virus attack.

Back in 2020 a stupid virus attacked many brains in the world including my own. After a week of fever and breathing problems I got over the virus, but my brain was never the same.

Some people say it was the binge watching from streaming networks during lock down that melted our brains. Maybe that's true and with a combination of the high fever and virus damage I was left with half the capacities I once had. It began with forgetting people's names and reading words inverted. My concentration span decreased and my desire for Netflix increased.

I bought some classic books to read, but I couldn't get past the first page. I kept thinking about the World Cup games and hearing the referee whistle in my head. Often winter days would lead me to have severe headaches if I did not wear a hat outside. I'm glad to let go of this brain and welcome my old thirty year old brain for a change.

Although I turned down the body I have hopes that the body will catch up. At a hundred years old continence is an issue. My brain is running like a teenager which has caused some hormonal issues. The brain seems fixed on kicking my glands into full production. I can't lie. I am loving it and thinking with my thing again.

The Dance

I'm also certain that with a brain like mine I can figure out a way to attach some mechanical appendages and really get moving because my walker is really not enough to get me out where the action is.


This fictional account of my 100 year old self was inspired by the Weekend engagement concept.

The cover image is painted by Adugna Kassa in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. The picture was taken by me with permission in Seoul Korea 2022. The second picture is my teenage son working out. The gif picture added to the post can be found on


"The most important is to keep a young soul, and the body will adapt."

Vytautas Juozapaitis (Lithuanian baritone singer)


Oh my, are you really serious about the virus stuff?

Hi @iskawrites,

My brain hasn't been functioning the same since I went through covid. I especially have had difficulties paying attention and remembering things. I'm not sure what happens. The real situation is I can't do what I was able to do two years ago. It's not just old age. Ever since I had the virus I lost my touch in a lot of aspects. I see the symptoms in small things and it sometimes freaks me out. I don't have strength or creative energy to write. I have to use post its to remind me what to do. The worst part is having headaches. I am monitoring the situation and I am in a better condition than 12 months ago but sometimes have headaches and lose it again. Covid was terrible.

That sounds miserable :( ... I hope you will find a way to fully recover!


I think I just need to smile a little bit more !LUV

That's never a bad thing :)


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Oh gosh! Doesn’t sound too good

Oh my goodness. I am so sorry.

Are you sure it's not Alzheimer's disease or did he covid bring Alzheimer to you 🥺?

I've been trying some meditation as @massivevibration and in just a couple days I am noticing good changes. Thanks for your concern @iskawrites skawrites !LUV

Try yoga nindra meditation for a nice sleep 💤 you will be surprised how effective and simple it is! Imagine your headache is gone and it will happen

It is working exactly like that chiropractor doctor said. The science makes sense to me. As for the "supernatural" I will call the universe "God" and my greatness "God in me". I don't think the names are so important as the attitudes that need to be reformed. For the first time in months I slept well and woke up smiling two days in a row. I also began to look at other people differently. The people on the subway are not annoying crowds but human beings who can be great.... and yes... the headache is gone. It will take more time before knee injuries and digestive problems and neck problems etc.. go away but that's not so important. I have a life to live today.


I am so glad this is working out fine for you. I hope you'll see improvements on the other parts of your body soon

I love the names you chose for God, and his presence in you.

I love using the word, 'Universe' too to represent the higher being or events that seem supernatural.

That's amazing. Please, do take good care of yourself. ❣️

😂 I would have thought that would be pretty hard, being trapped in such an old body with a young brain!

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Thank you for the curation @wrestlingdesires. I think like @massivevibration showed in that video... the brain can restore the body. !PIZZA

That would definitely be a great thing :) ... We are capable of more than we realize 🙌

Surprise, surprise. I may be waking up those neurons after all.



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Have a look at this :

It helps me a lot to understand how powerful our brain functions.
It helped me a lot so far to heal my body more and more
Yours @mammasitta

Thanks for sharing the video @mammasitta^^

Here "supernatural" is not Amazon Prime fiction but simply using what we have "rewired" to the fullest potential. Maybe I can have my "30 year old brain" back.

I am working to find mine as well 😂 a bit more used or even abused than yours