Twitter Adding Long-Form Content: The Everything App In The Making

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Web 2.0 is undergoing a transformation.

Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, there was a lot of noise surrounding what is taking place. It is easy to see why considering that Musk is such a lightening rod. Nevertheless, when we look past all this and see the vision he is following, we best take notice. He did not walk into this thing blindly.

Right after the buyout, the term "everything app" starting to be tossed around. This was a vision Musk had dating back to the early days of PayPal. At that time, his partners in that venture shot the idea down, instead focusing solely on payments. This was not grand enough for Elon.

Now, he can instill his vision unencumbered.

In 2000, Musk set forth a vision to create the largest financial institution in the world. This would reside, almost exclusively, in the digital realm. This was before FinTech became so prominent so we can see how this took foresight.

Obviously, since those days a lot has changed. Social media, the foundation of Web 2.0, became an everyday part of our lives. This delivered to us a new medium in which information, entertainment, and communication took place.

In short, Musk is entering at a time when the tools at his disposal are more powerful than a couple decades ago.

Now he is working on adding pieces to his everything application.

Long Form Tweets

It appears the first iteration of Twitter's evolution is simply going to be adding basic social media features to the digital platform. Whatever else is out there is going to be integrated into Twitter.

This social media application is known for its microblogging. It has served the company well, carving out a niche. However, Musk is not going for niche. In this scenario, he is looking to take from YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and wherever else he can find users.

For this reason, it appears Medium is next up on the list.

Here is a Tweet from Musk about a week ago. Take note of the last line:


Long form tweet early Fed

In other words, in a short period of time, Twitter will no longer be just a microblogging platform. It will have longer form content, adding to what is posted on that site.

With over 250 million users, many who post on Medium while also Tweeting, this is a market that is ripe for the taking. If only 10% of the Medium posts end up on Twitter, that is a major win for Elon Musk.

More importantly, it is showing the direction this is all heading.

It is also something we discussed repeatedly about Hive over the last few months.

Hive: The Everything Platform

There is a huge difference between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. The one challenge with this is most people, at this time, do not care. Whatever people feel about Musk, they will flock to Twitter if the user experience is there. After all, most are use to having their accounts and data owned by the technology companies.

For that reason, it is crucial that Hive provide the contrast. It is the alternative to Musk's everything application. While he might be a benevolent dictator, it is still a tyrannical situation. This does nothing to free humanity from the siloed Internet.

Hive obviously has long-form content. If we go back to the genesis block, we are talking about more than 6 years worth of posts in the database. Where the ecosystem was slow to navigate is into the waters where the rest of the social media realm operates.

That said, we do see a foundation in place where the potential for the "everything platform" can evolve. One of the additions is the growing focus upon microblogging. We also see 3Speak starting to implement shorts into their site. All of this is part of the process of providing users with all that Musk seeks to offer.

There is, however, one advantage when it comes to this contest. Musk still has to develop (and get approval on) the payment system. His intention to step into the financial arena is filled with hurdles. Hive already operates in this state. In fact, blockchain is based upon the idea of payments and financial transfer of value.

Cryptocurrency does offer a number of advantages, especially when we consider what having two base layer coins does for the ecosystem. Musk can incorporate whatever he wants from the outside, but it will be that. Using a token or coin that operates outside your ecosystem is one thing. Things change greatly when you are building around the financial assets that are resident on your platform.

In Conclusion

People like to laugh at Musk and this is a mistake. He knows what he is doing. Twitter is going to be a raging success. A lot of people got off on attacking him for some of the missteps with the early decisions. That is what happen when you live by the approach of "break things quickly". Musk's history is that he gets things out into the wild and makes adjustment based upon the feedback.

You can like the guy or hate him. Either way, it doesn't matter. What is important is to understand what he is doing with Twitter and learn from it. Hive has enormous potential while also being part of the move towards Web 3.0. Since this will take years to evolve, we must grasp what else is taking place.

It all starts with using what is in front of us. Twitter is building from their base. Can we say the same thing on Hive? It appears the majority of people do not even utilize what is already here.

And now, in a few weeks, if all goes according to plan, Twitter will have long form content.

The game is changing before our eyes.

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It's really nice to see Twitter adding long form content and LeoFinance adding short form content

Leofinance is moving towards the short format when Twitter is moving towards the long format. What does this mean?

