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I came across this hilarious post/poll above that made me laugh hard for quite some time. What better way to show the sentiment across cryptocurrency today and the culture of degeneration that has become so popular in the space? This poll only confirmed what I and most people would not admit openly but know about Web 3: It is all about the price going up.

In this Bull market, there are two major outcomes: either you make money or lose money. Every other thing is secondary, including development. This is unfortunate for most true believers in concepts like freedom of speech, decentralization, etc. You cannot sell these in the Bull market to the VCs or even the masses. Everyone with common sense is after their bags.

This is the 3rd bull market I have witnessed and I promise to make this one different. Every bull market leading to this one has been special. I got into crypto at the twilight of the 2018 bull market. The euphoria and hope of replicating the previous bull market kept me here during the bear market. Unfortunately, I got caught up in narratives and ideology, and I failed to take on opportunities or try new things because I believed crypto was/is to be done in a certain way.

Now, my approach is a lot different and pragmatic. I know what I want to achieve in this market, and I know I am not going to achieve that by being rigid. I have come to terms with what crypto means to most people, and that determines how I play in this space. I understand the importance of trends in the short run and how they can align with my long-term service.

Is it all about you?

Well, yes it is (in the short run). I can only control the things in my purview. There is a limit to my reach and as Jordan Peterson would opine, if one is to make any meaningful change in the world, they need to start from within by changing the things they can control. I cannot achieve this by chasing a loft dream about what Web 3 and not taking account of what it is currently.

The crypto space does not reward innovation. It focuses more on catchy narratives that can sell to VCs and Big corporations. These entities own most of the infrastructure in Web 3, which makes this whole idea of decentralization ludicrous.

I believe in the ethos of decentralization but it is not one I will die for honestly. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't impact the quality of my life or even that of most people around. So no, I don't care about it enough to miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

Some very dumb people are making life-changing money. I was in a space last night, and I couldn't help but cringe at subpar thoughts and ideas being shared. I felt displaced, but then I realized that these people had the very thing I needed: access to information and opportunity I am not privy to. So I had to stay and participate.

In conclusion, there is no right way. Every one of us is finding our path in this space, and our needs and expectations differ. I know what I want to achieve in the long and short run, and this is my primary objective. It is not in my place to police anyone (including myself).

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