Hive Will Create A Lot Of Big Fish (In Small Ponds)

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We often discuss the idea of communities. This is something that we toss around but it is rare that we fully explore the depths of this implication. Ultimately, we are embarking upon an entirely new model that can really benefit a number of outstanding people.

Technology has been changing the world for the last 200 years. Since the start of the 1800s, things changed a great deal. One of the biggest differences is in terms of reach. Due to advancements in our communications systems, including the Internet, we now have a potential audience of billions.

This is a revolutionary idea that is about to be taken to another level. Due to the introduction of cryptocurrency, along with the ability to monetize communities, we see how this is going to change the lives of many.

As such, we need to relate the idea of what people should be focused upon: becoming a big fish in a small pond.


The Rise Of Community Economies

Tokenization allows for economies to develop. This is something rather novel. For generations, top performers had legions of fans. The monetization process was not direct, coupled with extractors such as movie or record studios.

Due to the control, it was also a very limited system. Only the best of the best were allowed to partake. Marginal people suffered greatly since they were excluded from the wealth that was being generated.

The Internet changed this to the degree that it expanded the reach of everyone. No longer did a performer, as an example, have to suffer with a lack of exposure. This new medium allowed even the more marginal of individuals to reach thousands.

Of course, while this helped in terms of exposure, it often did not affect the monetary situation. Unless one was fortunate enough to go viral and become a "Youtube star", the money still was not available. Cryptocurrency changes this.

A fan base is the epitome of a community. With the advent of tokenization, it is possible to turn that community into its own economy. Suddenly, a marginal performer with a decent following can generate a vast income. At the same time, we also can see how the community can benefit, financially, from supporting that individual. It becomes a positive feedback look.

Hive was developed upon the premise of social media. Here we also see how these ideas are forming a completely different economic model.

Becoming A Big Fish

The biggest benefit to the Internet is anyone can find what they are interested in. We all know that if one can think it, it is online. Communities bring people of similar interest together.

It is a powerful concept when combined with a medium like the Internet. Here we can see even the most obscure of communities able to fill out their membership. Naturally, the fanbase of Real Madrid is going to be a lot bigger than the 15th century Irish poetry community. Nevertheless, both can be built up and generate value for their members.

Here is where the shift takes place: today it is not financially beneficial to being a big fish in the 15th century Irish poetry community. Down the road, since this can evolve into its own economy, being a whale there could have its payoffs.

We do have to mention, by whale, we are not referring specifically to having the most tokens. In this instance, we are basing it upon having the most influence. Here we are likely dealing with knowledge to start. We can also add input to the community, charisma, and approachability to the list. Obviously, there are a variety of factors that enter the picture.

How many people in the world are interested in this subject? Out of the 7.5 billion people on this planet, are there 10,000 who like this topic? If so, that is a situation whereby some wealth can be generated.

If 15th century Irish poetry is not the answer, what other communities are there? When we consider this, we can see the number run into the tens of thousands. There are all kinds of interests which are shared by others. From this point, we can see the evolution of economic activity. Those who are the big fish due to what was previously mentioned will stand to benefit.

Hive Is Creating A Home For Communities

One of the keys to Hive's forward progression is the ability to spin up communities in a fast and inexpensive way. There are a number of projects that are working upon this. Giving non-technical people the tools to create what is needed is vital. However, once that is in place, the fireworks can begin.

Humans, for the most part, are tribal people. Cryptocurrency seems to reaffirm this with tribalism being commonplace. For that reason, Hive has a sensational opportunity when it comes to targeting this concept.

We are already putting communities at the forefront of what we do. With more tools, this is an idea that can grow organically. As such, there are going to be individuals in those communities who end up as "leaders". The traits that put someone in that position are going to vary based upon the community. Nevertheless, there are many who are going to find this extremely profitable.

As the number grow, so will the big fish. Each community is going to have a number of people who are viewed in a different light from the rest. Whatever the barometer, those are the ones who will likely benefit most. Even in larger communities such as a sports team, there are some fans who have insight and a way of delivering their views that usurp most. Couple this with their passion and we can see how, under the new model, this can become extremely profitable.