This means web2 and web3 are emerging

Well considering Twitter has 250 million users and Leofinance 500, I am not sure it means much.

However, if Hive is going to compete with Twitter, it means we are going to have to add a lot more to the ecosystem along with leveraging what is already here.

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Interesting that they are moving to long form content after so many years. I also wonder what they will consider long-form... will they completely remove the character limitation or just allow for like thousands of characters? We will see I guess

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I have no idea how it will be set up. I imagine they will be separate features. It will be intetesting to see how the break it up (if they do).

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The one ace Hive has up it's sleeve is the decentralization of the Hive blockchain and, as you said, it's incentivization with the Hive token and HBD. Those are absolute difference makers in the long run. BUT, we need to be able to stand side by side with the centralized apps being created and not lose much in the way of performance. There can be a small inconvenience to using Hive/Leo as opposed to using some of these other apps, but if people have to jump through too many hoops, or the performance doesn't match, most people will stick with the mass media.

At this point, people don't realize, or care, for that matter, about what decentralization even means. That will change but it won't be overnight. Until then, performance is going to be everything. What is the easiest to use, the most popular, has the least downtime, and can do the most things. Those will be the deciding factors on which ones get used.

We need to keep building and step up our game on performance. It will play a vital role in how the next few years shake out.

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I agree with you. In the long run, the advantage is always with decentralization. However, over the near term, the advantage is with centralization.

Just saying Hive already has that is not enough. We have to actively use it and brag about it.

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I have an observation regarding scalability.

Today is Splinterlands season end, I haven’t seen my end of season transaction posted on the blockchain. Apparently there is a delay.

Is it Splinterlands delay or HIVE blockchain jammed up?

I have no idea. The chain seems to be working fine but then there might be some hiccups. I dont do much with Splinterlands so I am the wrong person to ask.

There could be node problems though.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

That could be it. Sometimes frontends can be finicky. Like ecency doesn’t pull up community list, peakd not displaying images in preview, leofinance wouldn’t post etc.

It all adds up to end user perception of HIVE and not understanding the details behind it.

Without a doubt it can be frustrating. We do need to get a bit more reliability.

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It is interesting witnessing the direction Twitter is panning out to be, long-form content is going to be a success on that platform.

As for Hive, it was birthed with long-form content from the onset, it is now expanding into the areas of microblogging, etc.

Hive has the base, the platform for what Elon intends to build, and what I see in this case is for Hive to keep building, in your recent articles you spoke about the application(s) to pull in a million users, I think that is where our focus should be and we all know Hive, when you get in through one App, the chances of spreading onto using other Apps is high.

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It is a race. lol

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Traditional blogging platforms like medium are about to bite the dust. Twitter is going to make it in house instead of blogging on Medium and then sharing it on Twitter. No doubt that now is the best time to fullfil his grandiose vision of the everything app. Twitter could be the center where a significant number of internet users converge because it provides all the features that one needs on a daily basis.

It will be interesting. I dont know how much they can withstand. Twitter has 250 million users or so. How many will opt to long form there instead of Medium?

We will have to watch it and see what happens.

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Elon was given so much shit for Twitter, especially for the blue checkmark, but it seems that people always forget that he is a visionary type. It doesn't have to make sense now, he is looking far beyond the future. Sure, he isn't perfect but at least he is doing something CONSTANTLY.

Hey @taskmaster4450, I'm curious. Why are you hyperlinking so much? Is there a reason beyond just trying to cover all the terms for the people that run into your posts might not understand?

A few reasons. One is to add terms that are not known.

Another is to add more traffic to the pages on Leofinance by having people click through.

The third reason is to build backlinks for Leoglossary. This is following the Wikipedia model which has a couple thousand links per page, one of the reasons I believe they are ranked on the first page in most categories.

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Oh, cool!
How can I quickly find different terms in the glossary? I just found that the frontend you are using has "LEO Apps". Is Leopedia the way you do it?

As usual a reasonably well conceived post. The one point I might make is that Musk is already a fan of Crypto, (look at his connection to Doge Coin), I see the potential for a collaboration between Hive and Twitter. This could greatly speed up the transition to that financial system you spoke of while putting content ownership directly into the evolving system. Such a collaboration, I believe, is inevitable as blockchain continues to move forward and global finance evolves.

