Humble brag!

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I feel too lazy to post anything of substance today. Not that I ever do.. Oh well, how about a humble brag, lel.

Look at this I got in my mailbox today:




I would never think 10 years ago we'd reach a point we would casually spend over 2k euros only to buy a stupid camera (plus lens) while expecting a second kid, and while living in what probably is the biggest recession of our times 🤣

Oh well, not a millionaire yet but slowly getting there.

This is the second camera my wife gets thanks to crypto. Her first one is also a Nikon, dunno the model, d3400 or something. That one was in the 500 euro range and felt quite expensive beach then 🤣

The new one is z6 II, supposedly it's a super upgrade compared to the old one, thanks to the mirror less technology or some shit. To be fair she didn't want a new one but I convinced her, it's been a long time since she got herself something nice.

Still, I can't wrap my head around how it's possible for something like a camera to cost almost 2500 euros. Heck, you can buy a decent second hand car with the same amount of money. Oh well, the friend who suggested us the model said she won't need a new one for at least the next decade so I guess it's worth it. Photography was never my thing so..meh.

At the end of day, I will still be using my cheap ass moto g22 for my shitty photography 🤣

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 140 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

The sacrifice has to be worthwhile. Now have her post photos to Liketu to pay for it.

I'll tell her!

Being gay pays

I never get how things are priced or given a value most times, I mean take a look at baby wears, so tiny and could literally fit into my pockets but they sometimes cost more than my own fuckin wears, a crazy world we live in or what?

Hahahahaha. You nailed it 😄

I remember when I cashed out mine d7200, my hands never shake more than that time.
It's madly pricey, but mirrorless will make her photographic life easier.

Nikon stepped seriously into the mirror less zone (well like the rest), everything they made recently doesn't fit to the crop, wondering will I have to dump mine soon.

Good luck and many photos!

I feel too lazy to post anything of substance today. Not that I ever do..

Can't argue on this one :))

What the fuck is fedolen?

Oh and in regards to the camera I can't wait to see the pics. I'm planning to buy myself a good one after the bull market. Currently, put my car on sale for $4,000 to buy more crypto. Recession you said? Is it going to be one if anyone is expecting it?...
No one expected the crisis in 2008 and it happened... We'll see.

Recessions dont care if you expect them or not. Everything gets more expensive by the day, meanwhile wages stay the same.

don't underestimate the power of borrowing ;)

You can only borrow so much,and the Boomer generation borrowed already for themselves, their kids, and their grand kids. The bill has piled up

Let there be recession then but I don't see any signs of it in here.

That is really cool that you hooked her up with a new camera. Literally can't wait for this price dip too go away and for us to rise once again.

Awesome job. Have an amazing day and congratulations!


A nice gift that shows how crypto can elevate someone's financial life and spawn wealth amongst those close to us. Photography is a great hobby and with Hive it has evolved to a fun paid one.

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I haven’t upgraded my camera in quite some time. But that Nikon is a beast of a camera, all the newest improvements and gadgets. Great for video footage as well.
I’m with you I still use my iPhone for every picture….🤣

Iphone is gay

Cool buy for crypto! In a bull market, you can buy something more expensive, for 10k)

Nice... Btw, When Unboxing Camera?

Meh, I'll leave that to my wife

Oh, Noice :p

Ohh... if you think 2500 is a lot for a camera, you haven't waded far enough into the hobby. I have lenses that were that much. Seriously, man, it gets nuts.

But you can somewhat understand a high price for a good lens. That's very high quality glass that has to be put together with an extremely high precision. But cameras these days... it's just a computer.

Ah well, it is as it is.

At any rate, congrats on the new camera. I hope your wife enjoys it!

Oh geez. 2.5 for a fucking piece of glass? Can it suck dick?

Maybe that's the next version. Smart glass, coming soon!

Good for dick pics?

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I need a microscope for that silly

I only see boxes and no camera. Maybe you found these in the garbage and trying to represent that you have a cool camera..... This post is a rug pull 😂

You got me! 😢



I never spent that much on a camera because I am not into photography but it's what some people like. Then again, if she likes it, then it's worth it right?

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I remember my first earning from crypto. I have buy some new clothes and gifted to my family. Spending the first first has its own fun. Now my dream is to buy or earn 30 thousand hive and power up all to support new users. 500 euro its to much expensive but When a person likes a thing, its price does not matter. As hive price going up people will vote more and support those who create regional content.

perimena kana nomisma :P

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