Completed Task: Find twenty projects built on WAX

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I know I'm super late on completing this task... But here it is. I immediately claimed it because I love WAX blockchain games and projects. The task was to find 20 projects and collect as much information as possible for @leogrowth. I feel like I picked some solid projects that could bring a lot of traffic to LeoFinance based on their 24 hours user stats. So here's the list.

20 WAX Projects + 24 hour stats

R-Planet - 3.54k users
MMO game on WAX blockchain

Alien Worlds - 183.94k users
Game on WAX blockchain with bridge to BNB Chain
Can’t find a specific email for business inquiries, but maybe this one -

Zombie Outbreak Survival - 2k users
Multiplayer zombie survival game on WAX blockchain

Farmer’s World - 96.7k users
Farming simulator game on WAX blockchain

AtomicHub - 40k users
NFT marketplace with tools for creating and managing NFT collections
Couldn’t find a specific email, but they do have a contact form for partnerships here -

NeftyBlocks - 3.79k users
NFT marketplace with tools for creating and managing NFT collections with DeFi mechanics
No email listed, but they are very active on Twitter

Wombat Dungeon Master - 9.63k users
Play to earn game on WAX blockchain built by Wombat Wallet

Castles the NFT Game - 9.63k users
NFT game on the WAX blockchain

Taco - 2.54k users
NFT based gaming platform with WAX utilities app
No email listed, very active on Twitter

PROSPECTORS - 7.19k users
MMO gold mining game with DeFi mechanics

NFTHive - 1.41k users
NFT marketplace with powerful tools for managing NFT collections

CAIT - 363 users
Collective Artistic Investing Token on WAX

Mining Network - 3.88k users
Free to play/play to earn game with DeFi mechanics and a very retro feel

Xpansion - 1.8k users
Real time strategy game powered by NFTs

Realm NFT - 1.68k users
Play to earn resource management game powered by NFTs

NFT Panda: World of Fantasy - 1.17k users
Play to earn fantasy RPG game

Animal World - 1.2k users
Play to earn farming simulator powered by NFTs

Novopangea - 201 users
Multiplayer strategy game powered by NFTs

Green Rabbit Game
Play to earn 3D multi-activity metaverse game
No email listed but link for partnerships -

Million on Mars
Play to earn Mars colonization simulator powered by NFTs

Sorry I took so long with it. Sickness kicked my ass then I had to hit the road for some last minute travel. Hopefully this list does some good for the community :)


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Wax does not have a cool image like ImmutableX, Flow, or Gala. On the other hand, it is the leader blockchain of play-to-earn games in terms of gamer count.

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Yeah, for some reason WAX still gets overlooked like Hive

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What's the best one that with little to no investment you can start earn and have potential to earn a lot in your opinion

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Well, you can start playing any of them with little to no investment. I'd say try a few out and see what you like.

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I'm glad you broadened my crypto horizons a little bit more and got me into WAX.


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Welcome to the fun side fren 😵💚🫡

These are some of the best wax projects for sure.

I feel like you’d like the WaxDao Project too. It reminds me a lot of the Hive Engine here:

Yes! WAXDAO kicks ass! I thought I included it 😬