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Airdrops have been the rave in the crypto space for the past few weeks. New projects are sprouting from every corner looking for ways to incentivise their community and get new users on their platform. Now, when it comes to airdrops most people are sceptical, mainly because of the time factor, but i want to assure you that this isnt the case here. Interacting with these projects takes less than 20 minutes a day, and they require little effort. The main aim here for these projects is to gain visibility and get new people to use their protocol. So without further ado, let's talk about these projects.


Ice Open Network is a SocailFi project. They plan to launch a censorship resistance platform that guarantees their users freedom of speech and privacy of their data through their decentralised blockchain. ION also plans to build a tokenized economy that rewards creators who contribute to their chain. You can find out more about the ice blockchain by reading their whitepaper

To join the Ice Open Network simply download their app from the Google appstore by following this link. After you have registered, start mining their token daily simply by clicking a button. You can increase your earning rate by inviting other people to join your social circle by sharing your referral links. Ice token is tradable on several exchanges, so this has passed the airdrop stage. The blockchain will launch fully in the second or third quarter of 2024.


Over Protocol is a blockchain project aiming to cheaper and easier frameworks for blockchain through what they tag as Ethanos. This has to do with the layering of data based on hierarchy or importance. Over Protocol aims to get as many people as possible into node operations and they believe by doing so they can preserve the integrity of their network.

Over Protocol is currently incentivising people to learn more about node operations through their mobile app. There is a point-based system that allocates points to users who answer questions and these points will be redeemable at the launch of the Over Protocol mainnet. There is also the Open Beta Testnet season 2 which starts this year. Node validators get to test the network and earn points. To join the over network simply click here to download their mobile app.


Ethermail offers a useful decentralised and encrypted mailing system you can use now to send mail across the globe. Unlike other mailing platforms, Ehtermail provides a bridge for web2 and web3 communication that gives users full ownership and control over their inboxes. This can be done anonymously without any form of KYC, protecting the user's identity.

Sign up for an ethermail with your ERC20 wallet address. There are also rumours of an airdrop to loyal users, so that is an added incentive to use their mailing platform. To sign up kindly click here.


Notcoin will be a meme token on ton blockchain. There is a lot of excitement around the project with over a million people across the globe mining the notcoin. I have also joined a few of their spaces and for a meme-token project, I am impressed by the people and structure around the project.

Through notcoin i discovered the Ton blockchain/ecosystem and it has been an interesting experience. I opened my first Ton account/ wallet via telegram. This is an interesting use case i havent seen before. With this level of innovation, I want to believe a lot can come from the ecosystem.

To mine this token you need the telegram app. Mining is done by clicking your screen to earn points. You can start mining the token by clicking here.


CLX is another token you can earn by predicting the UpDown movement of Bitcoin. CLX is linked to XRADERS ecosystem and they are launching their governance token with an airdrop in 60 days. Follow this link to register and download their app from the Google App Store.

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I do use ice network on phone but not sure if this will be valuable later.
Can we withdraw ice tokens?

Ice is trading on various exchanges. Once you link your ERC20 to your ice account your token will be sent to your account every 28 days.

Hmm I will take a look, you mentioned ice in the other comment post!

Just used your ice and over for now lol the others i will check later

I have rectified my ice mining
It's going through now
I saw notcoin on Facebook but I was scared to click on the link..lol
I just reblogged this post now, so I can take my time to check the rest of the coins
Thanks for sharing

I have rectified my ice mining It's going through now

That is cool. Claim as much as you can and invite people.

I saw notcoin on Facebook but I was scared to click on the link..

Same here but i got the info from a trusted source so i followed through

I just reblogged this post now, so I can take my time to check the rest of the coins Thanks for sharing

Thanks Nne. I appreciate

This is actually very useful. I've slept on airdrops the entire time, even last bull run, but I'm going to pay it some attention this time. There are some big ones coming and I wouldn't mind getting in on them too :)