Larry Fink Praised Bitcoin As An Innovative Technology

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We kept saying that Bitcoin is the future, cryptocurrency is a great technology and it is the next big thing, the next big revolution But the same thing stated by the popular person then it will make more value And that is what happened recently. And the last bull season, Elon Musk and other big people played a major role, their statements are important because people listen to them. When RBI banned crypto in the bank at that time normal people like me always spoke against this on social media. But later on, big people got involved in this. it made a huge impact And finally, we won the case at that time.

So it is clearly stating that speaking truth is important But who is speaking is much more important. If any person is very popular then people will surely listen To him. For a long time, greyscale was fighting to approve the ETF application But when Blackrock entered this field everything was happening all of a sudden, And just recently ETF got approved. Because BlackRock is the biggest fund management company in the world That is why authority. Listen to them.

Larry Fink Is The CEO Of Blackrock

Larry Fink is the CEO of BlackRock And in a recent interview, he said good things regarding cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. Since he is the CEO of Blackrock Company it makes more value what he speaks. The good thing is he praised Bitcoin and said lots of good things regarding Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. he talked about transparency And said the real value of blockchain is tokenization. He said the true value of cryptocurrency is its technology, And with this, corruption, and crime will be visible to all because of its transparency feature of cryptocurrency.

Great Weapon Against Corruption

Blockchain stores the data and every user can see the transaction details like which address transferred it and which address received it. Everything will be visible in this data. Let me give you an example some decentralized projects are going on which are called Defi projects in these projects, you have to invest and you can earn APR. I know these projects are not good to invest in because it is highly risky, but I’m just giving an example of how it works So in these smart contracts when someone invests, you can see the amount and the transaction also, you can see the withdraw so you can understand that where the fund is going and from where the fund is coming. And how much the particular smart contracts hold a balance So everything is visible. And that is what is called transparency and safety for the users.


In the coming years, we will see that tokenization will take place It will get more attention from the big giants because now ETF has been approved, and it is a historic moment for the cryptocurrency community. Now the authorities will also see cryptocurrency with respect because till now we have heard lots of negative statements regarding Bitcoin Cryptocurrency. They keep calling Cryptocurrency gambling Because they just see cryptocurrency as an investment perspective but they are not seeing the technology behind it. Now, crypto is getting more exposure so people will research it and we will see more positivity regarding Bitcoin Cryptocurrency. So now the future is looking bright because adoption is increasing And this is what we dreamed of in the past.

world will like this anti-corruption gift Which is cryptocurrency So hope you like this post. Please share this on social media platforms. I’m meeting you on my next blog. Till then, take care.

Lucky Ali

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