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Hello Leo-Family,

after having a pump in HBD the week before last week, we had a HIVE pump in the previous week. If you are on HIVE it is not going to be boring. However, what we are still lacking is a major move for PolyCUB. After a lot of development that is going to make these PolyCUBs really scarce, we are all waiting for a price acceleration. Of course, if HIVE is pumping, the 2nd Layer coins always suffer. And with the new month, the volume of PolyCUB that is traded increased almost 10fold. It looks like we are washing some weak hands out of this market and after that we may see what we all are waiting for. If this will already happen until next Sunday is a matter of speculation. The speculation that you are invited to participate in.

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What do you think PolyCUB will cost by the end of Sunday?

Comment with your guess directly to this post. The bet that is closest to the truth, will win the weekly price. If your bet is exactly to the point, you will win the Jackpot.
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The Prices


The weekly Price

15 LEO

As long as we have a bet, we have a winner!
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The Jackpot

100 LEO

The Jackpot is fixed to 100 LEO.

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The Rules.


  • provide your tip of the PolyCUB Price in US$ (Format $X.XXXX) with four decimals as a comment until Saturday 23:59 CET
  • only one tip per account allowed per individual user; multi-account-users shall only comment with one account, multiple comments lead to disqualification
  • the tip that is closest to the reference price will win the weekly price
  • if there are two tips equally near to the winning value, the one that is given earlier is the winning one
  • a tip that is exactly on spot with the reference price will win the Jackpot
  • the reference price will be taken from Coingeko; (see the following reference) and rounded to four decimals
  • prices are transferred directly to the winning account before publishing the next weekly post
  • winners are announced in the respective section of the next game post

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We had 27 valid bets in our last weekly PolyCUB guessing round and the bets ranged from 0.1313$ to 0.1999$. @gillianpearce had the correct guess with 0.0007 above the reference price. The bets in detail:

0.1313 @daniella619
0.1323 @cinygirl
0.1342 @youngelder
0.1356 @kelseyimoh

0.1366 reference winning price

0.1373 @gillianpearce winner

0.1379 @alovely
0.1420 @bntcamelo
0.1428 @yova
0.1429 @rosauradels
0.1430 @jhonnygo
0.1448 @jorgebgt
0.1489 @mypathtofire
0.1508 @iamchuks
0.1555 @erikklok
0.1599 @ericburgoyne
0.1635 @amigareaction
0.1654 @moretea
0.1666 @chrisparis
0.1692 @emeka4
0.1700 @littlebee4
0.1710 @steemstreems
0.1723 @repayme4568
0.1735 @chacald.dcymt
0.1777 @fbpowers
0.1864 @mrf83
0.1900 @jfang003
0.1999 @maarnio

Congratulations to @gillianpearce, who won this little game for the 3rd time and got 15 LEO transferred to the account.

Good Luck

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AccountNumber of winnings in 2022
@chrisparis1 Jackpot
@kevinnag581 Jackpot

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shout out to the players of the ETH and BTC guessing game:
@aiovo @ajanaku @akumagai @alovely @amr008 @an-man @bagofincome @barmbo @bitcoinflood @bntcamelo @chacald.dcymt @chrisparis @chuyster @coolkris @crazy-unicorn @crrdlx @cst90 @dagger212 @daniella619 @danoskie @davedickeyyall @dragokazo @emeka4 @emma001 @fabian98 @failingforwards @faithluck @fbpowers @finguru @gameofcrypto36 @ghua @gigil @grumbkow @hansvonkatte @harpreetjanda @hetty-rowan @hhayweaver @hykss @iamchuks @imfarhad @informationvault @irenavarroart @ismaelgranados @itsostylish @jeferybgomez @jfang003 @jhonnygo @joemark @jorgebgt @josediccus @justinpencilz @khaleelkazi @kelseyimoh @kevinnag58 @kristin @lammbock @lettingo @levi-miron @littlebee4 @malopie @master-lamps @mein-senf-dazu @mercurial9 @minimining @miriammarga @mlrequena78 @monbijou @mrf83 @mypathtofire @nathen007 @necho41 @no-advice @notak @officialhisha @olddessauer @olympicdragon @oscarpower55 @owlpalace @plint @preparedwombat @podewils @rebe.torres12 @repayme4568 @revise.leo @riandeuk @rikolo @rosauradels @rossbach @sagardyola @samuelvoncocceji @sarahdavis @schindmaehre @shitsignals @silesiaglogau @sinistry @sondershausen @stevescoins @takimn @thecryptodave @thomashnblum @tfranzini @tokutaro22 @trangbaby @ugomarcel @vanidike @vikbuddy @williamtboy @whispertamesth1 @yeckingo1 @youngelder @yova @zastrowe

Spinvest is an Investment Club, based on the HIVE blockchain, and tokenised through the Hive-Engine platform.

Image by @mariosfame

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Congratulations to @gillianpearce 🥳🥳

$ 0.1478

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Why doesn’t Dracula have any friends?
Well……I hear he is a pain in the neck.

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@littlebee4, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @gillianpearce
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You are welcome 🤗

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Why was the resistor fired from his job of leading the orchestra?
He was a terrible conductor.

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@gillianpearce, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @littlebee4
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Congrats for the triple win @gillianpearce 💪🏽🥳👍🏽
My new bet: $0.1234

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Thank you.


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What do you do with a car whose wheels are completely worn out?
You re-tire it.

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@moretea, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @gillianpearce
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0,1121 $


Thanks for the win.

This week I'm going for $0.1063.

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