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We are in the first stage of the bull-market mania powered by yours truly, Bitcoin. Love or hate Bitcoin (as I do), you cannot deny its lead role in defining the narrative for bull-run. Thanks to the SEC approval of Bitcoin ETF, there is the needed legal clarity about the crypto space which has given the green light to many large corporations and institutions.

Institutional investors are pushing the current bull run and more are coming into the Web 3 scene. Unfortunately, it is too late to secure or buy as much Bitcoin as they would have wanted (without going overboard). However, it is also important to understand that this is not about profit making but securing the future of finance. So they will pay almost anything to lay their hands on Bitcoin.

Once the fight for the control of Bitcoin is over, smaller corporations will look to the next big thing-- Ethereum. There is probably an Ethereum ETF in the works somewhere. Rumours about it are in circulation. It will happen and probably kick start an alt season as never seen before in the crypto space.


Artificial intelligence is the buzzword around many corporate institutions (and the world at large). It is deemed the technology for the future, so it is not crazy to opine that the AI narrative will sell well alongside cryptocurrency-- the currency of the future. Once the ETF craze begins to die down, possibly around the third quarter of 2024, we will see the AI narrative intensify.

We will see a reenactment of the 2017/2018 ICO/IDO craze with many AI companies coming into the crypto space to source capital for their bogus AI ventures. Narratives about the decentralisation of Artificial Intelligence will continue to trend, and these founders will ride the waves until they have all of your monies, while producing replicas of Facebook llama and open AI ChatGPT.


Blockchain games will be the rave of the 2024/2025. They will be the only reason NFTs get into the conversation again. Unfortunately, as we all know, blockchain games are trash but as long as they have good tokenomics the narrative can last a lot longer.

On a side note, most of you will lose money over games that will never launch. We've had a handful here on Hive so I trust you would be wise even not to invest in such ventures because there will be a lot of them on and off the Hive ecosystem.

Now, irrespective of all that has been said, the gaming industry is one I want to see thrive in Web 3. It opens up more opportunities for things like Social-Fi to thrive, so I want to see games incorporate blockchain technology for their tokenomics. Blockchains like Hive will benefit from this kind of development.


Social-Fi is making the list because I see a genuine effort to build Social-Fi across different chains. Now the implementation of some of these ideas might not be great but it is a work in process and I believe Social-Fi are more of a long-term investment. I talk about this extensively in my previous post.

The craze for Social-Fi in this bull run will be short, mainly because there is no real demand for it. However, if you are positioned in the right place and at the right time you make some decent money. Nevertheless, it will be the narrative with the shortest run because the space is not prime for mass adoption.

So these are my predictions of the most important narratives for the BULL RUN. Most of these NARATIVES will run alongside each other. The important thing here is to take advantage of these narratives and make as much as you can from this bull run. It might be the last mega bull run in the crypto cycle.


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Excelente, esperemos a ver que nis depara la tecnología. Feliz dia

Wow, your take on the key narratives driving Web 3 in 2024/2025 is spot-on! It's intriguing how Bitcoin's surge is paving the way for institutional involvement and potential Ethereum ETFs.

And the blend of AI with crypto, along with the resurgence of blockchain gaming and NFTs, adds an exciting twist.

Let's buckle up and ride these waves for success in the upcoming bull run!

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