How powerful is this? Consider the fact there are now TikTok stars who make more money than Frank Sinatra did in his prime. This shows how strong reach is. Sinatra was limited in the number of people who could access his music. On TikTok, most of the Internet is approachable.

Find A Niche And Fill It

Here is where those who understand the transformation that is taking place will benefit. They can see where things are going and position themselves accordingly. If you want to be a big fish, the easiest way to do that is find a niche and fill it. With the community concept, everything then can be built around you.

This is one of the advantages of being an early adopter. The technology is not fully in place. Hence, many will be deterred. Those who persevere, however, will find that weathering the early days is of financial benefit.

A following often does not arise overnight. Online, the potential to go viral is always there. Nevertheless, we have to be realistic and understand that most do not enjoy this. Instead, the move forward is one follower at a time.

It is a concept that can be aided. As Wayne Gretzky often mentioned, knowing where the puck is going is vital. In other words, by focusing out attention on cryptocurrency in general, and Hive in particular, we can see how things could develop around us.

As we fill the niche, the community can grow as others find out about the move into Web 3.0. The days of traditional social media are numbered. We know that. This is simply how technology operates. The disruptors end up getting disrupted.

How many years would you work to completely change your life? This is the opportunity before all of us. Many want the instant success which is impossible considering the technology is still developing. That said, if you put in 5 years to cater to a particular niche, that potentially could completely change your financial future.

Being a big fish on Web 2.0, especially in niche markets, is not very profitable. This completely changes with Web 3.0.

Often the transition starts with a change in mindset. Does it make sense when framed in this manner?

Let us know in the comments below.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 99 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Spot, I have to admit before finding my niche I wasn't doing all that well. I wish I had of done so sooner I would be rich. But then again I am rich. I have 22,000 hive that is 22,000 more than before the blockchain existed. Keep chipping away over the next decade and I will be able to retire and someone else can take my spot.

Just got to keep working!

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That is how it works. Just keep building and good things come. It takes a while to find one's niche on Hive and the expansion of communities can help with that.

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WEB 3 provides an open and permissionless stage for everyone to become the Big Fish. According to me, HIVE is the easiest place to make money by doing a minimal amount of work. That creates endless opportunities. All of us are creators and spend our valuable time on WEB 2 platforms and get nothing in return. Infact our data is used against us. Hive with its tokenized communities features fixes this.

I can imagine HIVE producing and nurturing so many big fishes (read millionaires) in the future.

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According to me

It is a good idea to cite expert sources. LOL

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😂😂 LMAO. No seriously, on WEB2 it's so hard to make your first cent. On Hive, your first post or comment has the potential to earn. There's no place like this one.

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I hated marketing until I realized that the internet is changing and moving more towards decentralized communities. Now the best way to market is "Be yourself in a way that reaches your people" which isn't at all what mainstream marketing has become which is "appeal to people's insecurities and addictions"

Just tell our story and let others latch onto it.

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Thanks for this article to become a big fish In a small pond. I love reading ur post because it motivate and teaches me more about CryptoCurrency

Thank you for that. I am glad you find my articles helpful. Hopefully it brings you closer to being able to take the action to make your financial dreams come true.

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Great Post!



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Hive will always be an ecosystem that thrives on the financial freedom of anyone that’s on the blockchain . It’s decentralized features gives much opportunity to have a long lasting influence in the cryptosphere. Hive involves a lot of working smart to achieve certain peculiar goals and that I’m really a sucker for .

You describe your idea very well to the audience, @taskmaster4450
The title and images you choose are very representative of the thoughts you want to convey.

Even by reading the title and just looking at the image, the audience already understands the purpose. But, behind that, there is a great curiosity behind your title and image. Wondering what it's like to be a big fish in a small pond.

