Having coffee in Croatia for the HiveFest?

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Imagine all the possibilities

Another @hivefest is approaching and like every year. deep inside I will still be hopeful that somehow I will be able to make it work to be present and not only finally meet so many of you but also live that experience.

Many of you might not remember or even know but in 2019 we have organised the DtubeForum in Barcelona for video content creators and people in the community and I had the time of my life. So being a part of something like that again it would be awesome.

Things right now are not looking the brightest and statistics say that most likely I will not be able to attend the event, once again. But deep inside I will keep my hopes up and in this next couple of months I will have it on my mind every day and will be working hard on trying to make it happen.

All the coffee content you would get from Croatia!

Jokes aside, imagine all the new coffee places that I could visit on that time in Croatia and share with you. Imagine all the people I could go out and make some fun post. Would be a different vibe to get coffee with so many of the people I know in here and have them to be part of the posts you could read.

But that wouldn't be all. You know for sure that there would be vlogs, videos and a lot of photos from the event! Just the idea of it all it makes me really happy and excited about it. In my mind, I am already trying to organise the time I will need to be spending with people but also, the time I will need to be editing and sharing content in real time with everyone that is not on the event.

Because, as someone that never been to the event before. I love to see all that everyone is doing during those days. It is always a very fun thing to see happening in the community.

I know I am not that important. But I have been around for sometime. So I am also curious to see how many people will come across me and say: "hey, that is the dickhead that is always complaining" LOL

Because in my many years in here, I have had my dose of headbutts with some big creators and developers in the community.

But let's see. I will keep creating my content and trying to organise my life in a way that I will be able to attend the event and who knows, we will meet eachother in Croatia.

Will you be attending this Years Hivefest?

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