The true value of money.

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1 Dollar equals 1 dollar and 1 bitcoin equals one bitcoin.

So money is purchasing power?

But how many dollars equal 1 bitcoin?
That changes every single week.
And how many dollars does it take to buy an acre of land. Changes every single week.

Then you have the other factors that determine how much money it costs. Every bitcoin is the same but every acre of land is different. Depends on where it is, what's beside it, the quality of the land, the future potential of the land.

Money does give you purchasing power but that fluctuates and isn't a reliable answer.

A man with 1M dollars would have been very rich at one time. Now it's a necessity to be middle class.

A man with 1000 bitcoin could only buy a pizza not so long ago. Now they could buy an island. Value changes over time.


So money can buy things but money sitting there just loses value.

The real value of money is opportunity.

If you have enough money, then you almost unlimited opportunity.

Opportunities are limited by how much money that you have.

Man united are up for sale at the moment. A rare opportunity but there are only a few select people with enough money to take it.

Want to meet a certain celebrity or president. With enough money you can make it happen.

Almost everything in this world has a price on it. Almost every item and almost every experience can be bought with enough money.

Want to kill a man and get away with it? They were rumored to do this in certain war torn countries.

Want to build your own country. There are lots of ways to do this with enough money. From hiring a private army to take one over, buying a government and manipulating the whole thing from above or buying enough land to break away and form you own economy and government.

It always comes back to money.

If I had enough money I could pump hive to $10 and manipulate it every day. Market it to the world and bring in millions of users. Hire development teams to build a suite of apps that could outperform any competition.

The richest 10% of the population now takes 52% of global income and the poorest half just 8%, it said.
Every opportunity that i could wish for if I had enough money.


It opens doors, presents more earning avenues and gives you freedom of choice.

Sure you can buy things but if you scale that up you can buy more money.

Now I don't need that kind of money even if I would make a great dictator of a small nation. Just saying.

Most of us don't but that only open the question of where our line is. How much money do we need to have the opportunities that we would like?

That is the true value of having money.

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Money in hand and money in motion is also one more topic to think over. Money in motion means you invest it and get some ROI. That ROI helps against inflation and other rainy days. I always think of cashflow like money in motion for future security and incoming money.

Money in motion means you invest it and get some ROI.

That's such an important point for people to realize. Unless you money is being put to work then it is just being wasted and will keep losing it's value.

Even if it's just a safe bet with a low return that's better than nothing. There are so many ways to get that money in motion that it's foolish to leave it sitting in the hand.

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nice reading and brilliant topic!
since dollar is not back up with gold anymore, its just paper what u can print and print and print.. and print

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Great post. This is what I keep on telling my dad, saving money is not profitable anymore.

M interest rate from the bank is about 0.05%. IT's a joke. Back in their day you used to earn interest on your money and that would keep it moving with the inflation to a point.

Now it's just sitting there losing value every year. Money needs to be invested and keep it multiplying.

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The fight for the title of best currency has already begun, it's just a matter of time before everyone accepts bitcoin as the winner.