The truth in this. What an eye opener. I love how you outlined how improvement of tecnology ads on where one fails. And jow you opened up the idea of the world is your here depending on how you find you niche, through tribe. But it all stands with where you started from, the benefits you classified are for outstanding persons

Thank you for sharing this article with us, to me I believe that hive has been helping us in one area to the other. Hive has turned some people into million.they are now a big fish in this community

What I noticed about going viral is that. Sometimes people who are friend of us or follow us do the work more often than our own content on its own. I guess that is the power of people. Hive has pretty interesting patterns on how the content get attention and how discussion happens.

I believe the fish will be bigger one day

Being a big fish in Web 2.0 doesn't sound fun so I am interested in seeing how it goes in Web 3.0 because platforms have all the control. When the narrative changes, quite a few people lose almost all their income because the platform decides they don't want them.

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Yep. A simple change in algo and one's earnings are wiped out.

There is a lot of negatives to that arrangement. We will see how Web 3 unfolds. It is off to a good start.

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Very good article one day we will be the big fishes

You said it well in fill the niche and its true that on web 2.0 being a big fish is not profitable.

Tribes have created a whole new set of whales which is great. I myself have let the thought of creating one slip pass my thought process a time or two. Its likely only a matter of time before I do so.

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It is really an amazing evolution when you think about it. Things will really get exciting when we get a few of the tribes to really take off.

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Find A Niche And Fill It

When I joined Hive, It was filled with crypto and splinterlands so I filled the gap to talk about emotions and talking about life sometimes through fiction too and it all worked on great as my readers exactly know what to expect from me and they are coming back again and again. After 2 week I will be able to upvote there nice comments to reward them for there time. :)

That is what I mean. There are many different ways that we can find our groove on here. Imagine starting a community surrounding that and tokenizing it.

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I am focusing on Hivepakistan as it's also where we have gap so just trying to fill it. If devs join me in future, we might be able to launch Pakistani frontend for "urdu" language post and maybe a pak coin to run the economy. If I would be successful in future many people will join hive from pakistan. It's a long way with baby steps. Currently focusing on decreasing botnet rate from pakistani side.

I saw more than one person dedicate themselves completely to a Facebook page... It would do extremely well, and some have kept it up, others have pretty much gone offline due to hard times. I can't help but wish that I had known about Hive's potential when I was witnessing this.

And those that had the Facebook page, what did they get out of financially? Probably little.

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Yes I think we have seen this happening already depending on which communities you are involved in. I am glad you mentioned the time scales as this does take time to become a prominent member in any community as it is not all about stake but what you do with it.

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What you do with it and what are your bringing to the table. Too many feel they should just be rewarded instantly because they appear.

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I love it, it's right where we are now

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Just kidding...

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A glorious explanation of the post; you hooked with with the title, and I traveled with you through your piece. As a small fish, I can see the potential of developing myself into something a little bit larger - and that's exciting. The power of hive, eh?

(Although, perhaps I'm not made for the 15th Century Irish poets - couldn't help think 'Sir Gawain and The Green Knight', but I googled that, and turns out that is 14th Century, and it was British - had to Google it to be sure).

Naturally, the fanbase of Real Madrid is going to be a lot bigger than the 15th century Irish poetry community

What do you mean by that? I would think that 15th century Irish poetry would be far more popular worldwide than some silly soccer team. :D

One of the keys to Hive's forward progression is the ability to spin up communities in a fast and inexpensive way. There are a number of projects that are working upon this. Giving non-technical people the tools to create what is needed is vital. However, once that is in place, the fireworks can begin.

This is one of the key points of progression for hive going forward in my opinion. Nobody has managed to do it yet to a level that anybody can create and run a monetized community but i do hope that we can get there soon. Tribes are a good stepping stone but you still need a team of devs and they don't have light accounts. I hoped that they would keep building out the tribes to this level but it looks like they are at the end of their development.

We will see what the threespeak team put together from their end but it needs to happen before anywhere else does it before us.

Is their anybody else working on similar projects or communities?

Hive Is Creating A Home For Communities

Just the wrap of it all. Human potentials are best harnesed on communities and I see Hive creating the best crypto environment for this. There is no need for anyone to complain of poor visibility when there are many communities that one can deploy his knowledge to become influential and that certainly comes with rewards.

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