PolyCUB: Complete 180 Degree Shift Through Value Accrual Vaults + Yield Governance!

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In this clip from one of the past AMAs, we talk about the complete 180 we're doing on PolyCUB in terms of how the vaults work.

We've seen how Kingdoms work and seen how much value they've generated but, since the release of pHBD, we've seen a substantial increase in the total value generated for the Protocol Owned Liquidity.

This sudden increase has made us even hungrier to grow the total liquidity and even gave us a few ideas on how we're going to do so.

We've got a solid model we've built for deep utility and intense scarcity. With only ~7 million PolyCUB available, it's an intensely scarce asset. The thing that amplifies value is that you have scarcity and you build extreme utility for it.

What we're doing with PolyCUB governance, collateralized lending, and other features on PolyCUB is building even more utility for PolyCUB. When utility meets scarcity you have number go up!

We're going to start migrating every vault on PolyCUB to look like more Thorchain with each of our vaults will be backed by PolyCUB.

We talk about this and more in this clip from the Weekly AMA!

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Great Work 👏 👏
You are doing such great work with this continuous work and development, We have moved into a very distinct stage of Web3.

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This is just the beginning. The true value of Web3 is a fully connected ecosystem of opportunity

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Very cool. Good work all 👋🏻😎

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Thank you 🦁

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You are welcome 😎

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Nice, seeing continuous growth taking place.

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Always and forever! That’s our motto for growth

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Would keep this at heart.

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This sudden increase has made us even hungrier to grow the total liquidity and even gave us a few ideas on how we're going to do so.

It awesome seeing this progress likewise the Leo team still working extremely hard to achieve more success which is pretty nice and a work well-done to achieve.

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Lions always work hard! We’re seeing this on so many levels within leofinance right now!

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Very much appreciated seeing the Lions do so

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While the whole market is losing 35-60% of the value, PolyCUB just lost 20+% but did not go below the dip level (13 cents). This is the fruit of the intense scarcity of the token! Diamond Paws care about their valuable asset 🦁

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I think this is the right path.
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