I know a lot of folks dream of total decentralization however human nature is such that there will always be a need for some level of centralization. We are certainly moving away from the old model of total centralization however I do not see any way in which we can ditch that element of the human condition entirely. Ancient Athens eventually realized that 'pure' democracy cannot survive once a population exceeds a certain size. This is why America is established as a democratically elected, representative Republic.

Despite this, I agree with your assessment here. It will certainly be interesting to see what emerges. I can only hope that the Hive community sees the potential I do and that our ecosystem will soon invade the Twittersphere.

Musk has no interesting in decentralization. His interest in DOGE is questionable in terms of how tangible it is. Perhaps he is serious about it as a payment option.

Nevertheless, he is full blown web 2.0 mindset. Crypto is a game to him. He even joked about not being able to find web 3.

He think it nothing more than a marketing term.

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We also see 3Speak starting to implement shorts into their site.

Integrate this with front end content feeds, we are going to see a large potential for growth. SPK is looking very cheap right now for anyone interested.

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It holds some great potential.

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That web 2.0 versus web 3.0 distinction is really the huge separator isn't it. When I see stuff like this I think about Facebook and how it is so big and other things have tried to dethrone it but haven't been able to. I think what chance does Hive have. Then when you add in the ownership aspect and the ability to get paid directly for your creativity, then it becomes clear.

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Zuckerberg appears to be taking Facebook off the table and slamming it into the ground.

Or he is smarter than everyone else and is going to emerge so far ahead of the pack he will control the metaverse.

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It's like a coin toss isn't it? :P

Surely the game is changing and the observant eye sees it.

I'll just say one thing, whether you like him or not, Elon Musk never enters blind!

No. He is a lot of things but foolish isnt one of them.

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I never expected to see Twitter move into the long-form content space, but I think it is a smart thing to capitalize on the entire content instead of having Twitter just a platform to redirect the user. We might see the platform become more with less under Elon Musk's lead.

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I am willing to bet you see all social media features integrated into there.

We are also going to see video uploads similar to a TikTok or Youtube. Count on that one.

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Hive: The Everything Platform

That sounds easier to achieve for us than an Everything App. Multiple teams working on different things, without much in common, but which can be interconnected. Plus, as you said, we have the payment system already and a shared account management system.

It might easier to achieve but people are going to gravite towards one or two apps. The reality is people arent going to use 10 hive apps.

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They use more of them if they play games (even one). :) But otherwise, you are right, the tendency is to make everything available in one app (including managing video in platforms for writing content, from what starkerz said the plans are for SPK Network/3speak).

How long before the name twitter is changed.
Although the microblogging part is why I like twitter. I certainly will not be posting long content on twitter.

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I am not sure he will change the name. Perhaps that is in the cards; I havent heard about anything if it is.

We have Hive for long form content and it is true Web 3.0.

Now we just have to get people using the microblogging.

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In terms of technology there is no comparison between hive and twitter because hive is the future and Sooner or later web 2.0 will extinct. I have doubt that elon musk will do something to connect twitter with doge since he is the fan of doge.

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I don't follow Elon Musk but know who he is. Since Hive I have gotten away from using any of the web 2.0 platforms, for various reasons. However, I kinda like the idea of twitter having long form content, but I don't see it as having the type of long form you find on Hive.
When I think of twitter, I think of long form being able to post longer content than presently allowed but I don't see a full on blog post like this one.
One of the reasons, I moved away from twitter is because I have an issue with limiting myself to a small number of characters. It's great sometimes but not all the time. And the fact that that usually includes a link makes it it tough. It's better if I can just say what I want about something & not have to find shorter ways to say it & then add the link, kinda like FB, but I don't use that either. I've had accounts with them for many years but Hive gave me a way to learn to blog, not just created some short form of what I want to say. And now with things like 'Threads', I don't have much need for platforms like twitter & FB.

No matter what Elon does with twitter, it still won't compare to Hive. I believe they are 2 totally different concepts. Besides Hive has also the advantage of letting me earn & learn about crypto plus the decentralization factor.


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Many people do not understand Elon, but as they say, he knows what he is doing where he is standing, he has several projects underway, some have fallen, but in the financial system he always has a card up his sleeve

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