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I lead a small group of airdrop hunters. The purpose of this group is to assist individuals who lack the time to research projects or spend hours daily in front of their PCs searching for alphas. I have the time to dedicate to these tasks and am willing to share my findings. I benefit from referrals, and in return, they gain valuable insights from me. This arrangement appears to be a fair exchange.

Unfortunately, only about 1% of the group actively participates. While this wouldn't pose a problem for a larger group, it presents a challenge for a small one like mine. A 1%-3% conversion rate is satisfactory for a large group, but it frustrates me, sometimes for a small one such as mine.

In my quest to increase participation in my group, a question arose:

Why do people require so much persuasion to take actions that would benefit them?

I understand hesitance in situations where there might be a risk of exploitation, but that's not the case here. While some influencers charge for alpha sharing, I provide it for free. So, what's the issue? I also acknowledge that airdrop hunting can seem overwhelming, but engaging in even 10% of the tasks shared, perhaps on weekends, entails minimal cost. The opportunity cost is nearly zero, as this time is typically spent on non-beneficial activities.

illustrations by Storyset

Upon reflecting on this issue, I realized that many people fail to reach their potential due to inaction. Most are unwilling to undertake basic steps to improve their lives simply because these steps lie outside their routine or comfort zone, leading them to procrastinate until it's too late. Even when they have the opportunity to act, they lack consistency.

One prevailing misconception in today's age is the notion of rapid success. Some expect immediate results after dedicating only a short time to an endeavour. I once had someone inquire if the alphas I shared were guaranteed to succeed, which amused me. This came from someone struggling financially with ample free time, yet they were hesitant to try an opportunity that could be life-changing.

I recall when I first learned about Hive; I did not dismiss it. First, It was free, requiring only content creation. Second, I was eagerly searching for an opportunity. Now, I'm grateful for seizing that opportunity. I am in a far better place than I would have expected, for doing the very thing I enjoy--writing.

To those reading this and hesitating to make positive life changes, whether with minimal cost or not, particularly in the Web 3 space, I urge you to reconsider. The opportunities are boundless. Waiting until a trend has passed its prime is ill-advised. Take calculated risks, be an early adopter, and maintain consistency. Success often requires little more than showing up consistently in the right place.

In conclusion, I am not giving up on my group and I will keep trying new things to get more people engaged. I understand that in long-run of running an alpha group is significant, and it doesn't cost me much sharing the information I gathered, so I will continue. This is the mindset of a winner.

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Seeing this post right now must be destiny because I'm going through a crypto-related "moral" crisis of sorts.

I know there's a lot of money in the ponzinomics of meme coin sniping but I simply cannot bring myself to do it, even though it is not exactly illegal. I'm holding on to naive ideals about crypto, instead of simply playing the game like everyone else.

I personally have given up on this ideal for obvious reasons. I have seen the space for what it is and not what it could be. I can walk towards my ideals but i am not going to miss out on opportunities because they dont fit a certain narrative. No sentiments.

I need to get myself into this head space and commit to just milking the opportunities that I encounter. Now, about this alpha group you have, do I need to sign up?

no it's a WhatsApp group. The alphas are mostly for zero dollar airdrops, so a lot of grinding. These is mostly suited for people with less than $1k in their portfolio.

Please add me to the WhatsApp group.

Some expect immediate results after dedicating only a short time to an endeavour.

This is prevalent in Blockchain/Crypto because of all the hype people creating videos and articles that 'guarantee a 10x' for a person if they buy a particular coin/token.

You're doing work and freely sharing it with others, which is an admirable trait, but it could also be that many are weary of somebody freely giving away such knowledge. One thing I've read and noticed is that people tend to feel better about information if there is a 'fee' attached to it as now there is a proper procedure that ensures the information is 'solid'.

Perhaps adding a subscription/level of payment for knowledge on upcoming airdrops will help solve this issue of nonaction and reluctance in participation.

I hope this helps and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on success and (in)action.

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