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Hello readers,

This post is made especially for those who are interested to dive into the exciting world of crypto and explore this vast world of decentralized finance, crypto coins & tokens and blockchain technology and also find different organic ways to earn crypto based on your work. We all get excited whenever crypto comes into topic, but most of us often feel confused and scared by the initial complexities of onboarding onto these new projects or platforms. Well, if you also faced similar situations then think no more, LeoFinance is here to onboard you! Leofinance is a social media platform where you can create microblogging content like we do on Twitter or Facebook or can also publish long-form content and also engage with other users freely, making friends and learning new things. But adding more to that, this platform enables you to earn crypto tokens with real monetary value for your valuable contribution. In this platform, users can earn mainly 3 tokens Leo, Hive, HBD and also many other community tokens depending on which tags they use. This young platform already has thousands of active users from worldwide who engage with any random topics from crypto and finance to photography, memes, news or art, etc. Leofinance also revolutionizes the way users join the Hive ecosystem with a seamless and user-friendly onboarding process where users can safely and quickly make an account using their existing social media accounts and without the hassle of learning about keys and security hazards. In this blog post, I'll talk about how LeoFinance's innovative LeoInfra system makes transitioning from Web2 to Web3.0 as easy as a single click. Also if you are interested to test this amazing social hub for free, the steps will be given below! So without further ado, let us move on!


LeoFinance - The Everything App

LeoFinance is on a wise mission and trying hard to become the One platform for all things from decentralised finance, engaging with both micro blogging and long-form articles to community pages, decentralised exchange, personal wallet dipped with utilities and cross chain investments more. However, unlike most of the other apps, LeoFinance already possesses a functional wide range of features and utilities including decentralized poll voting, payments in multiple tokens and evergreen content monetisation rewards for authors. But, with a alpha ready version and in order to truly thrive, LeoFinance now needs more users more than ever to join the Hive ecosystem and bringing in their creativity and energy.


Challenge of Onboarding New Users

Attracting non-Hive users to join LeoFinance platform and the broader Hive ecosystem can project both opportunity and challenge. No doubt that with their recent launch of leothreads and new platform UI, LeoFinance has seen significant growth in recent times, but in order to sustain and accelerate this growth, an efficient and easy, user-friendly onboarding system is very crucial at this important time. It’s a clear fact that new users will prefer simplicity and ease of use over getting confused into the complexities of blockchain technology all at once. To eliminate this scenario and create the most suitable one for new users to onboard and getting started with the platform, which is where the LeoInfra comes into play.

LeoInfra - The Bridge between Web2 and Web3

LeoInfra is a database that developed three years ago and it serves as the foundation of LeoFinance's one-click onboarding process. It offers to create Hive Lite Accounts or on-chain Hive accounts that eliminate the need for private keys in order to control the account. This simply means users can create an account without the hassle of learning about and securing multiple private keys when initially interacting in Leo World.


How to Onboard From X to LEO in Seconds

Just imagine a scenario where you are an user of a popular Web2 app, let’s say ‘Twitter’ or "X" and you just stumble upon LeoFinance for the first time. The user interface feels familiar and easy to understand but what certainly grabs your attention quickly is the fact that people are earning real cryptocurrency for their content and engagement. Now let’s wisely imagine that after learning about this new Web3.0 social media platform, you decide to sign up and try it out. Then with LeoInfra's easy one-click onboarding process, it will be as simple as choosing "Sign Up with Twitter" or "Sign Up with Google" button. Yes, you can just use your Google or Twitter account and with just one click you can start using Leofinance.


How it works

  • the user goes to https://leofinance.io
  • the user hits sign up
  • the user chooses either Twitter or Google social login
  • the user creates a username
  • the user is signed in

Creating a Hive Lite Account

By choosing this method of social media sign-up options, the new users express a desire for a hassle-free and quick experience. They don't want to get confused with private keys or the required learning complex security procedures. Instead over that process, they would prefer to click a button and start engaging on the platform within seconds. Thanks to the LeoInfra to make this possible and I strongly hope this will be very helpful for new users. Anyways, as the next step of choosing "Sign Up with Twitter," the users will be asked to enter a username and with a single click, they can authorise LeoFinance to link their Hive account to their Twitter profile. And that’s it, a new hive lite account with a new username will be ready to use for the user.

Web2 -> Web3 Lite -> Web3 Full (Hive)

After the sign up process that I discussed above, the user’s new Lite account now set up and obviously, the users can immediately start engaging with LeoFinance after this. While Lite accounts offer numerous capabilities including posting and commenting on both microblogging and long-form formats, they don't get the access to other Hive dApps. However, as users spend some time on the Leofinance platform, learn the basics and accumulate rewards, then the LeoFinance UI will gently encourage them to take an introduction course on Hive and upgrading them from lite to full accounts later on.

During the introductory course that I talked about above, the new users will learn about the Hive blockchain, Hive Keychain, Hivesigner, LeoAuth and other Hive sign-in services and will be also gaining valuable information on self-custody and account security. After completing the course successfully, the users then will have the option to upgrade their lite account into a full Hive account and granting them complete control and ownership of their funds and data.

LeoFinance's approach to onboarding offers a transformative shift in the way users enter the Hive ecosystem. By providing a user-friendly, gradual introduction to blockchain technology, LeoInfra ensures a smooth transition from Web2 to Web3 Lite and eventually to Web3.0 Full accounts. This simplified approach aims to get more users hooked on LeoFinance, educating them about the broader Hive ecosystem while empowering them with self-custody when they are ready.


As you can clearly see, the LeoFinance’s LeoInfra system is leading the way while reducing the barriers for new users to enter the world of blockchain and decentralized finance. Whether you're a long-time currency enthusiast or someone new to this world and curious about the possibilities of Web3.0, LeoFinance welcomes all of you with open arms. Join right now and experience the amazing power of LeoInfra's one-click onboarding and become a part of our Hive ecosystem.

Don't forget to join - https://leofinance.io

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