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Last few weeks a number of good, inspirational posts and articles been spotted, all talking how the good times for LEO, CUB, and other ALT tokens are on the horizon. With the new polyCUB appearing even sooner than soon (on Soonday?), I can not agree more with these authors.
I am not a master of long posts, nor am I a big fan of reading them. (super long posts act like a poison on me, as an active curator)
Quite often my approach is much shorter, and simple - "Is your money where your mouth is?"

So I decided to give a quick update, what personally I am doing with my LEO's, with my CUB's, etc
In the last 2 weeks, I have done quite a few LEO POWER-UP's. Up at this moment, here is where I am with my staked LEO's:

Even when I sell some LEO, sometimes, not even one single LEO in the full last year been sold with the intention to cash out, or even move funds out of Hive-Engine ecosystem.

Here is a short break-out, how I gained new LEO's, and how I used them, all in the last 12 (twelve) days:


Am I serious about CUB? You bet! But this is a whole another story.

As many have already noticed, I gave up my massive efforts on POB (due to some very important negative facts on that tribe), and swapped most of my POB stake into VYB (Surprisingly, I'm still #9 on the POB rich list)

Another area, where most of my time is spent now, is APPICS. This App, after being dormant for almost a full year, have recently revived on TELOS blockchain, And I think they have a good chances on becoming one day a serious INSTAGRAM alternative. Still in early days, which I like most.
It takes time and efforts to maintain my spot in TOP20 ranks on APPICS rich list.
What ever negativities can be found yet on APPICS "passion rewarded?", it is so much fun for me, as it fits nicely with my hobbies in Photography and video shooting.

Give it a try. When I see new people from Hive appearing on APPICS, I always leave my fat "upvote" 😀


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Your Leo Stake is really massive. I'm slowly but even if you take only your stake after the comma it's still bigger than my stake :')

I'm still some time really attracted by appics but I already never know what to post on my Instagram 😅
Maybe I'll come one day :) !PIZZA

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Well you have a substantially large footprint everywhere. 👌 Though I don't like POB approaching a dead end and more and more people liquidating. But I guess some things are unavoidable.

Regarding leo, no one can stop its boom. Leo is the most lucrative investment at hive at current prices. Polycub is one of the many but revolutionary additions, but after leo bridge implements swaps between bsc, polygon, hive and other chains, people won't have to leave the leo ecosystem to interact with any chain. And that would be ultra disruptive.


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You've been given LUV. H-E tools | connect | <><

That is certainly a big bet and LEO is a strong token. But its development in price is not being as expected, that's what makes me doubt.

Development is going strong, vision is still live and expanding, with what’s coming, these are best times to accumulate Leo.

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APPICS was flying under the radar for quite a while and even if I got in touch with it in the past I lost interest. Probably I need to get back to it and harvest as many tokens as I can.

Besides this, great times will be coming to the LEO Finance ecosystem with the PolyCUB launch. Let's see the impact on it all!

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Thanks for the update.

I am keen to learn more APPICS, which I only vaguely remember the team back during Steem times. Usually when a project leaves Steem/Hive, I will stop support them, but with your endorsement, maybe it's worth further looking into.

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This is a very massive one from you ,what a high level of achievement,that as come with lot.of commitment and dedication, honestly you are just one of the greatest hive Investor here on hive system

I really appreciate this, keep up the good work

That's a solid Hive/Leo Portfolio @onealfa. I am sure many would want to be in your place but there is only one alpha. 🚀

I was away for a while due to a personal commitment but I am back with a bang now. Great thing was, I still made money through curation and my CUB stakes. That's wonderful. Will be buying more CUBs for the airdrop. With PolyCUB, Cub Finance is going DeFi 2.0. While many platforms are still in the thinking mode, Leo Finance has taken massive action in terms of development and we are nearing the launch. Very soon.™ I am bullish on Hive, Leo & CUB.

Btw, I will ask my wife to use APPICS, she uses Instagram a lot. What is your profile's link to APPICS? Please share.

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My ID there is the same, as on every other imaginable place: onealfa
Total account qty today : 4203
Every day brings 100-200 new accounts registered.
Mainnet on TELOS started 2 month ago, just before Christmas.
💠 iOS: https://testflight.apple.com/join/2X3V5HpQ
💠 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appics.appics

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Thanks for the link @onealfa. See you there! ;)

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Actually i didn't know there was a so called site "steem" only thought it was a token until i saw a tweet from @onealfa on Twitter. Where i learned about steemit then from steemit i got to Appics.
Appics is just about your life style, you get to share your beautiful moments just like @onealfa had said photography and other stuff it so cool there. Also earned myself some followers😉..

Hmmn. Would be nice to try appics then.

Big ups onealfa. Stake look stronk

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Thanks for the heads-up about Appics, I guess it's time I downloaded the app. Thankfully I'm an Android user.

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IOS users can enjoy this app too, only a TestFlight installation app must be used to launch IOS beta version

APPICS is in the EOS world. Maybe it is worth to try.

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Hey @myvest, we noticed that you powered up some LEO tokens in June 15, thanks for joining LPUD and helping the LeoFinance community grow stronger!

Just dropping by to let you know that the second edition is just around the corner, hopefully you'll join once again!


