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Sometime last month during a space I heard about this project on TON called TONAI and I decided to give it a try. To earn the TONAI token, miners are required to claim every 5 minutes by clicking a bottom via telegram. Alternatively, they could boost their mining rate/speed by purchasing an NFT which is around 2 USD.

Now, 2 USD isn't a lot of money. However, when you begin to interact it more protocols, that amount stacks up fast, making airdrop hunting expensive and impractical for most people because it guarantees nothing in the end. For instance, in the TONAI situation, i have not gotten my mining allocation and the project launch date is unknown.

I have been championing airdrop hunting for the past few months and I believe it is one of the easiest ways to make money in the Web 3 space in the short run. However, the aforementioned example is one of the many ways it can become daunting, and there is no true way to know if a project will do well or nothing.

There are shitty projects that have made people millions and good projects that have taken millions off people's pockets. This is what makes the crypto space very intriguing for thrill seekers and speculators.

So the question is: what's the best way to maximise time and resources? You are not a speculator nor do you have deep pockets to gamble with your very little funds. So I will be sharing very simple tips on how you can go about airdrop haunting for the rest of the year and still make some money.

First, find a zero-dollar airdrop by finding and following projects with a decent roadmap, team and hype. Now, it is important to note that a project can tick all the right boxes and still fail, so when it comes to airdrop hunting you need to find as many projects as possible and keep your cost close to zero.

In addition, limit your time exposure. It is easy to get stuck into different projects and communities and you lose sight of your goal, which I assume at this point is to make money. With zero capital, your time is your best asset and must be used well. Remember, this is a game of numbers and you need to do the most you can with your time.

Furthermore, never get stuck on regrets and losses, it is part of airdrop hunting. I have heard and seen people get hacked. Although it's a painful experience, it is not worth dwelling upon for too long. Learn from your mistakes, prioritise your security and move on. There are an infinite amount of opportunities in the crypto space and one bad experience should not shape your entire journey.

Lastly, find a community of airdrop hunters. It is best to find people on the same path as you are because it makes the journey a lot easier and will save you a lot of time. I have a list of people i follow for tips and it has been profitable in the long and short run for me.

In conclusion, spending money on airdrops might be ideal in some situations, but it is not the rule of thumb. It all depends on the project you are interacting with and their objectives which is something you should pay close attention to if you want to make the most out of your time. Cheers!

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