Fundamental Valuation Metrics: The New Trend in Crypto

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In this clip, we talk about applying fundamental value metrics to crypto projects. We talk about the dynamic shift that's happening both in the Crypto market and in the broader equity markets.

Right now, the risk free rate continues to climb. This is the % return that can be generated by risk-free bond yields - about 5.5% right now.

With a risk-free rate of return that is this high, the risk-on environment has shifted. People are now holding a lot of cash in these risk-free options as opposed to "gambling" on more fringe bets.

We also overlay this to CUB and talk about our recent shift to focusing on cash flow.

Revenue now is what matters. That's what everyone is looking at.

So with CUB, you can see this shift taking place in real time. Last month, $9,125 in revenue was generated. As we aim to grow the platform, the growth of this revenue (which is 100% autonomously buying and burning CUB through the CUB DAO) will be a leading indicator of the platform's growth.

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This is a nice idea you have postulated. You guys are making progress,I love this.

CUB with low value and rising earnings. What's not to love?

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