This Leo Power Up Day is special because it's part of the LeoFinance & Blocktrades HiveFest contest and if you join this LPUD, you'll be one step closer to winning one ticket with accommodation included to attend HiveFest!

Hopefully you'll join us!


Which token exactly you are asking about? Which you want to buy?

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Probably Appics token cus have been having trouble with it recently.

Been trying to buy steem into my account but it got hacked. didn't know how even it keys keep saying "wrong".

Mine says nothing. The wheel just keep on spinning..

Forget steem
Forget other exchanges.
The ONLY real, working exchange where you can possibly buy APX, is PROBIT.

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I still don't trust Appics. I know you've been on Hive (and before) for a while and you probably know this, but they've been since before SteemFest 2. I met the team back then and talked to them again in Poland for SF3.

I have never ever believed they are for real. They collected tons of money back then to make something amazing and never delivered, they are always saying soon but to me, Appics is not a sound investment man, just because of the team which is more bla bla than results. Just my 2 cents.

Regarding CUB though, I bought 300 when the price was at $3, been holding since.

Yesterday I bought that same amount in dollars, now I hold 2,900 CUB, staked them in Kingdoms and will ride the wave (or continue to ride it).

Put your money where your mouth is, right? I am not wealthy, so putting in 1k USD in there was a serious buy in for me but hey, you gotta make decisions every once in a while huh?


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I agree, their devs sux. Slow and buggy.
But...the fact that they got revived after one year of hibernation speaks of certain determination.
Sure a risk to be there.
So is any crypto.

The bigger the gains ( potential) - the bigger the risk.
Investment ABC

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Downloaded and followed.

The Hive network totally replaced Facebook for me, I uninstalled the app and never looked back.

Seeing something laid out like instagram with dollar value under the pictures is causing me to hover my thumb over the uninstall Instagram button. I'll see how I get on with the app.

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You got a nice cat

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Thank you. And she definitely knows it.

I'll be taking full advantage of her being a poser I imagine.

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I just started using Appics again the other day. It seems like the people who stuck with it all this time have a definite advantage. I have been not getting a lot of engagement or upvotes. I agree, it is polished enough that it could definitely be some competition for Instagram.

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How's this Appics. Is it like Hive.i will like to check the site.

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I've been on Appics for a few weeks. Fat upvote is probably in order?

I loved appics when it was a hive app. I'll have to get back into it now that they have it running again.

I do hope to see hive integration at some stage like they have said but its no harm to get building until then.

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I loved appics when it was a hive app.

They have been on steemit. And not even one day on Hive

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My bad. Meant steem. 😝
They have said that they will add posting to hive in the future.

APPICS born on our chain and now on telos :(

Dlive same story and many others.

How do the fees work on APPICS on Telos?

BTW, I'm very bullish on polycub, no matter what the market, in general, is doing. Marketcap on CUB is so low for an defi.

Multichain will bring us to the moon :)

I tried appics at the beginning and it didn't seem to pan out. I'm willing to try again but I liked that other "instagram" clone we had. I can't remember the name but it failed and I thought that was tragic.

As usual, I'm grinding away on hive and am completely paralyzed. No clue how to leverage things. Im 100% liquid at the moment with no idea what to do lol. What makes it worse is hive at $1 which makes me wonder about the whole hive/hbd scenario.

I would like to take advantage of polycub as well and have little understanding of how to best leverage that or remain in plain ole leo.

I constantly amaze myself with how little I understand after 4.5 years on this chain. At least with hive I can't ever lose. I just might know enough to take advantage of the opportunities to earn more. I just need project blank to hurry up!

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That Geyser is paying out nicely it seems!

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Put your money where your mouth is…

Old saying from the 1960’s, it was good then, it’s good now. If you believe a project will be fantastic why wouldn’t you buy as much as you can?

I agree with you, so I buy some every month.

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I have a pretty good LEO stash going on and I have been accumulating CUB (buying and staking) hard since the initial PolyCUB and IDO announcements... It is an exciting time to be a large holder of CUB.

Well done! I have a similar plan to you my friend. All my cash is staying here and now I am even developing my own project by bridging Skippy here to hive from BSC and then I will be bridging it to Terra network once I get enough liquidity to establish pools.

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Thanks for the information about APPICS. I have been waiting for this return for a long time.

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Nice to get updates from you. I have never heard of APPICS actually. I'd visit soon.

Thanks for sharing!

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I am impressed with how you manage to keep the exact score for various tokens and sources, congrats!

VYB? I'll take a look at it.

APPICS? Yes, indeed. They were probably the first Steem dapp with a very serious design and marketing team behind the effort. I am sad to see they have chosen Telos instead of Hive to publish the app on. OK, their choice :)

$CUB? I swapped all $CAKE for $CUB recently.

Another thing, I ask for your opinion on this.

I tend to write all tokens with a $ sign. The idea is that on one fine day Hive interfaces will automagically link these tokens to their main sites or to their #hive-engine market site or whatever. What do you think?

What do you think?

Maybe you are on a good route.
I never thought of this.

It can be as simple as taking the data out of #hive-engine and making a hyperlink ...

I was on it back in the steem days I’ll have to log back in and see what’s new. Risk/reward sounds good.

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Interesting. I never tried APPICS before but it looks nice do I'll give it a go.

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Thanks for the recent upvotes.


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