Leomarkettalk Adding To pHBD-USDC LP

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It was a while since we added to the liquidity pool on Polycub. However, before we get to that, there is another update to make.


As most of you are aware, we (Leomarkettalk) participate as a delegator in the monthly LPUD. The rewards the daily posts get are staked. Because of this, we see the LP growing each month.

This months delegation for LPUD was over 5,600 LP. The winner was @rentmoney.


Each month, we take the LEO received and stake it. We should be over 6,000 LP for the next #LPUD.

Supporting the daily Leomarkettalk posts will keep the LEO flowing, something that will result in decentralizing curation since each month someone else will be using the stake.

Perhaps @rentmoney will hit up some of your posts this month.

Addition To Polycub

As an account that is supporting the community, we also use the HBD and HIVE rewards for the benefit of all. For this reason, we are dedicated to being permanent providers to the pHBD-USDC Liquidity Pool on Polycub.

The process is simple, all HIVE is to be converted to HBD on the internal exchange, bridged over to Polycub, split up evenly, and submitted to the Liquidity Pool.

Since we haven't done this in a while, we have a great deal of Hive Power amassed. We started a power down so there will be more than 150 HIVE weekly.



We were able to move 817 HBD over to Polygon.


This is what formed the basis of our pHBD and USDC.

From there, we added it to the LP.

This is what it looked like before we added anything.


This is what the HBD ended up converting to. It was added to the LP.


Here is where it stands now.


It is important to remember that the commitment is to put the liquidity in and not take it out. Since it is support for the Leofinance project on Polygon, we simply put it in to help with the availability of HBD.


It is no secret that the price of POLYCUB tanked. For this reason, we decided to hold onto the POLYCUB earned until it appreciates. As the price of the token increases, it will get us more pHBD and USDC.

In the meantime, we decided to put the POLYCUB in xPOLYCUB. We will keep in the liquid stake until we find an opportune time to convert it and add it to the pool.

At the moment, this is what the xPOLYCUB holding looks like.


The present ratio is 23.175 PC/xPC ratio. That means we have 1,787 POLYCUB at the moment.

We also have more that was harvested yet it awaiting the 30 day window.


In another month, we will have another 618 to add our xPOLYCUB stake.

We will keep adding to this liquidity pool to do our part to ensure there is pHBD liquidity available.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 124 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Great support to the pHBD and pHive liquidity.

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This is what is called "smart money", the idea of "permanent" liquidity providers can turn out to be something really great for the ecosystem.

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As it grows it will help to form a permanent foundation for the LP.

It isnt much but all helps.

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I'm really happy with the direction you've taken this account.

LeoMarketTalk is a social project, so it's great to see you concentrating on adding value to the social side.

That value being:

  • Using LEO rewards to delegate to active community members.
  • And the HIVE + HBD rewards to build permanent liquidity in the pHBD denominated stablecoin pool.

Not just dumping either to buy external tokens that don't help the social side of LeoFinance.

Great work Task! :)

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Yeah. The support form the community, or at least a few key members, is there. So will keep participating in the LPUD delegation as long as they go. Let someone use the LP to support what they want along with earning more curation.

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What you're doing is really great, it's a great support to the pHBD liquidity.

Congratulations rentmoney

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that is the commitment to increase liquidity so that the LP to be distributed is much larger

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Great job that this account is doing to create liquidity in the market.
How much money do you have deposited in the pair? It would be nice to know because it is difficult to get an idea with the data 0.0000...66390031

I dont know. Havent really paid attention. Since it goes in and isnt coming out, not really a concern. Will just keep adding are more rewards are earned by the account.

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Is the plan to only add to the pHBD pool? I think the bHBD pool could also be another good choice.

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No the focus is on pHBD since that was where the initial target was. A lot of activity on the other and no need to complicate things with trying to determine what to put where.

This accounts supports Polycub.

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Building wealth just using the DeFi on the Hive blockchain.

The daily Leomarkettalk posts is certainly something I need to be participating in more. I'll make a point to stop by them in the upcoming days.



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Yes that would help. We need more activity.

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