½ Franc (Helvetia, 1964)

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What's up plebs?

I figured to take a break from all the German coins I have been sharing lately and visit some other countries...

So today we have this cute little lady


Let's have a closer look:



So today's coin comes from Switzerland, a ½ Franc minted in 1964.

As you can see in the pics above, the obverse features a female figure which is Helvetia, the female national personification of Switzerland. Her name is derived by the Helvetii, a Gaulish tribe inhabiting the Swiss Plateau before the Roman conquest around the 1st century BC. Here's a link to wikipedia if you want to educate yourself more on the symbol.

Btw, if you take a closer look you will notice that she is surrounded by 22 stars, representing the 22 cantons of the Swiss confederation. Well, today they are actually 26 but back in 1964 they were 22:

The 26 cantons of Switzerland are the member states of the Swiss Confederation. The nucleus of the Swiss Confederacy in the form of the first three confederate allies used to be referred to as the Waldstätte.

The official number of cantons was increased to 26 in the federal constitution of 1999, which designated former half-cantons as cantons. source and further reading

Ok, let's move on to the reverse side of the coin:




Here we have the minting date and the denomination, inside a wreath made of oak and alpine rose branches.

Nothing special on the reeded edge. Sorry not taking a picture as I'd have to destroy the paper thingie! But it pretty much looks like any other reeded coin.

When it comes to silver, this coin is 2.5 g, of 0.835 purity. That sums up to 2.08 grams of silver. This with today's spot price ($0.78) translates to 1.62 USD.

The fun thing is this coin is still legal tender, worth of 1/2 franc or about 0.56 $. But the melting value is actually three times that :)

A testament to the real value of silver. Sure, not a moon bag. But it's great for retaining and slowly increasing your wealth. This coin is about 60 years old today, wonder how much it will be worth in another 60 years from now!

In case you wonder, 1/2 francs stopped being made of silver in 1967 and next year they were replaced by a Copper-nickel (75% copper, 25% nickel) alloy.

Ok fellow plebs, I guess this is it for today's piece from the stack! I really like this one, cute and small 🥰

See you soon with more silver!


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Are those silver? I think I have a few of them. I will go check quickly

Yes, anything from 1967 and before :)

hmm can't find my coins, kids were playing with them a while ago. I'll have a look tomorrow during the day.

They are nice coins! I have a few in the old stack, but I haven't been to Switzerland in years. I haven't been rich enough to warrant opening a Swiss bank account...

. I haven't been rich enough to warrant opening a Swiss bank account...

Said every rich guy with a swiss account

It's because those guys feel very poor compared to Musk....

Getting frosty cold here in Canada, this puts me in the mood of fixing a cup of hot Swiss Miss drink.

Here ☕

This is a very beautiful coin. Where did you get all these coins older than me, man haha?

I steal them!

Why didn't you let me know? We could have done this together, man...


On a serious note, I get most of them from Facebook auctions and a silver coin shop that I have built a relationship over time. Also I get some silver from other hivians :)

That's so cool man. I love to see them in your posts :) Looks like your collection is not gonna end for years since you'll add more in it XD

Some sexy junk right here

Not as sexy as yours!

That Silver Coin will be worth Twice its Silver Weight in Gold, once we make it to Phase 3 of the U.S. Monetary Correction...

That would be awesome actually!

I'm sure we're going to have a lot of very happy Silver Stackers in our Group...

I swear you don't cut your finger nails just to annoy me :)

For the final time. It's your mom's!


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I really like the obverse design of that coin. The reverse is too busy looking.

That was actually some cool silver 🪙


It's a nice peace and it's nice to see that it teaches people a little bit about history. The number of stars changing is just what changes as time progresses and the value of silver being valued more than it's fiat is nice.

The increase in value is the best 🤑

The design of all these coins is very beautiful and nowadays we see that the price of silver is also increasing.

I would love to see more of Switzerlands coins from you then
The design of this coin looks good and is really impressive
Nice one!


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