How PolyCUB is Solving the HBD Liquidity Problem on Hive

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In this clip from the LeoFinance Weekly AMA, we talk about how PolyCub is working to solve the number one problem on HIVE.

With the on-chain savings rate for HBD raised to 20% APR, the building blocks have been laid for Hive to gain mainstream DeFi adoption. HBD onramp and offramp liquidity is the final piece to this puzzle.

This is exciting for HIVE because HBD at a 20% interest rate could likely push HIVE into the top 25-50 cryptocurrencies in the world. I believe this can happen and I've been loading my bags with even more HIVE than I have ever held. This 20% APR is truly a game changer for this ecosystem.

Since launching, pHBD has become one of the #1 sources for daily trading of HBD. If you check it on Coingecko or Coinmarketcap, you'll see the pHBD frequently does $20-$80k per day in trading volume.

All of this volume on just $400k in the pHBD-USDC liquidity pool... imagine a future where this pool hits our target of $5,000,000 and we see trading volumes 10x the current rates. That's a lot of onboarding into the Hive ecosystem and it's all made possible by PolyCUB's Multi-Token Bridge DAO.

We talk about this and more in this clip from the Weekly AMA!

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20% HBD apr is definitely a game changer and this will the hive price high and the kind of trading volum for pHBD is growing is another good thing in the ecosystem. Overall everything is going good and I expect to grow further in coming months..

It can really bring in a lot of traffic from DeFi whales. This is what Hive is missing: we have the hardcore user base of users... Now we need the investors

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The 20% HBD Apr is a game changer not even for the hive blockchain but also for the leofinance because if hive blockchain goes up, then leofinance is going up. This 20% Apr will definitely attract a massive investors down here and I can't wait for the massive result it will have to the hive blockchain overall

"I can't wait for the massive result it will have to the hive blockchain overall"

Me as well. I'm looking at HIVE and realizing that it may be the apex moment we've all been waiting for. I'm stacking HIVE in a big way right now

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I also believe the increase APR for HBD could really shoot up Hive in the crypto ranking if well promoted. Good one with what polycub is doing with pHBD, hope to see the 5million target reached and the onboarding increase massively

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pHBD is a game changer. The onramp and offramp capabilities are bringing in a lot of people to HBD staking. I just wish the broader hive community would wake up to the opportunity it brings to the table. We need to get more HBD staked into pHBD!

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Exciting times ahead 🤩

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Extremely exciting!

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For sure…

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Lots of people went into UST because of the yield APR, after this price crash of UST, HBD can easily be used to take the opportunity of onboarding people to come to Hive, same with pHBD-USDC on polycub.

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Absolutely, it can dramatically change everything to have HBD front and center in this conversation. PHBD-USDC is what will on-ramp and off-ramp all of these new entrants into the Hive ecosystem.

We need to keep pushing pHBD-USDC and get more liquidity injected to it!

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We really need to shill the phbd real hard to get it noticed. Even though its Apr is twice that of onchian Hbd, it needs to be marketed/shilled. A lot of people are yet to understand the system and value it’s providing to the hive ecosystem. Glad your TikTok account is growing in the process too.

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I agree, we need people to understand the opportunity more. So many people are unaware of the opportunity and also unaware of how to leverage it for their personal gain

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The 20% APR on HBD is a huge selling point for the Hive ecosystem. It's a game changer, if promoted adequately. I trust it to get the needed recognition and that the pHBD pool do that X10 in the months to come

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It’s a massive opportunity for people to build a large Stablecoins position while also benefiting the onboarding efforts we’re undertaking to bring more DeFi whales to the Hive ecosystem through pHBD. I hope we can market this to more people on Hive and get them to deploy their HBD into the pool

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Truly a massive opportunity. Hope the whales and everyone take the chance on this to promote what we have got here

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Absolutely with 20% people will take notice. Even investers from other Blockchain shall come on board. Once they see the amount of development from the Leofinance they be astonished. The Polycub treasury has it all worked out !

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The savings rate is truly incredible. Now we need a massive liquidity pool to onboard whales.

PHBD is the way

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I think pHBD is still underated, with that trading volume per day, Imagine what 5 million or even 10 million of that target can achieve. The liquidity it provides has been truly sustainable for HBD itself

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Liquidity is key. We need to get pHBD in front of more Hive whales and get HBD injected to pHBD-USDC

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HBD is really moving in a positive state with the interest been applied to it and seeing it maintain that price during this heavy downfall of prices is really worth having more HBD stored in savings for more beneficial profits with the 20% APR been applied to it.

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So informative...

nice job PolyCub has been doing with the promotion of pHBD. One can only imagine the impact it will have when the liquidity for pHBD hits 5m.

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We gotta keep injecting capital into this thing. It is the future

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Yeah. The more the liquidity/capital, the better for everyone

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I wonder how long it'll take to get that $5million in the LP

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I anticipate that it will be a lot faster than most people think. Our target is $500k by the end of may and $750k by the end of April.

We got this 🦁s

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I don't doubt y'all even for a second.

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Bro talking about something else.

Your video thumbnail looks amazing, I like the change, it makes it look even more professional.

Haha the head of growth has taken over the job of creating thumbnails for my videos. She is killing it!

I’ll forward her your complement ;)

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Really an amazing thing to see how the baby pHBD pool is serving a great deal for HBD traders and Hive ecosystem in general. In fact. I've had several arbitrage opportunities here maximized.

This is exciting for HIVE because HBD at a 20% interest rate could likely push HIVE into the top 25-50 cryptocurrencies in the world.

This is a great news though it sounds like an exaggeration since a time frame is not attached. I believe the Hive should take a stop stage in the CryptoVerse but how long would this journey be?

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PolyCub cures the Liquidity Problem for HBD, so more people can take advantage of the 20% APR

This is such an exciting time to write posts about HBD's 20% APR, to inform the DeFi Degens that greater APRs can be had if they LP! So APE right into HBD and PolyCub!

Plus we can tell the worry warts that HBD is a 4 year old algorhythmic stable coin, which hasn't gone to zero and has safe guards against going to zero.

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