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Recently, I was sharing with my friend that I have been trying to trade meme coins. Yesterday would have been my lucky day because I made over 50% in profit from my trade. I know nothing about trading, neither am I super smart or anything. What I am simply doing is paying close attention to narratives and the conversations around crypto (that is a fancy way of saying I am gambling).

The one thing I know right now about the crypto space is that there is a lot of money going around (in circles) while new money is being pumped into the market. Money is abundant in crypto and people are willing to do dumb things with it. That is why it is important to stay calm and not FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). It will certainly get to your turn IF YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT SPACE.

Secondly, I am not worried about how the money comes (as long as it is not illegal and I don't have to scam anybody). One of the biggest mistakes I made in the last bull run was getting caught up in narratives and community. These things are important but they do not matter in the bull market. The only communities that matter are those with large numbers, as they can create narratives and perpetuate themselves. This is why I am so Bullish on Solana. It is such a hot mess but one I can capitalise on.

Thirdly, I don't even have the money to gamble with, so my fingers are not too itchy. If I had a lot at my disposal that would have been a problem because I might have bought expensive NFTs. Since I don't have the money, I can always compensate with my time, which is my major asset this bull season.

I am everywhere. Serially online. Wherever there is free alpha, best believe I am there. If I have any fear this season it is getting hacked because I am everywhere and I am trying to solve that problem by having multiple devices to mitigate my risk (and also take on more risky plays). I am in no way conservative in this market.

Now, it is going to take a couple of good wins to set up for the bull run. I don't need to FOMO into everything. I understand that most people are incapable of doing their research and are looking for leaders, but they will only follow those who win, hence why I am grinding so hard this first quarter to position myself in a place of influence.

A mutual of mine raised close to $1m on Solana over a memecoin. I know this person, I went to college with this person. For me, that's a big boost. My win isn't so far off. I just need one good win to position myself in my community and that's the biggest investment I need to make that will secure my financial future.

In conclusion, There is no need to rush. I have emphasised building social capital in the crypto space. I believe it is a low-risk and efficient way towards financial freedom. It is more than just the coins. Those I see winning in this season are doing so because they've built social capital during the bear market. At the end of the day, coins pump and dump, but your social capital appreciates over time.

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