Revolutionizing Onboarding: The Future of Account Creation on Hive

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Short Video Clip from @HiveFest Web3 Event with @crimsonclad , @markegiles & @disregardfiat from @dlux-io
Transcript: Do you want to tell the people who are here kicking it on the live stream what you were talking about Do you want to do that? Because I mean it could be you've got these nice honeycomb shirts on Yeah we talked about stuff I can see this is going to be an absolutely thrilling interview It seems like the thing people actually responded well to was the account creation stuff we want to create which is we want to create a closed-loop onboarding process right And so rather than just being like hey you should join Hive we want to we want a better onboarding ramp And so what that looks like is a QR code that you can share that's linked to your profile right It just takes you to your contact card nothing special there But if you don't have an account you would be taken into an onboarding flow where all you need to do is choose a username and copy your password somewhere And the person whose QR code you scanned who's recruiting you onto the blockchain they're going to get a notification to approve that account request either using their ACTs or Hive And if they don't have any resources they could forward that request on to maybe a sponsor account that has hundreds of ACTs And so and the person who signed up will see that their status is pending They won't be wondering what's going on right.

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This would be really great. New myself to this platform.. But I've invited two friends to check it out recently and the process seems to be a bit problematic for them so far.


Pah. Corrected. Gracias

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