Sexy letter!

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Mmmmmmmmmnn, look what the mailman brought me today!


Guess what's inside!



Oh yeah, more silver, standard circulation coins 🤑

Lots of pieces there, but these are the two I am most excited about:


5$ and 10$ Mozambique dollars. I just love how they look! And they are a fine addition to my 20$ piece :Dreceived_777485113629142.jpeg

The stack gets bigger and bigger 🤗

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Finally....An African legendary coin. With the way you're going you'll own a coin museum.

Toss a coin to Witcher hahaha.

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He has that already

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 105 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Portugal certainly has some great old silver coins with Galleons or sailing ships on them too.

I must try too get some of those too!

Absolutely awesome job and congratulations on continuing to grow the silver collection.

Keep stacking more silver coins, I guess silver bars firstly but 10 dollars Mozambique still amazing gift. Great weekend ☺️

Beautiful silver coins collection, we should now have big box to put all this pieces, collect more coins with bars
I can't imagine that Africa have silver coins it's rarely

Where do you keep them? :))

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I just toss in a drawer for now but looking to get something more fancy soon!


I love how you present your coins. First, you only show the delivery package. Next, you show the package stripped and the closed coin package. Then, you show the coins. It reminded me of every advertisement of an exotic item or person ever. You are a unique presenter.

Have you ever written about your entire category of coins and their history? It would be interesting to read about how the coins you have affected the past.

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I write some info about each coin I have every few days, but at this rate, I get more coins then what I write lmao

Your collection appears awesome. I would hazard a guess, however, that the history behind them would be even more incredible. You hold before you the thoughts and intents of generations past.

The stack gets bigger and bigger alright my friend!

I knew they were coins. Mozambique Dollars a nice bit is silver. Keep stacking and soon you have a massive collection !

I guess you must have crates full of silver by now.

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Good on ya Trumpy; these are a good find. I love that the $5 and $10 are coins. How bizarre? What's the silver weight? Are the coins backed by the silver content?

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would have loved to see some close up with those pfennings

And do you have any from Venezuela?

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Love the coin "unboxing". Those are pretty attractive. Where do you buy your coins? ebay?

Local Facebook groups!

Very cool, as always!

So, do you consider yourself a "coin collector" as well as a silver stacker? Do you ever buy coins for the numismatic value... or is it just to get the metal?


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It's a bit of all. But I mostly go for silver ones. That way, if all goes too shitter they will at least retain their value in silver weight!

nice coins!

With all that nice coins your vault must looks like this soon ( or now)


So cute 😍

Hmmm, Mozambique dollars... Sounds exotic to me.
Great coins !

Oh yeah, I love them 😍